Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bad people in Kasese are fleecing others

News updated at E-Society Kasese

I am writing from Maine, USA. I have recently been the target of a scam being conducted by some people in Kasese. The scam is operated through a pen pal site on the Internet. This scam has been in operation for a long time, and has provided the perpetrators with lots of money from unsuspecting people from abroad.
One of the perpetrators is a head master at a local primary school. It revolves around a supposed woman, who writes to people saying she has three children who are suffering from malaria, who are hungry, and who cannot afford school fees. I would have been duped had I not felt something was not right and asked an outside party to visit with these people to check the facts.
Sadly, this development has the potential to ruin the opportunities of other legitimate, children, schools and organisations to seeking funds from well-wishers abroad.

Carol Vose,