Sunday, 29 May 2016

Former chairperson and his deputy dodge swearing and handover ceremony.



KASESE: Two former bosses of the Kasese district that’s the chairperson five and his deputy who were expected at the official swearing and handover ceremony of the elected chairperson five for Kasese district dodged the swearing without clear reasons presented.
The defeated chairperson Col. Mawa Muhindo who was the official person to handover was called several times giving reasons that he is attending military issues in kampala and his unable to turn up for the swearing.
 “The former chairperson five who be handing over is busy with military duties in kampala so he left me with all responsibilities to hand over to the elected chairperson” William kanyesinge said at the function.
His deputy Muhindo Tadeo who was present on the official swearing ceremony of the Kasese municipality mayor went missing on the official day when he was supposed to be present since he was elected to present people of Nyamwamba division to the district but didn’t also give a clear reason why he has not present.
The two seems not to be pleased of the time that the local gave them to rule them for the five years of office.

William who took over responsibility gave a brand new Double carbine keys, the portrait of the president of Uganda, constitution, stamp of the office among others,
 William said the district officials are all ready to cooperate with the new chairperson for service delivery for the development of the district.
The elected chairperson sibendire Bigogo hailed every for the support and promised to deliver to every one without discrimination which most of the leaders have done to the people who voted them.
“ I was elected by different people who among them spoke different languages and come from different regions, if I bent on one side them I would have not balanced the love people showed me” sibendire said.

Sibendire said this while delivering his first speech to his supporters who had turned up on his swearing ceremony at multipurpose hall kisaganzi Kasese.
Sibendire who proved his regional balance of leadership started appointing his cabinet in council from different regions so that every constituency can have a representative in that cabinet not as it was in the previous five years of other political leaders.
Among other people who sworn in are, Elly Magwara who was elected as the deputy chairman kasese district who is the elected councilor for kyabarungira Sub County in Busongoro North constituency
Bwerere Godfry a councilor of Kyondo sub-county was elected as the district speaker beating Mayora Johnson a councilor of Isango sub-county.
Muhindo Catherine was elected as the deputy speaker beating Kabagenyi pelucy.
The elections were witnessed by in and out going councilors of the district.
From this point of view, the FDC happens to have been the majority outweighing the NRM
Sibendire bigogo is remembered as the defense lawyer for the suspected July 5th attack people

Save the children donate a maternity word worth 180 million to kitswamba health centre three

By Moris Mumbere,

Kasese: In a move to fight maternal child death rate in the country save the children anon governmental organization has further extended its services to sub counties without maternity words which has been a clear observation as to why mothers are still dying while producing.

On a new special project of building a maternity word to kitswamba health centre three in Kasese district busongora north constituency the district coordinator Mrs Annet Biryande said the sub county experience a challenge of maternity wards where by most mothers have to move from the sub county to kilembe and rwasande health centre three for service which is expensive since mothers are always charged a certain cost,

“We decided to bring this service here because in the whole sub county theres only one maternity word which is very far and mothers are charged which same mother may not be able” Annet said.

Annet added that the construction of project will cost over 180 million and is to be done in 120 days to be fully complete since all resource is available and the clear plan for the structure is already in place.

On the official launch of the construction the district health officer Kasese district, Dr. Baseke Yusuf hailed save the children for identifying gaps that have not yet been covered by government in the district and the region at large.
“ In Four sub counties there’s only one maternity word of Rwasanda health centre three which is private which all mothers in the constituency depend on for services and its now an advantage that mothers are to get services without charges” Baseke narrated.
The district health officer Dr. Baseke narrated that most mothers have to move from where ever they are and get services from Rwasande which is the only maternity word in the four sub counties of kitswamba, kyabarugira, rugendabara and kirabaho Sub County in Kasese district.
Baseke advised residents to take maximum supervision of the contraction so that quality work can be done at the site since engineers are always cheating while constructing.


Sunday, 8 May 2016

Political leaders in three districts join Rwenzururu king on peace strangle in the region.



KASESE: The Rwenzururu king has started a move of peace through engaging political leaders in Rwenzori at all levels especially those that won in the recent elections as mediators in solving the conflicts in the region.

As a first step, Mumbere convened a regional meeting of political and cultural leaders from the districts of Bundibugyo, Ntoroko and Kasese at Rwenzori Base Camp Inn, Bugoye sub-county, Kasese district on Friday.

According to Mumbere the move is part of implementing the Royal Peace Communiqué that committed him and the Bamba cultural leader, Lt. Col. Martin Kamya to prevail over their subjects and stop them from being involved into criminal acts by enemies of peace in the region.
“ I called you for this meeting so that we can be united and mobilize as working force for the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu so that in our various elected areas we can influence peace in the three districts of Uganda” Omusinga Mumbere said.

Omusinga added that the meeting is historical in his life being the first time to engage political leaders who have been elected in the region to start mobilizing others for peace as a committement for a better turn up.

