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FDC Kasese MP To Be Sworn In today Tuesday

“The party constitution demands that to stand for the presidency of the party, one is required to resign from any leadership position that he holds in FDC before campaigns start,” he added.
Bamwenda said that the leader of opposition has to continue with his duties in his office but he should not dare use any of the public resources such as vehicles, computers and staff during the campaigns.
He added that Mafabi should notify the speaker of parliament of his absence in office and assign someone to represent him.
On the other hand, Bamwenda said the newly elected Kasese Women MP, Winfred Kiiza was gazetted on Friday and she is waiting to be sworn in tomorrow Tuesday at 2:00pm in the parliamentary chambers.
He also warned the NRM members to stop conniving with the electoral officers in Butambala so as to instill election malpractices as it was the case in the Kasese by-elections in which the returning officers were arrested by the police.
Bamwenda added that there is clear evidence that the election registration forms are being altered deleting some voters from the registration form claiming that they are dead and also adding members who are from different residents and districts.
He said this was being done in the areas of Kiwaala, Bugobango and Kabasanda.
Bamwenda said they are to request for the registration forms which they will use during the elections on September 12 to ensure that only the registered voters cast the votes.
He also clarified that the FDC party is behind DP’s Mohamed Muwanga Kivumbi for Butambala by-elections for which nominations are on August 28 and 29th, but they have posted Charles Okule who is to be nominated tomorrow in the morning hours for the by-elections in Usuk against the NRM’s Proscovia Olumiti.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Electoral Commission set to formalise Kiiza as Kasese poll winner

The background
Kasese District returning officer Kanzira Valley was on Saturday arrested over alleged fraud in the recently concluded woman MP by- election. Mr. Kanzira was arrested by detectives from the Political and Media Crimes Unit based at the police headquarters and Criminal Investigations Directorate, after alleged complaints of election fraud.
The Kasese Woman MP by-election, which attracted three candidates, was won by FDC’s Winnie Kizza who garnered 97, 669 votes, beating her closest rival, NRM’s Rehema Muhindo who went away with 59, 946.

The delays by the Electoral Commission in publishing in Ms Winnie Kiiza’s name in the Uganda Gazette as the duly elected Kasese Woman MP has ruffled feathers in Parliament, and also brought the elections body’s independence into question.
While the commission at first said it could not gazette the winner of the August 8 by-election because the Police had reportedly arrested their returning officer, Mr Valley Kanzira and his deputy and confiscated results declaration forms, they yesterday indicated they are ready to formalise Ms Kiiza’s election.
Mr Dan Mugarura, who heads the opposition Forum for Democratic Change’s electoral department, yesterday said his party considers the inactions of the EC and the actions of police as being geared at “hiding their shame.”
“His work was to seat and receive information from the field officers and he did declare that in the presence of all his seniors. So what negligence of duty are they talking about here? ” Mr Mugarura asked.
Mr Mugarura said the NRM government’s loss in Kasese even with the scores of policemen and military assigned to “protect their vote” has been hard for the ruling party to accept.
Meanwhile, Mr Kanzira yesterday said he had submitted all the forms the commission needed to gazette the by-election winner although he refused to speak on record.
At the same time, EC spokesperson Willy Ochola confirmed that the needed materials are now with the commission and “probably Ms Kiiza’s name will appear in today’s gazette.”

“Possibly her name will come out tomorrow (today) because the Chairman already signed and sent them,” Mr Ochola said.
National gazettes are weekly publications which are printed every Friday, except in cases of emergency.
“There is no more need to panic by any interested parties because we now know the winner and we have sent the publication for the gazette,” Mr Ochola said.
Ms Kiiza could have taken her oath of Parliament yesterday during the special session held in honour of gold medallist Stephen Kiprotich had the name been gazetted a bit earlier.
This newspaper yesterday learnt that the EC offices were closely monitored by police for fear that the FDC officials were ready to hold a demonstration at the Jinja Road office.
FDC Secretary General Alice Alaso (Serere Woman MP) also told this newspaper that her party would have “acted otherwise” had Dr Badru Kiggundu’s EC not acted yesterday to unclog what was turning out to be a confusing situation with both the police and elections body issuing separate statements laying the blame for the fiasco at each other’s feet.
Mr Kanzira was arrested and later released on police bond and the opposition FDC party yesterday had suspicions that he may never be charged with the cases of fraud and negligence of duty being talked about.

