Thursday, 23 March 2017

Bishop launchers shop to shop fundraising.

Bishop launchers shop to shop fundraising.



KASESE:  The Kasese catholic bishop has launched shop to shop
fundraising for the construction of  Kasese catholic cathedral which
is expected to cost shillings 5 billion.
“ Most people need the church but church leaders have failed to extent
it to them, in this shop to shop fundraising those who have taken long
to reach church will gain blessing and give what they can for the
construction of their church” bishop Francis Kibiira said in an
Kibiira narrated that the construction of the church work had stopped
due to lack of funds but with hope that if they meet church members in
several markets and shops in different towns of the district more more
will be collected within a shop period.
Kibiira added that in two hours of the day during his walk to few
shops in town over 1.5million was collected within Kasese main market
which is an indication that more would be received if the move
“Am ready to move to every place in the country so long as am to get
money to built a magnificent church for Christians” kibiira said.
Kabiira appealed to everyone to support Gods work no matter the
religion that one belongs in since blessing come from one God.
He added that several activities like running marathon, auctioning of
properties so that money can be solicited to do Gods work.
The chairperson three Kasese central division Safari Martin who
accompanied the bishop to several shops in town hailed locals for the
encouraging support towards the construction of the cathedral which
will improve the image of the town.

Martin added that what was given in two hours indicate that people
love their church and are ready for the lords work.
Motooro Biira one of the traders narrated most of the traders have
been failing to give to church due to their busy schedules but due to
the bishops encouragement more traders will contribute and the work
will be done smoothly.

Mayor advocate for gospel peace songs,

Mayor advocate for gospel peace songs,



KASESE: Kasese municipality mayor has appealed to all gospel choirs to
sing songs that can bring peace in the region so that people can be
“instead of singing songs that incite violence kindly lets change the
altitude of our people by praying to them through songs that can bring
them back since many are now lost” kabbyanga godfrey kime said
This comes following the craft ideology that had been built in several
people that left hundreds of people dead.
Speaking at Beautiful zion dinner held at Kasese better living centre
where several church members had gathered in a fundraising for the
public address machines which is to cost 27million shillings.
The mayor kabbyanga who acts as the patron pledge One million
shillings and promised to get support from the central part of the
country so that Beautiful Zion choir can champion peace gospel song
massages, so that the region can come back to Christ.
The country managing director Titis Company Mrs Nandi maate held the
choir for being organized and taking long in serving the lord with one
Nandi observed that several choirs existed but disappeared in the
journey before fulfilling the their aims and objectives.
Nandi purchased a machine wrack worth one million for the start with
hope to contribute more.
The total collection in the dinner was over ten million shillings in cash
The director of the choir Mr. francis kithula held every one for the
support and pledged to do the same yearly as one way of yielding funds
for the choirs.
The chairperson Mr. Bihanikire Godwin who is also the town clerk Katwe
kabatoro narrated that the collected money will help in one way of
preaching the word of God through gospel music.

*IGG Clears Kabarole Youth Centre, KIU Rent Saga*

*IGG Clears Kabarole Youth Centre, KIU Rent Saga*

By Moris Mumbere


KABAROLE: The Office of the Inspectorate General of Government (IGG) has cleared
Kabarole district decision to rent out the Youth Information Center at
Nyabukara Boma to Kampala International University (KIU) ending the
impending wrangles between a section of councilors and district chairperson
accusing him of selling it off.

In January 2015 President Yoweri Museveni commissioned the Kabarole Youth
and Information Center but since then the building had not been put to use
as government failed to equip it, prompting council in April 2016 to pass a
resolution to rent it out to KIU.

But weeks after passing the council resolution, Joseph Mashuhuko councilor
Karambi and Hon.Stella Kemigabo of Mugusu sub county went on the radio
airways protesting the decision claiming the district chairperson Richard
Rwabuhinga had connived with the tycoon and sold off the Youth Information
Centre to KIU.

This required the intervention of the office of the IGG to investigate the
corruption scam in Kabarole district as alleged by the duo.

In a letter dated 3rd January,2017 signed by Nicholas Kajura addressed to
Robert Alinatwe Publicity Secretary Kabarole district youth council and
copied to Director IGG regional offices Kampala, investigations were
carried out and findings indicate Kabarole district followed the rightful
procedures thus clearing it to rent out the building to KIU.

The letter states that after president Museveni commissioned shs250m
building, it remained abandoned, prompting the district to rent it out to
KIU that had showed interest at shs1.5m per month but after several
consultative meetings were held with District Youth Executive, District
council and stakeholders

It also indicates that a government valuer was engaged to establish the
monthly rent for the centre which was estimated at shs1.5m per month and on
23/09/2016. A procurement requisition to rent out the centre at shs36m for
two years  was submitted to the contracts committed and approved.

According to IGG, Kabarole considered to utilize the raised money to equip
the centre when the contract expires and in addition Basaijjabalaba would
train the Kabarole youths in computer skills and health services; erect a
permanent perimeter wall and extend piped water to the facility.

