Wednesday, 9 January 2019

New dawn for Kasese - NRM, FDC unite for development

By John B. Thawite

The main rival political parties in Kasese district, Western Uganda, have resolved to shelf their bickering for the sake of rebranding the district and harnessing the huge investment potential of the area.
They made the resolution on Saturday at a day-long meeting brokered by the national chief coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation and  President Yoweri Museveni’s younger brother, Caleb Akandwanaho, aka Salim Saleh.
It was co-chaired by Catherine Muhindo, FDC  Vice chairperson and district secretary for production and Fred Businge, the acting chairperson of the ruling National Resistance Movement(NRM), Fred Businge.
The participants, numbering more than 250, also included religious and cultural leaders, the private sector, representatives of the district elder’s forum, and leaders of various NRM and FDC structures.

Endorse Shs119.550b investment plan
At the meeting, held at the district multipurpose hall opposite the Kasese aerodrome, a technical team, headed by the district planner, Alex Masereka presented a District Investment Plan, worth Shs119.550b, which they all unanimously endorsed.
The plan, whose goal is to propel the district into the middle income status by 2021,  prioritises  the exploitation of minerals, tourism, the abundant rivers for irrigation, lakes, crater lakes and the flat agricultural land.
It also aims at investing in the coffee, cotton, maize, rice, livestock, and fisheries.
The plan also advocates for a viable investor to revamp the defunct Kilembe Mines Ltd and the Katwe Salt Lake Industry.
Women youth and the elderly across the district will also be supported with cottage industries.
The pan also seeks to harness the hydropower potential and improve roads, markets and address environmental hazards as well as develop a sports complex.
According to Fred Businge, the Saturday meeting was a culmination of a series harmonization meetings chaired by Salim Saleh who has been pitching camp in the district for several weeks.
“I am happy that I have achieved this day. You have given me mileage,” Salim Saleh said while closing the meeting.
He urged the stakeholders to aspire to market the district investment potential in the Rwenzori Mountains and in the planes and to develop a communication plan to do so.
He hailed the Rwenzori sub-region for having contributed to the country’s liberation but noted that disunity had made the area lag behind in development.
Funds guaranteed
Gen Saleh revealed that the Ministry f finance had processed a certificate of Financial Implication for the required fund but strongly advised the district to ensure absorption.
He challenged at stakeholders – the clergy, the clan leaders, government functionaries, civil society and the private sector to work together.
The acting Prime Minister and chairperson of the inter-ministerial commission, established to handle the embattled Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu (OBR) issues, Gad Mbayahi, described the Saturday meeting as his “long-desired wish.”
He lashed at leaders who oppose development ideas suggested by those of the opposite political sides.
“Kasese isn’t a bad place but it is run by people who want to use it as their selfish business projects.
“I am glad this has happened. Today I am not interested whether you are FDC or NRM because we are here for the common development of the Rwenzori,” said the district LC5, Geoffrey Sibendire Bigogo.
The district vice chairperson Gideon Ntabose, (FDC), termed the meeting as historical
“I have never seen people of different political parties come to the same table in this district,” said Ntabose, who is also represents the youth on the District Council.
He warned fellow politicians to desist from resisting developmental ideas from leaders of other political parties.
“This meeting should teach us that when a member of the opposite party talks of development and service delivery, we should be supportive,” he said.
Ntabose also warned leaders and other residents against utterances and actions that can repulse tourists and investors.
He implored government to also invest in the reconstruction of the Rwenzururu palace, burnt in 2016, release the king and market it as one of the tourist attractions.
The Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Joshua Kisembo Masereka, revealed that some people had attempted to fail the meeting.
He blamed the slow pace of development on the politics of lies and cheap popularity.
“We all made mistakes. It is time we woke up and stopped lamenting and sitting on ourselves,” Godfrey Kabyanga, the Mayor Kasese Municipality, advised.
What others said
The councilor representing persons with disabilities in the district council, Pelucy Kabagenyi, called for affirmative interventions for her category to avoid marginalizing them in the implementation of the multi-billion investment plan.
Lhusenge Thembo, a musician-turned politician complained that the local artistes were sidelined in the district and called for a special fund.
Former Kasese woman MP, Loice Biira Bwambale, asked the planners to mainstream apiary to prevent the queen Elizabeth national park animals from invading gardens of the neighbouring communities but also to harvest honey for economic development.
Seddress Masika Kalengyo, called for interventions to combat plastic waste known, especially as kavera (polythene bags), saying they were becoming and environmental hazard in the district.
Retired South Rwenzori Diocesan Bishop, Zebedee Masereka, cautioned the district to develop an operation and maintenance plan for the pants and equipment being requested in the plan.
Retired resident District Commissioner, Barnabas Bamusede Bwambale, called for technologies to
turn the maize stalks and into hay and silage.