Doreen Biira: Representing Uganda on Kenyan television

The norm is that Kenyans come over here and take the jobs. But maybe, this trend could be flipped over if Ugandans so wanted. How else would a relatively upstart TV presenter have landed herself a job there on a relatively bigger TV station? Eunice Rukundo writes

The closest I have come to Joy Doreen Biira is watch her on television. And more recently, speak to her on phone and exchange a few emails. On television, I did not get her at all, probably because I only stumbled upon her as I flipped my way to the television stations more prominent than the relatively new NBS she featured on. I must actually confess that I only began to notice her when word started to go round about the light skinned beauty on NBS that was becoming a sort of media darling.

Around the same time however, the Rwenzururu sensation seemed to disappear as suddenly as she had appeared about five years ago. But, Biira did not re-appear MCing at gigs or any such business as her colleagues that tried and left television before her did. No. She re-appeared on television, only this time in a bigger better way.
The eye-catching 26-year-old that first featured on that arguably inconspicuous NBS television is now being shown across the border in Kenya on the far more prominent KTN television station. “I’m a Prime Anchor and Reporter with KTN Kenya; have been since late December 2011,” she says.
Just collecting her dues
When she had just started at KTN, Biira admits she did sense some disapproval. “There were mixed feelings about whether or not there weren’t options in Kenya,” she says. Some might have even thought she had been offered the job for her good looks, as her former co-presenter on NBS TV, Shawn Kimuli, admits he first thought.
“I honestly thought and hoped she wasn’t one of those beauties without brains they had given me for a co-presenter when I first saw her,” admits Kimuli. Without deliberately going out to disapprove the impression she did not know about, Biira soon showed Kimuli why she was on the job, even though she was still a student, moreover studying Information Technology.” I found she works hard, is intelligent, ambitious and really purposes to get what she wants, nothing like most beautiful girls who wait for things to come to them on account of their good looks,” testifies Kimuli.
In her new job too, Biira is sure she has convinced them she is worth the job. “Later, I think they changed their minds after they watched me anchor; either I’m doing a good job, I look Kenyan or I’m just a lucky girl,” she reasons cheekily, adding that she has been credited by professionals there for bringing warmth, professionalism and intelligence to the station.is S

It will, in fact, appear that the deal in the region’s biggest economy (Kenya) better known for producing rather than sourcing for skill, was majorly due to her work. “At the time, I had offers from local stations I will not mention back home too and in Ghana with TV3. None of them were responses to applications. TV3 said they were in attendance the time I was speaking at the Woman Summit in Ghana in October 2010 and read my profile on Wikipedia and considered employing me,” she reveals.
Big as her new stinct might appear to us Ugandans back home who are more acquainted with the Kenyan labour flocking our job market and not the other way round, Biira says she is only beginning on her journey to achievement. “Only after I work for an international news channel will I hang up my gloves and help those who want to get to where I have been. Until that happens, I will keep doing this and more in the media world,” she vows. In the meantime, she looks to pick on CNN and ABC’s Christian Amanpour’s passion, and Richard Quest’s energy.

A reserved force of determination
Talking to her on phone recently, I got the impression she was guarded, reserved and quite careful; she did not honour our deadline to have my questions answered and when she did answer them, it was unhurriedly. It was as if she were buying time to make sure she only offered me answers she would not regret.
She admits to being “a little reserved, like my space and not the kind who wants the world to notice my presence wherever I go.”
But, do not be deceived; within the confines of that reservation lies an energetic determined force that saw Biira sneak into Mass Communication classes at the university in search of her dreams. “I applied for Mass Communication at the university, but I was offered my third choice, which was BSc Information Technology. Media was however, my first love,” she recounts.
The love she says might have stemmed from early exposure to information by her parents has been driven by a desire to “truly serve” the people.
“Journalism has allowed me the chance to express the minds of the voiceless while informing the world of what is happening. Being a true servant of the people gives me satisfaction and that is what journalism is about.”

http://www.monitor.co.ug/Magazines/Full+Woman/Doreen+Biira+representing+across+the+border+on+Kenyan+television/-/689842/1481492/-/17qxfz/-/index.htmlSo far, the closest Biira feels she has come to achieving this desire has been in a coverage on Somali refugees in Daadab in Kenya, which she says has continuously broken her heart. “However, I haven’t been satisfied with that one story. I have interviewed and spoken to people who I think have given answers to the masses including among others President Museveni on environment and infrastructure. But, my ground-breaking story is yet to come,” she promises.
And who is to say that Biira may not one day grace the same screens as her idols, let alone fulfill her dreams?
Well, speaking for myself, all I can say is that we are proud and wish you Godspeed as you hold the Ugandan banner high on your way up. Go, Biira!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Kiiza’s return to Parliament lies in balance

http://www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/Kiiza+s+return+to+Parliament+lies+in+balance/-/688334/1479214/-/mryn6h/-/index.htmlPosted  Wednesday, August 15  2012 at  01:00