Chief Administrative Officer CAO Kabarole Dunstan Balaba confirms KIU has
already deposited shs36m rent on the district Youth Fixed Bank Account.

Richard Rwabuhinga says according to local government act, he implements
council resolutions adding that when KIU leaves the building the money on
fixed account will have accumulated and be given to the youth to support
their projects.
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Thursday, 22 December 2016


By. Samuel Mumbere

As Kasese District continues to be the center for tourism in Uganda with a number of natural resources like Queen Elizabeth National park, lakes Edward, George and many other small cater and non-crater lakes, Kazinga channel, Katwe and Kasenyi Slat lakes, Mount Rwenzori national park with a very beautiful snow caped and world’s highest mountain, fresh water numerous rivers flowing from the hills to the lakes.

These national parks host the most world’s variety animal and bird species and many other beautiful natural creations.
The district also is a center of minerals like lime stone, copper and future discoveries indicate the presence of gold, oil and gas in some areas. This has triggered the establishment of industries and factories like Hima Cement factory, Kilembe mines, Kasese Cobalt company Limited and many more.
The district hosts 4 hydroelectric power dams in areas of Ibanda, Bugoye, Mubuku and Nsenyi where more three are being constructed and are near completion in areas of Kitswamba, Kilembe and Karambi.

The District supports a lot of cross border trade where it hosts one of the big and most busy boarder town Bwera-Mpondwe towns which support vibrant trade.
Due to the above, very many tourists have found Kasese District their final destination to have a feel of these good things.

In 2004 the District was blessed by one Ms. Ghyslaine Keiser who is a citizen of Switerzland and happened to visit Kasese District and in particular Kasenyi landing site in Lake Katwe Sub County. By good chance, she comes across a group of children who were killing a spiting cobra where she requested her tour guide to stop as she got amazed with these young children. When she discussed with them, he realized that they were not in school and she felt so sorry. When she says, she kept on thinking on how she would help these children and the community at large.
She then formed and organization called Association Keiser initiative for Uganda (AKIU) where she mobilized some funds to help this community.(2005)
Keiser with her Ex. Director

She came back and set up a home in Kasenyi which has since  then become her home in Uganda. And started implementing a  number of projects in the Sub County since 2006. Among the good projects she has supported are; 

1. She constructed a boy’s dormitory that accommodates at least 100 students and a girls’ latrine at Hamukungu landing site. She installed this school with a high power solar system.(2012)
Boys Dormitory in Hamukuku SS

2. She renovated a health center II, (2010) with staff quarters (2014) at Kasenyi landing site. She sponsored most of the equipment being used at the health facility.

3. She established and constructed Kasenyi Kindergarten which is helping most of the pupils in the area.(2007)
4. She established and constructed a solar power water system that pumps water from the lake, treats it and supplies to the community in the area. (2008)
Water Purifier in Kasenyi

5. She constructed nine community toilets at Kasenyi landing site (2012/13/15)

6. She fully renovated the buildings, a 5 stance toilet and installed a high power solar system at Katunguru primary school, Katunguru landing site. (2015)

Buildings rrenovated in Katunguru PS

7. She renovated buildings and installed a high power solar at Busunga primary school. (2014)
8. She built latrine for Kasenyi primary school (2015), latrine for Kasenyi teacher (2016)
9. She has also constructed a health center II, at Busuga, fully equipped it and installed a high power solar system. The health facility is ready and already has some staff and drugs from government and is already taken up as a government community facility.(2016)

Busunga HCII

10. She built house for old people in Kasenyi, give bed and mattress (2016).

11. AKIU support many children from kindergarten to university and vocational school and she support other small projects.
The Kindergaten in Kasenyi

All these projects have given jobs to some capably community members and also provided market for some products and materials from the community.
The association promises to add more projects in these communities especially if what is already in place is well utilized. They propose to procure Ambulances and construct a community multi-Purpose hall at the Sub county headquarters.

All gratitude from the community are given to Ms. Keiser for the good works and support.
More information can be viewed on
a full information Bronchure can be downloaded
Ghyslaine Keiser

Friday, 11 November 2016

Kasese District Holds thebudget conference for 2017/2018

By Samuel Mumbere


Kasese District Local Government yesterday 10th
Nov2016 held a budget conference in preparation for financial year 2017/2018.


 The conference that was held at the District Multi-Purpose hall in Kisagazi was majorly chaired by the CAO Mr. Ndifuna Mathias and the District Chairperson Mr. Bigogo Sibendire was held under the theme: Thinking differently: The Kasese we want.


The issues presented mainly focused on areas of Education improvement, Infrastructural development, Rural electrification, wealth creation programs, environmental protection, renewable energy, skilling the youth and many more.