Maize is one of the widely grown crops especially in prison farms in the district. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Kasese Residents encouraged to embark on value addition to agricultural products

By;Mumbere Samuel

The State Minister for Local government, Hon. Jenifer Kacha Namuyango asked Kasese residents a add value to their agricultural products like coffee, maize etc in order to be able to meet the required standards for market competition. She said this during her one day tour in Kasese district during which she had a full day visit to Bugoye sub county monitoring various government funded projects among which were;
Aclassroom block constructed at Katokeprimary school, Katoke Mobile catering group, One farmer who benefited underOWC,Ndugutu Sec school, Rwaking Youth motorcycle group, Bugoye HCIII, Busongora Coffee Joint, Kibirizi GFSamong others.
A sample of the harvested coffee at Busongora Joint 

She also had a 30 minutes meeting with the sub county leadership during which a number ofkey community issues were discussed, she thereafter also had a 2 hours meeting with the District Technical planning committee during which various district technical issues were discussed.
During her monitoring visit, she was accompanied by Mr. Irumba David the Principal Inspector from the Ministry of Local Government, The Deputry RDC, The Chief Administrative Officer, District Chairperson Kasese and some key district staff.
The Hon. Minister (In the Middle) posses for a photo with ihani Busongora Joint members and the district leadership
Local leaders requested her consider plight of their electorates who she alleged have for long yearned for the district split.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Gen. Kahinda Otafire calls for peace in Kasese

By, Joel Kaguta
E-Society -Kasese

Media houses have been encouraged to sensitize the people on the need
to have unity of purpose for the country, working hard and maintaining

The challenge was sounded by the Minister of Justice and
Constitutional Affairs, Gen. Kahinda Otafire while officiating at the
10th Anniversary celebrations for Kasese Guide Radio held at the
Catholic Social Services Grounds in Kasese town.

Gen. Otafire said that the people in the Rwenzori Region and Kasese
district in particular needed to know that they were one and therefore
issues related to tribalism should not be reflected anywhere.

He asked the people to only fight for their rights as Ugandans Africans.

Otafire also implored the media houses in the Rwenzori region to
remind the people that they were still backward and hence they needed
to use the God given resources and knowledge to create wealth and make

He used the same platform to tell the people that government
absolutely has no problem with the Rwenzururu Kingdom and appealed to
the institution’s subjects to continue cherishing their valves.

He cited need for the people in the district to forget the past and
work towards restoring their relationship with government.

The Kasese District Vice chairperson, Mr. Gideon Sanyu Ntabose hailed
the different listenership clubs for having created unity among the
people in the district.

According to Ntabose, the Radios have been playing some vital roles
including evangelizing the people spiritually, socially and

The Kasese Municipality Mayor, Godfrey Baluku Kabyanga who hailed the
Retired Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Kasese, the Rt. Rev. Fr.
Egideo Nkaijjanabwo for his vision of beginning the Radio, also said
that very many people have been served with the right information.

Kabyanga also reported that for the last one and half years, the
district has been peaceful and asked the people to protect and observe

He warned the women against the act of moving alone, adding that
kidnappers have increased.
He appealed to the government to divert some of the Operations Wealth
Creation money to organized groups like listeners.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Key highlights onKasese Capacity building for journalists

By E-Society Team

Journalists in the Rwenzori region have been challenged to deeply understand how government operates in order to write a balanced and accurate story from government offices. 
The challenge was sounded on 25th April 2018 by the Assistant Chief Administrative officer in-charge of Busongora County, Mr. Wilson Asaba Mwigha while speaking to Kasese based Print and Radio journalists attending a two days capacity building training at the E-Society Resource Center at the district Headquarters in Rukoki in Nyamwamba Division Kasese Municipality.
The training that ended on 26th April 2018 was organized by The E-Society Resource Centre and supported by The Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa (CIPESA). The training  aimed at equipping journalists with ICT skills on how to report about parliament and local government structures.


