Wednesday, 13 November 2013

17 years now after ADF first attack in Kasese

By; E-Society

Today marks 17 years when the ADF rebels first attacked Kasese District. It was November 13 1996 when the rebels attacked from the boarder side with Congo, abducted many civilians. It was the same day when the P7 candidates of that year were sitting for their PLE exams which were entirely affected as pupils did the exams along side heavy gunshots.
The rebel group carried out their bad acts and operations up to the year 2000 When a team commanded by Major Kazini officially declared Kasese ADF free. During these times, many people, families and schools were frustrated by the rebel activities. Up to date, reports still show that this rebel group still operates in Congo forests in the DRC
we continue to pray for our brothers and sisters whose families have continued to nurse the wounds attained out of this rebel attack.


Sunday, 10 November 2013

President Museveni makes a 2 days visit to Kasese

By; E-Society
President Museveni Visited Kasese and had 2 nights in Kasese town. This came as the residents invited him for a thanks giving ceremony after the son of the soil was promoted to a rank of major General. During the visit, a met the Rwenzururu Veterans, Alunched the Queen mother's car and the Catholic church car.
UPDF officers are not promoted basing on tribe or race. President Yoweri Museveni was responding to a request by Rwenzururu premier Noah Nzaghale that more Bakonzo officers be promoted. The president said Mbadi was promoted because of professionalism and performance.

Museveni has also said the UPDF is a strong force because the NRM came with a good i dealogy of district quota system to make sure soldiers do not come from one region like in the past governments. He warned families not to make unnecessary demands from officers because out of pressure, they will steal and face the law.

Maj. Gen. Mbadi praised M7 for being a visionary leader who has through patriotism, panafricanism and social-economic transformation developed the country.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Kasese After the floods

By; E-Society 

Six months now after heavy rains terrorized some parts of Kasese District long the rivers of Mubuku, Nyamwamba and Nyamugasani which burst their banks leading to heavy floods which left many displaced and claimed many live of a few.

A number of measures government has put in place to recover from this disaster. Among these is resettling displace people back into stable homes and also repairing the damaged infrastructure.


A number of Organizations and donor agencies like Red Cross, save the children, Hima cement, Rweco and many more have come in to save the situation financially and materially. At the moment a number of bridges like Katiri Bridge on Nyamwamba River in Kilembe and Mubuku Bridge on Mubuku River are under their final stages of repairing.

 While Bulembya Bridge in Kilembe still and Kyalhumba Bridge on River Nyamugasani are still having temporary wooden bridges made by the locals.

We still hope government will do more to save the situation.