The victory and possible return to Parliament by freshly re- elected Kasese Woman MP Winnie Kiiza as soon as she wants hangs in balance following police interception of all documents declaring her winner of the hotly-contested by-election.
Ms Kiiza, from FDC, may therefore fail to return to Parliament because the Electoral Commission cannot send her winning details in the national gazette as a duly elected MP.
Parliament is currently on a break handling budget appropriations at the committee level and the plenary is expected to resume by end of this month.
The EC spokesperson, Mr Willy Charles Ochola, told this newspaper that the commission had noted the interruption caused by the police affected the final process.
Kasese district returning officer Valley Kanzira was arrested two days after the by-election over alleged fraud in the elections and police also took with him all the forms the EC headquarters needs to order for a gazette.
“Our hands are tied. We cannot gazette her because we do not have the documents until police releases the returning officer and the documents which they took with him,” Mr Ochola said.
EC expects Mr Kanzira like any other returning officer to submit all the tally sheets and transmit result forms, declaration forms which the commission does not have since the voting day.
The Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Mr Nandala Mafabi, when contacted said his office has written to the EC boss asking him to do his work, “because it is not police work to gazette a winner.”
Ms Kiiza and her party Electoral Commission chairman Dan Mugarura also said he would lodge a formal complaint over the delay. Police spokesperson Simon Kutesa when contacted said the returning officer would be charged with negligence of duty. He, however, referred this reporter to his deputy for details, saying he was in a meeting.
“because gazzeting should be done within 48 hours after declaration.”
Mr Kanzira was arrested by detectives from the Political and Media Crimes Unit after over complaints of returning officers and probable connivance with the opposition to cheat the NRM of its victories.
Mr Ochola was speaking after a commission meeting which he said had resolved

FDC asks Police to release Kasese EC official

Forum for Democratic Change party has asked Police to release the Kasese district Electoral Commission registrar, Valey Kanzira.
Wafula Oguttu said Kanzira had not committed any crime but was arrested last weekend by police over purported election-related offences.
He told a press briefing at the party headquarters at Najjanakumbi in Kampala on Monday that FDC did not bribe anyone to win the Kasese woman MP by-election after which the party’s Winnie Kiiza won last week.
 Kiiza beat the NRM candidate Reheema Muhindo by close to a double margin.
"We ask Government to release the electoral commission registrar. He has no case. We won because our candidate was popular and the electorate is tired of NRM," Oguttu said. 
When asked to comment on Kanzira's arrest, the police spokesperson, Simon Kuteesa said the suspect had allegedly committed several offences but he [Kuteesa] could not name them.
However it is suspected Kanzira tampered with the voters' register and the tallying of votes cast during the hotly contest by-election.
Wafula asked the Electoral Commission to formally complain.
"FDC is not capable of rigging votes because that is like saying that a rat can chase a cat" he brought the journalists and party officials present into laughter.
He said that the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Nandala Mafabi is expected to take leave [step aside] from his position during the time he will be campaigning for the FDC's Presidency.
And that will be a period of three months, Wafula revealed. The reported stepping aside of Mafabi is intended to stop him and those contesting from using resources of their offices.
Wafula also said Nandala's opponents to the party’s helm, Maj. Mugisha Muntu and Geoffrey Ekanya are also required to ‘take leave’ as by a condition set by the FDC party's National Executive Committee (NEC). 
Muntu is the secretary for mobilization of FDC while Ekanya is the shadow minister for finance.
The three were nominated and cleared last week by the party's electoral commission to contest for the FDC party presidency to replace three-time presidential contender, Dr. Kizza Besigye.
Wafula expressed concern over increased fire outbreaks which he says Government should stop. His complaint is that reports on fires such as that of Kasubi tombs have not been published.http://www.newvision.co.ug/finalsearch.aspx?q=kasese

Why does Kamuntu want a private investor in UWA-Kasese deal?

Editor:On monday, New Vision published a story entitled "UWA,Kasese deal flops. I am surprised by the decision of the tourism minister, Ephraim Kamuntu. The Kasese District Local Government is a corporate entity that has identified ways of raising funds locally. According to the Uganda wild Authority, shs 1b was identified but the tourism minister has advised to instead look for a provate investor. Following the trends in the private sector promotion and investment in Uganda, why has the Minister zeroed on this alternative instead of letting UWA and Kasese district handle the deal as already planned? I strongly believe that this project would bring hope to the district which is struggling to improve on it's local revenue collection.