Mr. Mwigha told the journalist that government through three arms of government that includes the Judiciary, Legislature and Executive could not efficiently execute its mandate without the media, a reason why journalists should be aware of how the government operates.
However, Mwigha said that government has put restrictions on access to information asking the fraternity that is charged to inform, educate and entertain to follow the guidelines if they were to perform their roles rightly.

Loice Kyogabire, the Programs Coordinator attached to Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa asked the journalists to use the media critically to address issues affecting the community.
Audios can be downloaded on and search for E-Society

Thursday, 8 June 2017

RDC Calls for fresh investigations in the Police theft case

By: E-Society News Team

The Kasese District Resident District Commissioner Lt. Col. James Mwesigye has called for fresh investigations into cases of theft by the flying squad attached to Police in Kasese district.
He was this afternoon addressing members of the press shortly after speaking to the coffee traders in Kasese town at the mayor’s garden in Kasese town.
Lt. Col. James Mwesigye says some coffee traders had reported to his office about the alleged theft cases of coffee by the Police attached to the flying squad unit.
 Coffee traders’ chairperson in Kasese district Mr. Katsirombyo Bwambale Fred says they were forced to storm the office of the RDC due to the increased cases of coffee thefts in their business. 

The commander for the flying squad Rwenzori East and West Regions assistant superintendent of police ASP Marahi Habson reports that that the flying squad Police officers who allegedly stole coffee had started paying back the money. 

The commander for the Field Force Unit (FFU) police Mr. Asiimwe Medad also reports that some officers who misbehave in his department were being delt with accordingly. 

The man whose funds was stolen Mr. Baduru Kule, was by press time nursing wounds at pride medical centre commonly known as Manasi health unit.
Mr. Baduru disclosed that seven million shillings out of the stolen money was a bank loan and eight million shillings was from his friend, he quickly called for Government intervention. 

So far two suspects are in custody, Mumbere Moses and Masuluba Elisha as Police waits to arrest suspects from the flying squad unit. 

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Kasese budget suffers donor blow

By John B. Thawite

The Kasese district budget for the financial year ending has suffered a major blow arising from reduced donor funding.

According to the district vice chairperson, Elly Magwara, the district had by end of April realised only 890.655m/= out of the expected Shs2,031,655,000  to from Unicef, putting the district budget performance at 41%.

“At the mid-term evaluation at the end of December 2016, adjustments were made on donor support from Shs Shs2,031b to 890.655m/=  due to the poor performance from Unicef where disbursements had been affected due to the global economic recession,” Magwara noted.

Magwara, who also doubles as secretary for finance, planning and administration, wason Friday presenting the 2017/2018 financial year budget estimates, worth Shs57, 345,894,051 during the Council sitting held at the district multipurpose hall.  

The district had estimated to spend up from Shs53,449,348,000 in the year ending, he said..

But he said the district had continued to budget for Unicef support despite poor performance during the year ending “because the organisation has indicated that they will support the district again.”

Revenue sources

Magwara said the district expected to raise the Shs57,345,894,051 from local revenue (shs1.916,370,000), Central Government (53,097,868,551) and Shs2,331,655,500 from donors, accounting for 3.4%, 92..% and 4.1% respectively.

If the 57,345,894,051/= for service delivery were to be distributed among the residents, each person would have only Shs81,686 to spend on services in the entire 2017/2018 financial year.


He said salaries, including pension and gratuity, are to consume a total of Shs36,631,221,921 or 64% while  11.4bn of the revenue will be spent on recurrent activities to support decentralisation and key service delivery projects.

Shs 4.3bn is to go to development projects especially health, education, roads and production while donor about Shs2.331bn is to go into donor development projects.
He challenged the district leaders to engage the community for additional revenue.

Past achievements 

Outlining a catalogue of achievements, which included class room blocks, roads, the district chairman, Godfrey Sibendire Bigogo, he said district had also undertaken the construction of other projects including mini-Irrigation schemes to mitigate the unpredictable weather patterns.

