Tuesday, 16 August 2011


E-Society Resource Center is a unique project, said Mr. Peter Barnard, the Country Director of VSO-Uganda who visited this center on 16th August 2011, located at Kasese District Local government in the education department building in Rukooki. He was accompanied by Dr Sarah Kyobe, the Program Officer (Health) of VSO.

This center is a good model to establish the concept of uniting together both the government and the civil societies to imbibe transparent and good governance by using the Information technology and Information Communication technology facilities as a management tool. This center is the brain child of Rwenzori Information Centers Network of Fort Portal led by Mr. John Silco, the Executive Director.

The center has a technical Lab where IT training is being conducted by capable trainers like Mr. Yosia Baluku and Mr. Mukamba Samuel Mumbere, The centre also has designed web portals like www.kaseseelibrary.org for the local government department who can upload their static and dynamic content like government announcement, annual reports, memos and budgetary provisions in order to make their transparent transaction easily seen by the civil societies. To strengthen the content capabilities of CSO, the center also designed a web portal www.kasesecso.org, through which CSO can share the voices of civil societies and citizens of Uganda.

Mr. Rajamohan, the Information System Adviser for RICNET and VSO volunteer received VSO delegates and detailed the center activities. Mr. Yosia Baluku, the IT Officer demonstrated the web portals of the center and related how the portals could be useful to the government and the civil societies. Mr. John Thawite, the District Information Officer of Kasese District Local Government welcomed the visitors and also shared with them the establishment of the center.