The minister should inform the people of Kasese why this deal could not be executed without involving a private investor.

 Jimmy B.Odyek
 source: New vision, wednesday August 15th 2012 page 17.

Monday, 13 August 2012

NRM’s loser in Kasese by-election quits politics

The NRM’s losing flag-bearer in the just concluded Kasese Woman MP by-election, Rehema Muhindo, says she has quit politics. Muhindo was defeated a week ago by her rival, FDC’s Winnie Kiiza, who retainer her seat in Parliament. Claiming she lost as a result of gutter politics, Rehema said: “I have decided that I and my family should leave politics for the able people because the people of Kasese don’t want the truth. My loss is a clear manifestation of the lies that FDC told people here.” However, some ruling party supporters in the district have attributed Muhindo’s loss to the condescending attitude of Defence minister, Dr. Crispus Kiyonga. “We told Kiyonga to stay out of the campaigns but he deliberately refused, now he has seen for himself,” said Masitaki Buduwe, the Kasese district NRM administrative secretary. Masitaki accused Kiyonga of playing divisive politics in Kasese, much to the detriment of the ruling party. Others attribute Muhindo’s loss the combustible question of ethnicity in the district. For instance many people had expected President Museveni, who visited the area to campaign for Muhindo, to denounce the installation of Ivan Rutakirwa as cultural leader of the Basongora, a minority cattle-keeping ethnic group, closely related to the Batooro. Museveni instead asked both the Bakonzo and Basongora to engage in dialogue, to the chagrin of those who wanted him to call the Basongora leaders to order. The Rwenzururu Kingdom, which broke away from Toro kingdom, does not recognise the Busongora kingdom.

Kasese NRM supporters blame Museveni

NRM supporters in Katwe-Kabatooro Town Council, Kasese District have blamed the party’s loss in the Kasese Woman MP by-election last week to lack of coordination. During a series of meetings held last Thursday to assess the poor performance of the ruling party in the by-election won by FDC’s Winfred Kiiza, supporters said they were unhappy about President Museveni’s campaign approach. The President had recently campaigned for twice defeated NRM’s Rehema Muhindo in Kabatooro in Busongora South. NRM mobilisers in Kabatooro last Friday said they said there was no way the party would have won in the area after the President failed to address the pressing problems in the area. NRM supporters said Mr Museveni was not informed of problems such as man-eating crocodiles, lack of safe drinking water, poor health services, unemployment, the stalled salt factory, among others. Ms Kananura Abwooli, who chaired the meeting, said some candidates who were defeated in last year’s general elections were at the fore front in campaigning for Ms Muhindo which demoralised voters. Ms Kananura said the denial of the area LC 3 chairperson, Mr Kiiza Kagoro, to address the President with the problems affecting Katwe was a major factor in changing the minds of residents. “No one could imagine the area chairman to be denied a chance to address the challenges of the area before the President. What did they (NRM) expect as a result? Totally a loss,” Ms Kananura said. Share This Story Related Stories Kasese NRM supporters blame Museveni The leader of FDC, Dr Kizza Besigye, organised another rally in Katwe-Kabatooro Town Council a day after President Museveni left the area. Dr Besigye told the residents that government would never know their value if they did not vote FDC in the elections. “You have been giving overwhelming support to the NRM here in Katwe. What have you achieved?” Dr Besigye asked. “Crocodiles are eating our people, imagine a town council with no safe drinking water,” Dr Besigye said. President Museveni reportedly addressed ethnic issues among leaders of Bakingwe and Banyabindi tribes to dialogue, which was not pressing.


News updated at E-Society Kasese

An Ebola scare has this evening hit Kasese district after it was revealed some hunters have eaten a Chimpanzee that strayed from Rwenzori Mountains National Park. The Law enforcement warden in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park Mr. Rujumba Bwambale says the Chimpanzee that strayed to the community yesterday evening, was killed by hunters in Buhunga village, Kilembe sub-county who shared a piece among themselves. According to eye witnesses the Chimpanzee was killed using spears at 11: 30 am and shared among the hunters. Rujumba embarked on village wide sensitization about the dangers the animal may have to the community if eaten but no one surrendered the meat. He said that since Ebola has always been reported to be caused by eating of monkeys, it is not better to let people eat a chimpanzee that comes from the same primates’ class. Rujumba said the Uganda Wildlife Authority only secured specimen meat and bones weight one kilogram that will be taken to Entebbe for examination of any ebola virus. Ebola has for the last three weeks been a scare to most districts in western Uganda after it was confirmed in Kibaale district. However, some of the concerned residents suggest that whoever might have eaten the Chimpanzee meat should be quarantined for a number of days as more investigations are taken.

