Thursday, 22 August 2013


By. Makanika Edward

Rwenzururu Kingdom has officially rejected the newly appointed Royal Guards commander for the Buhikira Royal palace Capt. Fabian Kule Mabunda.
The Kingdom spokesperson Patrick Nyamunungu says that the administration of the Obusinga has thought it important not to undermine the reasons put forward by the veterans for the rejection of Capt. Mabunda. The government provides security to all monarchies countrywide and sends a UPDF officer to command the royal security.
During  the weekend, the Chairman of the Rwenzururu Veterans Development Association Yolamu Mulima told a press conference that the former fighters have rejected Capt. Mabunda because he is not loyal to the Omusinga and the Obusinga as an institution.
Capt. Mabunda who has worked in the palace for nearly one month is accused of being part of a section of Bakonzo who publicly opposed the recognition of the Obusinga.
Yesterday, he was locked out of the palace gates as he reported for duty.
Nyamunungu has confirmed this adding that the minister of Security had instruction not to allow him in the palace. He said that the Rwenzururu Kingdom has asked the government to take
back Capt. Mabunda and second another UPDF officer to take his position.

Capt. Mabunda had been seconded to the Obusinga as replacement to Lt.
David Muhasa.