“People owning land along roads should grow trees to avert the increasingly negative climatic changes in the district,” Bigogo urged.

District Budget at glance

Administration: 6,013,154,675, Finance: 386,873,000., Statutory bodies: 871,280,000, Production and Marketing: 827,546,439, Health: 9,727,617,317,  Education – 29,387,461,506, Roads and engineering:2,663,235,865, Water: 793,237858, Natural resources: 683,649,859, Community-Based Services: 2,434,511,401,  Planning Unit: 753,908,388, Internal Audit: 76,873,000, Transfers to lower local governments: 2,720,671,744.


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Kasese boss threaten to arrest husbands to pregnant Teenager.

Kasese boss threaten to arrest husbands to pregnant Teenager.


KASESE: The Kasese district chairperson five has threatened to arrest husbands to the teenagers following the increasing early marriages in the district which has increased the number of female dropouts in the district.
Basing on the Research gathered in the district indicate that, teenage pregnancy is reported to be on increase especially in Kitswamba sub-county, Busongora north in Kasese district which leaders suspect to have been caused dues to much freedom rendered to the male youth which urge them to marry at an early stage.
“The youth in this district have much freedom since their parents have failed to talk to them and direct them in the right way which could enable them see a bright fight not looking at marriage as the only way of achieving in life, by arresting husbands the rest will learn and fear to engage in such useless early marriage issues” Sibendire bigogo the district boss threatened.
During several abrupt visits to Kitswamba Health Center III in Busongora North constituency, the district leaders were shocked by the big number of teenagers who had thronged the facility for antenatal care.
Kasese District Chairperson Sibendire Bigogo Geoffrey Thembo had subsequently criticized the high rate of early pregnancy in the area and called for an immediate sensitization of the people, especially the men in the area.

Bigogo told monitor reporters that he was shocked to find out that girls of between 14 to 16 years were having three or more children.

“I guess these girls were actually defiled” According to Bigogo,.
In Uganda, 24% of all female teenagers are either pregnant or have given birth already.
Uganda also has the one of the world’s highest fertility rate, with the annual growth rate of 3.5% per annum.
Bridget Biira 18 years and a mother of three children said that she was defiled at the age of 16 while she was in primary six.
A midwife at the facility told our reporter that, at least 15 young girls are received daily for antenatal care.
A section of residents attributed the problem to scarcity of water which they said forces many children to trek long distances in search of water.
Swaibu Mujungu, a teacher at Kitswamba SDA primary school said that young girls in the area were being waylaid by people luring them into immature relationships.
However, Yusuf Mugoba blamed his fellow parents for their alleged failure to monitor their children’s movements.
Simion Kisarali and his wife Grace Biira who were met at the facility for antenatal care urged teenagers to always go with their husbands whenever they attend antenatal care.
According to United Nations, each year roughly 7.3 million girls give birth when they are below the age of 18, and two million of those are younger.
The rate of pregnancies in adolescent girls has started to fall in many developing countries but remains a stubborn problem that damages girls' health and hinders economic productivity.


Monday, 10 April 2017

Media practitioners’ trained on district information flow.

Media practitioners and Civil Society members oriented on District information flow and "Konw your Local Government Budget".



KASESE: The Kasese district deputy chief administrative officer Lillian Kobusinge has ensued censorship to the media on information flow concerning the district.
Speaking on the orientation training organized by the Kasese E-Society ICT centre in partnership with The Collaboration on International ICT policy in East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) aimed at equipping ICT participants with knowledge on how to access relevant public information and using ICTs to monitor and report service delivery issues.
Kobusinge who was this afternoon of Friday opening a one day orientation training of media practitioners and civil society groups in the district at Kasese district E-society centre, emphasized that any information concerning the district must be approved and sanctioned by the district chief administrative officer.
The deputy Chief Executive officer, urged the media to always seek clarification and comments from the CAO’s office on any newsworthy matter involving the district.
She called for observance of the access to information act by the media practitioners and objectivity in their media reports as these will help eliminate bias in the course of news broadcast.

The Kasese district information officer John Thawithe noted that everyone has a right to information access but in line with the rule of law.
Samuel Mumbere one of the facilitator urged all media practitioners to utility the resource centre to get quality information which can build the society,
He further noted that the district is ready to support any media house which will continue updating the public on several government programs.