Kasese returning officer arrested

News Updated at E-Society Kasese

The Kasese District Woman MP elect Winfred Kiiza chats with the Kasese District returning officer Kanzira Vally Tumwesigye(L), during her nominations. Mr Tumwesigye has been arrested over alleged fraud in the recently concluded by-election. File Photo. By Francis Mugerwa (email the author) Posted Saturday, August 11 2012 at 15:53 The Kasese District returning officer has been arrested over alleged fraud in the just concluded District Woman Member of Parliament by-elections in which the opposition chief whip, Ms Winnie Kiiza, retained her seat as Kasese woman MP after defeating her closest challenger NRM’s Rehema Muhindo. Mr Kanzira Vally Tumwesigye was arrested at about 4:40pm, Saturday, by a team of detectives from the Political and Media Crimes Unit based at the police headquarters and Criminal Investigations Directorate. This comes a day after President Museveni accused electoral commission officials of accepting bribes and conniving with opposition politicians to defeat candidates of the ruling NRM party in parliamentary by-elections. The police spokesperson Commissioner Simon Kuteesa confirmed the arrest. “Investigations have commenced after Kasese police station registered complaints about the manner in which the by-elections were conducted” he told this newspaper on Saturday evening. He however did not reveal who had registered the complaints, but said they are about the legitimacy of the polling process. Share This Story Asked on whose orders the official has been arrested, Mr Kuteesa declined to give details. “He is helping us in unraveling issues received in the complaints. Being an officer who was at the helm of the exercise, we feel he has a lot of valuable information which is critical for police to conclude the investigations” Kuteesa revealed. The ruling NRM party has lost six out of seven by-elections since the 2011 general elections. The hotly contested Kasese by-elections saw FDC’s Kiiza beat ruling party NRM’s Muhindo by close to 40,000 votes.

What is causing conflict in Rwenzori sub-region?

On June 30, King Charles Mumbere visited Bundibugyo District and among other things set up a royal shrine and a flag at Kirindi Village in Bwamba County. Just hours after he left, clashes between the Bakonzo and Baamba-Babwisi communities flared, as the latter argued that they are not part of the Rwenzururu Kingdom. This left one person dead and hundreds of Bakonzo displaced. A month later, on July 1, the Basongora community, one of the minority tribes in Kasese District installed their King, Ivan Rwigi IV Kabumba Agutamba Bwebale Rutakirwa on grounds that they do not share culture and norms with the Bakonzo. This was also followed by tribal clashes. On July 30, a section of the Batuku tribe in Ntoroko District wrote to President Museveni banning the visits of both King Oyo of Tooro and of King Charles Mumbere of Rwenzururu in their area. Analysts point to these tribal clashes as part cause of the conflict in the region. Also pointed out is the creation of new districts that has sub-divided the area into tribal teritories. Prince of the Rwenzururu Kingdom Christopher Kibanzanga says: “There is something deeper in the Bundibugyo conflict than what meets the eye, therefore, we must also go deeper and investigate it because the Bamba and Bakonzo have lived together and intermarried for long without any problem.” Share This Story Expansionist factor Although the current districts are divided into tribal lines, cultural analysts say this should not be the consideration by government to recognise a cultural institution. “Kingdoms should not be based on the territorial factor but culture, this is just expansionism at play” an elder in Bundibugyo observed. In their petition against what they call “the territorial cultural expansions of Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu and Obukama bwa Tooro over Batuku community,” the Batuku argue that the constitution regards them as a tribe. They have since formed an agenda called the “Anti-Kingdom interference Batuku community” that is fighting for their cultural rights. “We do not have the same cultures and customs with Batooro or Bakonzo” the group argues and adds, “It is factual that, there has not been a king of different indigenous inhabitants in Uganda” On August 3, the Banyabindi, one of the minority tribes in Kasese District secretly installed their cultural leader, Isebantu Elisa Mugisa Entare ya Banyabindi. They now want the government to recognise their King. King Mumbere believes that the abundance of the mineral deposits in his kingdom is driving minority groups to rise against his leadership in Kasese and Bundibugyo districts.

“We have fears that other ethnic groups are conniving to overrun the Bakonzo in order to take control of the rich areas of our Kingdom, especially the oil potentials. That’s why the current crisis is politically motivated,” King Mumbere said on July 11. Rwenzori region is being earmarked for oil and gas production as exploration already going on in Ntoroko district and more studies being carried out in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kasese. The Batuku in their letter to the President said, “Our sincere analysis is based on why now get interested in Butuku community when there is oil prospects in Ntoroko district”. The Batuku have warned government that there might be clashes between Tooro kingdom and Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu trying to “colonise” Ntoroko district. About 2.5 billion barrels of oil were discovered from 40 percent of the entire Albertine Graben. The King of Bunyoro is demanding for 12.5 percent shares of profits accruing from oil and other minerals in the Kingdom.