“Calling upon different leaders in Rwenzori it means I have different subjects in those areas whom I feel can if I talk too can ass the message of peace and we gain our image” Omusinga added.

He extended condolence to all those who lost relatives in the region saying all what happened what purely politics noon of the kingdom official was involved but waddering how it came to affect the institutions.

Omusinga added that what has soilt the image of the institution is Miss information by most enemies of the kingdom which he thinks if political leaders talk right things about the kingdom more developmental things will be achieved in the region in steady of seeing one side of people being arrested leaving others free yet all Ugandans have to be treated equally.

Among those political leaders who were present starting with chairperson fives in three district that Ntoroko Mr. Kyamanywa Timoth Baluku hailed the king for ephasing dialogue means to settle conflicts in the region calling upon other kings to do the same.

Timothy encouraged other political leaders if they are to meet peace in the region to avoid segregation, politicians to accept defeat, treating every one equally so that every one can benefit from the little that government has provided. 

Timothy asked Members of parliament to start lobbing for bigger things not chicken which he said can add value to the residents in the districts that they serve.

Timothy advised political leaders to create a possible way of financial support to the kingdom and asked Mumbere to come to Ntoroko and talk to his subjects about peace

The kasese district elected chairperson five Sibendire bigogo hailed the leadership of the Ntoroko district for the heart of bring people together which has not happened in two district of rwenzori

Katusabe Godfrey the elected Member of Parliament for Bukonzo west asked every political leader to be a custodian of peace in the region.

In the meeting the political leaders present that’s councilors, chairperson three members of parliament and chairperson fives asked agreed on meeting every year to see if what discussed is being implemented in the region.

All the Kasese four members of parliament plus the women Member of Parliament ntoroko were present, district chairperson fives of Bundibugyo, ntoroko, and Kasese, local councilors, and chairperson threes and the kingdom officials  the DPC Kasese, and the RPC OBURA DEO among others.


Two hundred bicycles given to 400 VHTS after training.



Ntoroko: over 400 hundred village health team (VHTS) have been trained and passed out after a two months training by health professionals under the supervision of save the children in partnership with the Korea international cooperation (KOICA) aimed at fighting maternal child death in the district.

At the official pass out held under the theme “ VHTS reaching every child in every house hold in Ntoroko” at Ntoroko district headquarters kibuku village the chief guest who is the director health services Dr. Anthony Mbonye held the VHTS for committing themselves to save mothers and children in the community without pay which he said it’s not common in the country.

“if one advertised and asked people to apply to work for free frew would turn up but am impressed with you for having turned up to work for your community” Anthony said.

While handing over 200 bicycles, medicine tools, ICCM register and respiratory timers Anthony observed that ever since the district started engaging the VHTS in public health matters it’s doing well compared to other districts which does not involve such people in fighting for child maternal death in the country.

“health is made at house to house, when things go wrong it means samething is wrong at home so learn the value of VHTS” Anthony added

He further said HIV/AIDS is lowering down due to education done by VHTS which improves living standard which influenced him to continue lobbing for a health centre four since the district has only health centre three.

He advised those who believe in witchcraft to stop the doctrine as it was in early days of attributing every disease on certain things.

The district health officer Dr. Maxwell Okelo said Ntoroko District has only six established government Health facilities and 1 PNFP making them 7 facilities. Only 3 of the facilities are located in town councils and the rest are located in the rural sub counties. Even still, 3 out of 6 sub counties have HCIIs, 3 out of the 4 town councils have facilities, leaving Kibuuku town council without. Because most sub counties lack health facilities, where most of our populations live, it means people have to move long distances to access services.

Okelo said with support from Save the children, they now have 400 VHTs trained in Integrated Community Case Management (ICCM).children under 5 years are mostly disturbed with diarrhea, cough and fever.

He added that the trained VHTS can diagnosed and treated at community level with ideas taught to them.

Before save the children offered a Sicilian machine no mother had been operated at any of the health centres but currently over 170 mothers have undergone Sicilian process without being referred to any health facility of another district.

The deputy chairperson five Musoke Justus hailed the VHTS with interest that they are going to end fails information of witch crafting in most villages because accurate information will be delivered.

Among those who attended the pass out was the Ntoroko RDC, Wilson, Dr. steven Twenomuzuni pastors, among others.


12 cows killed in electrocuted accident two houses destroyed including irrigation farms during heavy wind and rain



kasese: Twelve cows have been electrocuted after a heavy voltage electric pole fell on the metallic barbed fence as they were grazing in at Mubuku association of dairy farm in Mubuku irrigation scheme, Kasese district.

The tragedy happened yesterday last night at around 11pm during a
heavy down pour that ravaged the area for almost six hours.

The heavy down pour that was characterized by strong wind, also left
down Ssebwe primary school staff quarters which accommodated six staff
teachers, and its two-classroom block and two crib maize granaries of
Mubuku irrigation scheme farmers’ association.

