Friday, 11 November 2016

Kasese District Holds thebudget conference for 2017/2018

By Samuel Mumbere


Kasese District Local Government yesterday 10th
Nov2016 held a budget conference in preparation for financial year 2017/2018.


 The conference that was held at the District Multi-Purpose hall in Kisagazi was majorly chaired by the CAO Mr. Ndifuna Mathias and the District Chairperson Mr. Bigogo Sibendire was held under the theme: Thinking differently: The Kasese we want.


The issues presented mainly focused on areas of Education improvement, Infrastructural development, Rural electrification, wealth creation programs, environmental protection, renewable energy, skilling the youth and many more.



By: Mumbere Samuel

CAO Addressing Political leaders and civil servants in Mpondwe Town council

For the last 2 weeks, the new Kasese District Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Ndifuna Mathias has been making visits to different Sub Counties and Urban Councils in the District. This week, he visited sub counties of Maliba,Bugoye, Kitswamba, Nyakiyumbu, Isango, Munkunyu, Hima and Mpondwe Lhubiriha Town Councils. During the visit, he specifies that the main purpose of his visit is to sensitize and encourage both political leaders and civil servants to work with the intension of transforming the welfare the society in Kasese District. During his visit to the sub counties and urban councils, he emphasize on the following;
Ø  Both the Political leaders and civil servants being accountable to the community
Ø  Both political and civil servants to portray a good code of conduct with good behaviours and professionalism while serving the community
Ø  Being impartial in terms of religion and political parties because the citizens being served are all Ugandans
Ø  Loyalty to the National Development goals since we all serve the same government especially implementing major government programs like wealth creation and infrastructural development programs.
CAO Addressing people in Munkunyu Sub county
Ø  To avoid selfishness as political and civil servants do their work. he encouraged them to work as a team. and not for selfish or ill intensions
Ø  To be very transparent in all ways as they do their work.
Ø  he also encouraged both political and civil workers to constantly hold meetings since meetings are good management tools
Ø  He encouraged both political and civil servants to be efficient and effective as they execute their duties in order to register results in their performance.
Ø  He also encouraged everybody to always carry out medical checkup as many diseases always affect people unknowingly, so medical checkup on personal or family basis would help mitigate some unnecessary deaths.
Ø  He encouraged the community to embrace education. He said that “In the world on today and tomorrow, no one can be able to survive unless he/she is educated.” he therefore advised parents to stop taking alcohol, meat, buy clothes in favor of educating their children.
Ø  He encouraged community members to work hard to conserve the environment especially by planting trees as much as they can, making Terraces in their gardens. He challenges the sub county Agricultural officers to copy the scientific farming methods used in Kabale hills and be applied in Kasese as well.
Ø  He encouraged all civil servants especially health workers to serve everybody in his/her capacity regardless of religion and political party for better service delivery.
Ø  He encouraged all people to invest in tourism activities since Kasese is a tourist attraction area. people should setup craft shops along roads and also engage in any other tourism activity in order to get money
Ø  He encouraged people to use the wealth creation strategy like; encouraging people who were given seedlings to plant them and share them with other people, and those who were given animals like cows, pigs and goats, keep them well and share them with your neighbors and group mates as they produce.
Ø  He concluded his remarks with encouraging people not to rely on free things. in his words, he said that “There are No free things on this earth.” “Even what is given as free, you must incure a cost to maintain It.” He therefore encouraged people to work hard and use the little resources and opportunities to earn a living and improve their livelihood.

CAO touring Nyakiyumbu Sub County
Very many community members, civil servants, elders and political leaders embraced his visit and described it very unique in nature as they have not experience a Chief and busy his office is visiting and having time with local people for interactions.
Alongside him, he moved with the senior Education Officer to highlight on education issues, the Human resource officer to clarify on civil service, salary and pension issues and the Information Officer to document all the discussions. all these officers encouraged people basically on issues of educating young children, environmental protection through tree planting, good farming methods and production by producing more local thing for sale like in agriculture and tourist attraction items.