Friday, 10 August 2012

NRM in crisis meet after Kasese defeat

News Updated at E-society Kasese

Assessing the loss. Top ruling party officials holed up in meetings to review defeat in the Kasese Woman MP by-election, won by FDC’s Winfred Kiiza.

By-election losses

The ruling NRM party has had a string of by-election losses. Of seven by-elections, the opposition has scored victory in six. In Jinja, FDC’s Paul Mwiru trounced NRM’s Igeme Nabeta. FDC’s Oddo Tayebwa defeated NRM’s Nasser Basajjabalaba in Bushenyi Municipality, while the Democratic Party has gained three seats with youth winger Brenda Nabukenya deposing NRM’s Rebecca Nalwanga in Luwero, Muhammad Kawuma trouncing NRM’s Patience Mubangizi to retain Entebbe Municipality while Mathias Nsubuga, the party secretary general regained the Bukoto South seat beating NRM’s Alintuma Nsambu.

The re-election of opposition Forum for Democratic Change candidate Winfred Kiiza as the Kasese District Woman Member of Parliament with a landslide appeared yesterday to have thrown the ruling National Resistance Movement party into panic.

This newspaper understands that top party stalwarts, some hankered down in Kasese and others in Kampala, were locked in a series of meetings since the declaration of Ms Kiiza’s resounding victory early yesterday morning. Sources indicated that the meetings were characterised by attempts to comprehend why the opposition has white-washed the ruling party at yet another parliamentary by-election.

Ms Kiiza trounced her closest challenger, NRM’s Rehema Muhindo, with a commanding 61.3 per cent—and a margin of close to 40,000 votes between the two women. The result marks six wins for the opposition out of seven parliamentary by-elections held in the current term of the 9th Parliament.

NRM party spokesperson Karooro Okurut, who was attending one of the soul-searching meetings, said she was not at liberty to comment on the Kasese defeat and said a decision was taken to leave that responsibility to the party’s Deputy Secretary General, Ms Dorothy Hyuha, who is camped in Kasese.

Ms Hyuha later told Daily Monitor that the party was yet to “appreciate” the outcome of the Kasese vote and was still analysing returns from various poll stations before making a conclusive analysis of its misfortune.

“I cannot easily appreciate that this is the real outcome of this election,” she said. “We are still analysing the situation.” However, Ms Hyuha was coy when asked to say what could have inspired this latest by-election defeat. Share This Story Related Stories

NRM in crisis meet after Kasese defeat

“Every by-election has had its own peculiar situation and challenges,” she said, dismissing suggestions that the electoral losses are a reflection of waning support for President Museveni and his administration.

“It cannot be a worry. Are you aware that in Parliament with slightly over 300 MPs we [NRM] have 256? There are parties like Conservative Party which have one member and they are represented,” she said, adding, “Kasese has had its own challenges; the geography, the past experience.”

Although the ruling party maintains that these losses may not matter given its numerical strength in the House, the opposition victories are the most current indicator of the NRM’s popularity in places they were understood to be competitive.

“There are serious problems in NRM, starting from the secretariat to the leadership at grassroots level. They are divided,” said veteran politician Aggrey Awori.

Mbabazi factor

His comments echo repeated reservations by party faithful over the mobilisation skills of the party’s Secretary General, Mr Amama Mbabazi, and his team. Touted by many as aloof and lacking the verve to sway voters, Mr Mbabazi has not been seen in the campaign trenches, preferring instead to keep to the demands of his Prime Minister’s job while President Museveni, labelled the charmer-in-chief, has hit the campaign trail to draw in the votes.

At a recent meeting with ruling party mobilisers in Buganda region, however, President Museveni said he would appoint a substantive full time secretary general on grounds that the party was losing many by-elections due to lack of an active secretary general.

However, NRM Vice Chairman for Eastern Region, Mr Mike Mukula, said it would be wrong to blame Mr Mbabazi for the party’s recent misfortunes even when the presence of President Museveni campaigning for party candidates has done little to sway voters.

“I wouldn’t blame the Secretary General. This is even beyond the Secretary General,” he said. “Now, if a bigger gun [Museveni] goes to campaign, who is the secretary general?”