According to the extension officer Mr. Woire Jonah said the dead cows
belong to a number of farmers who are reported to have been grazing in
one farm.
Henry Mutabazi the Ssebwe village LC1 chairperson in scheme ward,
Kasese municipality confirmed the incident to our reporter this
Mutabazi says the dead cows met their death as they were trying to run
for a safer place which was unfortunately near the barbed wires that
had already gained electric current from the fallen electric pole.

He identified the affected cattle keepers as Deo Munyazikiwi who lost
four, Asaba Wilson lost three, Katalikawe Moses lost two and Alice
Mbabazi who also lost three.

By press time, a cow of about one hundred kilograms which would
initially cost one million shilling, was selling at only one hundred
fifty thousands shillings as the owners could not withstand double
loss of losing their cows and giving them to residents for free.

Sibaminya Sam the deputy head teacher for Ssebwe primary school
explained to reporter that the collapsed teacher’s quarters which was
housing four female teachers was damaged seriously adding that the
occupants with their seven children are now homeless.

The Kasese municipal councilor representing scheme ward David
Turyamureba also told our reporter that the collapsed maize granaries
were helping about one hundred fifty maize farmers for storing their
maize from Mubuku irrigation scheme.

Turyamureba also regretted the dead animals belonging to dairy
association of Mubuku farmers before calling for government assistance
to the affected farmers.

By press, a team of UMEME technicians and police had rushed to the
village to disconnect the power.


Police in Kabale is investigating the circumstances under which a twenty one year old man was murdered.



Police in Kabale is investigating the circumstances under which a twenty
one year old man was murdered.

The deceased has been identified as Bruce Akankwasa and his body was discovered on 04th may2016 in the bush at Nyamiyaga trading centre in Bubare parish Kabale district.

The deceased has been a resident of Bushuro call Bushuro paish in Bubare
sub county Kabale district and he allegedly left home on 3rd May, 2016
having gone to the Nyamiyaga trading centre and never come back.

The five plus others, were with the deceased at one of the bars in
Nyamiyaga trading centre, and developed misunderstanding and started
fighting, when he left the bar going back home, he was murdered by unknown
people and his body was found lying in the bush near that trading centre
with cuts on his face.

The Kigezi region spokes person Elly Mate confirmed the incident saying that
they have already arrested five suspects by names of Vincent Friday,
Betaine Turinawe, Gerasumu Twinamsiko, Tuesday Bruno , Samuel Turyamuhaki
all residents of Bubare sub county in Kabale district who will help police
in the investigations.

He says the police will ensure that all the suspects are arrested and
arraigned court to answer charges accordingly.


State of Roads Worries Kabarole Councilors


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Kabarole district councilors are leaving in a state of worries following the poor state of CAIIP roads constructed in different parts of the district.

Tugume Emmanuel the councilor Kasenda Sub County doubts the road designs under CAIIP program saying most roads are in a bad state and the murram is washed away just before a year after commissioning.

Citing Rwaihamba –Kanyaitamba road, Tugume observed the need for the district Engineer to ensure strict supervision of these roads during and after completion.
This was during the district council sitting at Kitumba East division, Fort Portal municipality of Monday.

Joseph Mashuhuko councilor Karambi wonders whether he contractors have a heart for the district because they usually do shoddy works on these roads.

Mashuhuko asked the Chief Administrative Officer to instruct his engineer to supervise and assess the roads being constructed so as to have long lasting roads.

Amon Rutenta the councilor Kibiito sub county asked the district Engineer to explain why he does not carry out serious supervision of the roads but fortunately he was absent.

 The speaker Hon. Clovice Mugabo strongly condemned the continued absenteeism of technical staff in council yet they have to answer some questions rising in council that require technical guidance.


Attend To Duty, Kabarole Chair Implores Staff



KABAROLE: The Chief Administrative Officer Kabarole Mr.Ocakara Nickolas Mulon
has observed that every person in the Local Government structure plays
a vital role in service delivery and development of the district.

He was on Thursday addressing the district support staff drawn from
all the sub counties and own councils of the district at the district
council hall Kitumba,East division, Fort Portal municipality.

According to Ocakara, the meeting was aimed at reviewing and
reflecting on the performance and forge a way forward as they plan for
the new district council and new financial year 2016/17.

The Chief observed the need for the staff to execute their duties with
a lot of respect for their seniors and obey the instructions for the
effective service delivery.

Mr.Ocakara told the staff that there are several opportunities for
promotions in the government structures if they struggle to build
their carrier and acquire skills.

The District Chairman Mr.Rwabuhinga Richard told the workers that as
the country and districts looks at steady progress, there is need for
them to refocus their attention to attending to duty at their
workplaces because development can hardly be realized without their
much in put.

The chairman however advised them to organize themselves in a
productive venture in which the government can recognize them.