By: Mumbere Samuel

CAO Addressing Political leaders and civil servants in Mpondwe Town council

For the last 2 weeks, the new Kasese District Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Ndifuna Mathias has been making visits to different Sub Counties and Urban Councils in the District. This week, he visited sub counties of Maliba,Bugoye, Kitswamba, Nyakiyumbu, Isango, Munkunyu, Hima and Mpondwe Lhubiriha Town Councils. During the visit, he specifies that the main purpose of his visit is to sensitize and encourage both political leaders and civil servants to work with the intension of transforming the welfare the society in Kasese District. During his visit to the sub counties and urban councils, he emphasize on the following;
Ø  Both the Political leaders and civil servants being accountable to the community
Ø  Both political and civil servants to portray a good code of conduct with good behaviours and professionalism while serving the community
Ø  Being impartial in terms of religion and political parties because the citizens being served are all Ugandans
Ø  Loyalty to the National Development goals since we all serve the same government especially implementing major government programs like wealth creation and infrastructural development programs.
CAO Addressing people in Munkunyu Sub county
Ø  To avoid selfishness as political and civil servants do their work. he encouraged them to work as a team. and not for selfish or ill intensions
Ø  To be very transparent in all ways as they do their work.
Ø  he also encouraged both political and civil workers to constantly hold meetings since meetings are good management tools
Ø  He encouraged both political and civil servants to be efficient and effective as they execute their duties in order to register results in their performance.
Ø  He also encouraged everybody to always carry out medical checkup as many diseases always affect people unknowingly, so medical checkup on personal or family basis would help mitigate some unnecessary deaths.
Ø  He encouraged the community to embrace education. He said that “In the world on today and tomorrow, no one can be able to survive unless he/she is educated.” he therefore advised parents to stop taking alcohol, meat, buy clothes in favor of educating their children.
Ø  He encouraged community members to work hard to conserve the environment especially by planting trees as much as they can, making Terraces in their gardens. He challenges the sub county Agricultural officers to copy the scientific farming methods used in Kabale hills and be applied in Kasese as well.
Ø  He encouraged all civil servants especially health workers to serve everybody in his/her capacity regardless of religion and political party for better service delivery.
Ø  He encouraged all people to invest in tourism activities since Kasese is a tourist attraction area. people should setup craft shops along roads and also engage in any other tourism activity in order to get money
Ø  He encouraged people to use the wealth creation strategy like; encouraging people who were given seedlings to plant them and share them with other people, and those who were given animals like cows, pigs and goats, keep them well and share them with your neighbors and group mates as they produce.
Ø  He concluded his remarks with encouraging people not to rely on free things. in his words, he said that “There are No free things on this earth.” “Even what is given as free, you must incure a cost to maintain It.” He therefore encouraged people to work hard and use the little resources and opportunities to earn a living and improve their livelihood.

CAO touring Nyakiyumbu Sub County
Very many community members, civil servants, elders and political leaders embraced his visit and described it very unique in nature as they have not experience a Chief and busy his office is visiting and having time with local people for interactions.
Alongside him, he moved with the senior Education Officer to highlight on education issues, the Human resource officer to clarify on civil service, salary and pension issues and the Information Officer to document all the discussions. all these officers encouraged people basically on issues of educating young children, environmental protection through tree planting, good farming methods and production by producing more local thing for sale like in agriculture and tourist attraction items.

Friday, 16 September 2016




The European Union Delegation in Uganda has earmarked over Sh. 1.6 billion to fund a 3-year Community Action to Prevent and Manage Conflict and Human Rights Violations project in the Rwenzori region.

The project is to be implemented by the Rwenzori Consortium for Civic Competence (RWECO) in collaboration with Hivos-Netherlands, Jimmy BalukuOdyek the project Coordinator told the press today.

 “We have received Euro 472,500 and equivalent of Ug. Sh. 1.653.750.000 to run a three-year project to sensitize the people on how they could prevent or manage conflicts and human rights violations in this [Rwenzori] region”, Odyek said.

He said that the project is built on the premise that the Rwenzori Region is synonymous with conflicts since 1921and government responses to them have either been political or military while community actions have not been recorded as a means of conflict resolution and yet the communities suffer much the effects of the conflicts. 

Speaking to the press at RWECO offices in Kasese town, Odyek noted that when conflicts break out, lives are lost and property destroyed and social life is disrupted ending into a threat to food security as well.

He said that women, children, people living with disabilities, the elderly and the youths are the most affected groups when conflicts break out.

The Rwenzori region of the country is just recovering from a bloody and property destructive post-election conflict especially in Bundibugyo and Kasese districts during which at least 30 people lost their lives.

RWECO is a consortium of Rwenzori region based NGOs including Karambi Action for Life Improvement (KALI), Good Hope Foundation for Rural Development, Human Rights and Democracy Link Africa (RIDE- AFRICA)  and Rwenzori Information Centres Network (RiC-Net) which will implement the project in the districts of Bundibugyo, Ntoroko, Kamwenge and Kasese to develop local initiatives aimed at preventing and managing conflicts.

During the project, 40 Foot Peace Ambassadors from 20 sub-counties are to be trained.Under the project, the three Cultural Institutions in the Rwenzori region including the Obusinga bwa Toro Kingdom, the Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu and the ObudhingiyabwaBwamba will be equipped with Electronic equipments for sending peace massages to the people in the region.

The cultural institutions will also be encouraged to work alongside the Interreligious Council of Uganda to preach and send peace messages to the communities.