Mr David Bahati, the acting NRM caucus chairman in Parliament, yesterday said the party’s performance in recent by-elections had left stalwarts agreed on “the need to strengthen the functionality of the Secretariat.”

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Winfred Kiiza Nyabahasa bounces back to parliament

News Updated at E-Society Resource Centre Kasese
FDC’s Winfred Kiiza Nyabahasa has bounced back to parliament after barely two months as she won the Kasese District woman MP by-elections held yesterday. According to the final results declared by the district registrar Vally Kanzira Tumwesigye at 2.20am, Kiiza gathered 97,669 votes, while NRM’s Rehema Muhindo had 59,946 votes and DP’s Rosemary Masika lagged in third position with 1,229 votes.
Kanzira declared that out of the one hundred sixty one thousand, one hundred seventy four votes counted, only two thousand three hundred thirty were invalid and two hundred and nine spoilt.
Kiiza won yesterday’s vote with a margin of thirty seven thousand seven hundred twenty three which was far better than the one thousand four hundred margin she got in 2011 elections.
By percentage, Winfred Kiiza wins with 61.4%, Rehema Muhindo in second position with 37.7% where as Rosemary Masika scored 0.77%.

Kiiza’s chief campaign agent Christopher Kibanzanga told Kasese Guide Radio that the truth has been showed that court was fed on wrong information to order fresh elections. Kibanzanga added that the NRM have a reason to believe in what the opposition has said because this is the seventh by-election the ruling side has lost.

Rehema’s chief agent Erifazi Muhindi declined to comment saying they were still analyzing the final results before they can talk to the press.
Elsewhere, Cyprus Baluku of FDC has been declared the Chairman LC 3 of Lake Katwe sub-county after beating two more rivals with a total number of two thousand and two votes, Juliet Masika of NRM is now the district woman councilor of Isango sub-county after beating FDC’s candidate on one thousand three hundred forty six votes.
Also FDC’s outspoken cadre Geoffrey Madebeya has won the seat to represent Kisinga town board to Kisinga sub-county council.
By press time, there were jubilations on the streets of Kasese town as FDC supporters chant No Change

FDC wins in Kasese woman MP by-election

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party candidate for the woman MP by-election Winniefred Kiiza was early Thursday morning declared winner in Kasese district. Kiiza scored 97, 669 votes, beating her closest rival, NRM’s Rehema Muhindo who polled 59, 946 and DP’s Rose Masika with 1229 votes. The Kasese district registrar, Twesigye Valley Kanzira declared Kiiza as winner of the by election at 2.00am at the tally centre at Rukoko Kasese district headquaters main hall amidst the presence of the Electoral Commission boss, Eng. Badru Kiggundu.
Big shots from the opposition that included Salaamu Musumba, Wafula Ogutu, Alice Alaso, Gen. Mugisha Muntu, Semuju Nganda among others had camped at the tally centre to witness the vote counting exercise as supporters were denied access to the tally room at least by ten metres away. There was a heavy presence of security in Kasese town on both motorized and foot police patrol all through the voting process, the end and during the vote counting period. No clashes have been reported according to the regional police commander, Wilson Kwanya. FDC spokesperson Wafula Ogutu said the vote has been free and fair despite intimidation and the heavy police deployment which he said was meant to scare off the voters.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Vote counting starts in Kasese

Election officials are counting votes in Kasese following a by-election held today for the district Woman MP.

