Sunday, 25 October 2015

Government improves road network in Kasese rural and mountainous areas

By; Samuel Mumbere

The government of the republic of Uganda through the Community Agriculture Infrastructure improvement programme (CAIIP) has embarked on improving the road network in mountainous areas. A program that started in the district in 2014 has so far rehabilitated 67.6km roads in 4 sub counties of Bwesumbu, Kilembe, Kyarumba, and  Nyakiyumbu where Rukoki and Munkunyu sub counties benefit as neighbor sub counties of Kilembe and Nyakiyumbu respectively. The programme has connected very may hard to reach areas across the district mainly in mountainous areas and coffee growing areas where coffee processing machines are also being constructed.
The RDC,CAO,Dist.Chairperson
,Civil servants & CAIIP 
Engineers inspecting the
 Kilembe-mbunga Nyakazinga road and a machine 
working on the Mahango road

LCV inspecting projects in Karambi S/C
Over this year 2015, the District Chairperson Lt. Col (Rtd) Mawa Muhindo has been Launching the construction of a number of roads and the District Resident Commissioner Mj. (Rtd) James Mwesige has been commissioning these roads in different areas of the district.
D/CP Mawa Launching a road in
Kyarumba in Oct 2015
The RDC James Launching the
 Kilembe Mbunga road in jan 2015
In 2014 Phase I of the project started where they worked on the 17km Munkunyu-Nyakiyumbu road, the 18.5km Rukoki-Kilembe road through Mbunga, Nyakazing was launched and is complete.

Dist. Engineer & Late. Hon.Mathew inspecting the Munkunyu road in jan 2015
Currently, phase II of the project has started where a total of 49.4Kms are to be rehabilitated in the same sub counties adding on what had been worked on.  On 21st Oct 2015, the 12.7km Bwesumbu-Lhume-Kihangwe-Kibuta road and the construction of a coffee processing plant was also launched in Bwesumbu Sub County by the representative of the District Chairperson Hon. Bomera Richard who is also the Chairperson social services committee in the district council, the 10.7km Kilembe-Kibandama road and the construction of a coffee processing plant was also launched in Kilembe Sub County by Hon. Bomera.

Hon. Bomera Launchig a road in Bwesumbu
On 22nd Oct 2015, the construction of the 10.9 km Kabimba, kitabu, Nyakakindo road in Kyarumba sub county and more three 15.1km roads in Nyakiyumbu sub county  were launched by the District Chairperson Lt. Col (Rd) Mawa Muhindo.
This has marked tremendous developments in these areas. The District Chairperson and the RDC have encouraged the community members to use the roads areas improve production and marketing of agricultural products and also utilize services like schools and health facilities in these areas well since transport has been made easy in these areas.

The projects have been closely monitored by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Mr. William Kanyesigye.  The District Chairperson, The RDC and the CAO have strongly teamed up to make field tours to each and every project to ensure good works to be done the team greatly thank the Cao Mr. Kanyesigye for the good cooperation and lobbying techniques and advises.

LCV,RDC,CAO & Civil servants
 sharing with Mahango residents
Dist. Officials sharing with
 contractors in Kyarumba

LCV,CAO & RDC sharing before
addressing a dialogue meetin in Mbunga
During their field tours, they have held community meetings to explain to the community members on the importance of infrastructural development in their areas and how best they can utilize the opportunities.

The CAO sharing with a pupil in Mbata
The Dist. Sn Enginer & CAO inspecting a
 bridge under construction in mbata