Tuesday, 18 February 2020


By: Kabugho Sharon
His Excellence YK Museveni presided over the Joint fundraising of Bwera Secondary School , Kitalikibi Primary School and Jesus Cares Girls Hostel on saturday 15th Feb 2020 at Bwera Secondary School playground .  While delivering his Speech , the President emphasised the issue of farming for commercial production than just home consumption through planting crops that yield high income like apples. 
He contributed 250Million Shs ( 30M shs only cash ) towards the construction of a Science Laboratory at  Bwera Secondary School , 60M shs for Kitalikibi P/s and 60M for Jesus Cares hostel making a total contribution of 370 M shs towards the joint fundraising.
The president also laid a foundation stone at Jesus Cares Girls Hostel. The function was attended by over 1000 people including the  Political leaders, Kasese District technical Staff, the Clergy, Business Community , among other who also contributed to this joint fundraising

Thursday, 19 December 2019


By: E-Society
The E-Society Resource Centre in partnership with CIPESA has trained 20 Youths living with disability in basic hands on ICT skill. 

The training which started on Friday 13th Dec 2019 ended today 19th Dec 2019. It was aimed at imparting them with internet skills, assess emerging digital rights issues affecting their freedom of expression & build their capacity in planning, budgeting, service delivery monitoring to increase their awareness and knowledge on their rights and entitlements. They expressed great pleasure for having been considered for the ICT skilling. According to the Assistant CAO Mr. Biryande Dan encouraged the trainees to effectively use the skills in their daily lives for a better living

Friday, 13 December 2019


E-Society Team 

It’s been observed that persons with special needs possess the highest hand work skills in a couple of aspects, its very important that they grow with technological innovations. Today  we have embarked on a 5 days hand on ICT skills training for the disabled youths in Kasese. The training is aimed at embarking their skills in Basic ICT, internet skills to enhance their skills, assess emerging digital rights issues affecting their freedom of expression & build their capacity in planning, budgeting, service delivery monitoring to increase their awareness and knowledge on their rights and entitlements.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019


Kabugho Sharon -E-Society
The use of ICT and other technological based platforms is one of the biggest engines that triggers social and economic development in communities  in the current and future generation. Women and girls taking a very big number in the population in communities, it observed that women involvement and activeness in ICT based and technological innovations seams to still be a nightmare.  

E- Society Resource Centre Kasese District  in partnership with the Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa [CIPESA] is is spear heading a compaign to promote Inclusive and effective access to ICT and promotion of digital rights. on Friday the E-Society Centre carried out  a training for Women leaders on the Current ICT based initiatives , digital literacy and women digital security on Friday 29th Nov 2019 at E- Society Resource Centre. the training was aimed at assessing the rate of women use of technological bases platforms in their daily lives, identify challenges and design a way forward.
It was observed that out of 10 homes, only 4 women own phones and 0 ou of the 4 own and know how to use smart phones, only 1 out of 10 own radios out of whom 1 out of the 10 follow current affairs and civic activities on radios, the same applies to TVs, emails and social media. 

Women appreciated the training having been an eye opener to utilize digital platforms to access and freely share information for development and fight for their rights. 
While addressing the Women during the training , the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer  Ssenku Samuel Kimuli called upon women to pay attention to adapting ICT skills because the world has become a global village through technology. 
Ithungu Norah Matsande the Chairperson board for ACODEV and a political representative for women encouraged women to utilise digital platforms for social and economic development through carrying out online businesses. She testified to the women how her business has expanded through social media marketing.
The ICT officer Kasese Mumbere Samuel encouraged women to utilise the resource centre to acquire computer skills for free. 
However, women confessed how they have faced cyber harassment when they try to express their views especially on social media and committed to advocating for their digital rights and sensitizing other women on how they can utilize digital platforms for social and economic development.
The E-Society Resource Centre is dedicated to empowering the women especially in rural areas to get  transformed into the digital erra.