FDC cries foul in ‘chaotic’ Kasese by-election

type here The Forum for Democratic Change has said it will not accept results from three polling areas in yesterday’s Kasese Woman MP by-election, citing denial of access to its agents. “Our agents have been blocked at polling stations in army detaches in Hima area,” said the party spokesperson, Mr Wafula Oguttu, in Kasese yesterday. “The army blocked our civilian agents. They even blocked Alice Alaso (party secretary general).” Mr Oguttu added: “At Nyakatonzi Primary School, the Basongora didn’t allow our agents, arguing that there is no FDC in their area so that they could vote multiple times.” He said they had written to the Electoral Commission, asking that it cancels results from the listed polling areas but were yet to get a response. When Daily Monitor contacted the district registrar, Mr Valey Kanzira, he said they had received the protest and referred it to the complaints desk, who are “handling it”. The complaint was just one of the dramatic incidents witnessed in the high-stakes voting that pitted FDC’s Winfred Kiiza against NRM’s Rehema Muhindo and DP’s Rosemary Masika. For example, there was a scuffle at Kahendero landing site at about 4pm when FDC supporters chased away Ms Muhindo, accusing her of allegedly bribing voters. Efforts to get a comment from Ms Muhindo were futile as her phone was switched off. Share This Story What had begun as a calm, wet morning turned chaotic at midday when a group of more than 40 people stormed the EC district offices, complaining that their names had been struck off the voters’ register. Commission officials, however, said those deleted had done multiple registrations. One particular voter, Mr Nason Muhingo, was distraught when he reportedly found someone had voted for him at Ruhwenzori Square Polling Station. The news caused commotion as voters demanded to know who had impersonated him. “I have nothing I can do, let me go back home but I am so disappointed because I have failed to vote for my best candidate,” Mr Muhingo said. There were chaotic scenes at Rusese Polling Station outside the Military Barracks in Bukonjo West, after residents claimed the number of military men queuing to vote exceeded those in the register. FDC officials step in FDC National Mobiliser Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu later came to the polling station and observed the voting. A similar situation was reported at Kavera Barracks in Hima Town Council, prompting the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Mr Nathan Nandala Mafabi, to camp in the area. Another FDC official Salaam Musumba was detained for hours at Kasese Police Station, after she had reportedly gone to inspect vehicles she says were used to transport “Kiboko Squad” members. As she tried to write the car registration number plates, she was accosted by police who then barred her from leaving the station. She was held for hours but released later. An alarm that a prominent businessman’s house in Kasese Town was being used to tick ballots proved false when a police search found nothing. The Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda, an NGO monitoring the election, reported that polling stations had opened in time although at Rwenzori Square B Polling Station, the appointed presiding officer, Ms Grace Muhindo, was summarily dismissed for late coming. The group, in a statement sent to Daily Monitor last evening, said voters had discovered a ghost polling station called the “Upper Nyakasanga Kizungu Market Polling Station” set up complete with “registers and electoral officials”. It was dismantled.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tensions run high in Kasese ahead of woman by-election

With only two days to the Kasese Woman Member of Parliament by-election slated for Wednesday, tensions are high in the district as candidates conclude their campaigns today. Electoral Commission chairperson Badru Kiggundu last week declared that only three candidates are participating in this election; Rehema Muhindo (NRM), Winfred Kizza (FDC) and Rosemary Masika (DP). Independent candidate Betty Kayezu, who withdrew from the race, will not have her particulars appear on the ballot paper according to Dr Kiggundu. Meanwhile, several NRM party members have, since nominations, camped in the district to boost their candidate, Rehema Muhindo. NRM deputy secretary general Dorothy Hyuha, Local Government Minister Adolf Mwesige, Defence Minister Crispus Kiyonga and Mwenge North MP David Muhumuza have been in the district. NRM MPs from Kasese District James Mbahimba (Kasese Municipality) and Boaz Kafuda (Busongora South MP) have also backed her. Opposition support FDC’s Kiiza, in her campaigns, has been accompanied by opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye, Gen. Mugisha Muntu, MPs Kasiano Wadri (Terego County), Gerald Karuhanga (Youth, Western), Oddo Tayebwa (Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality) and Rowland Kaginda (Rukungiri Municipality). Others are William Nzoghu(Busongora North), Yokasi Bihande (Bukonzo East) and her campaign agent Christopher Kibanzanga. Share This Story Share The Electoral Commission has not confirmed the number of voters to participate in the August 8 election but the previous election figure was 303,030 voters. There are 474 polling stations in the entire district. On the same polling day, there will be elections for local council leaders in Isango, Nyakatonzi, Lake Katwe and Kisinga sub-counties. Heavy deployment Police has deployed heavily in the district to keep law and order while opposition has deployed 1,000 vigilantees to guard against any form of rigging. The by-election comes after Court of Appeal on June 4 ordered for fresh elections in the district after ruling that EC erred in the organising of the Kasese District woman parliamentary elections held on February 18, 2011. Then Ms Winfred Kiiza won the 2011 race beating NRM’s Rehema Muhindo with a margin of 1400 votes, a result that angered the NRM camp in the district and they unsuccessfully took the fight to the lower and high courts in Kasese and Fort Portal. Later Court of appeal ruled that about 6000 votes were invalidated by the EC when they had been genuinely cast by the voters for both candidates.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Fighting at DR Congo border, refugee influx into Kasese

Hundreds of refugees are crossing into Uganda from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) following heavy artillery from the Congolese side this morning. The Mai Mai rebels attacked the Congolese towns of Lubiriha and Kasindi Thursday night and the fighting has gone on till Friday morning. The UPDF spokesperson of the 2nd Division Capt. Peter Mugisa said on phone that correspondences with their Congolese counterparts indicate that the rebels who attacked the border towns of Lubiriha and Kasindi are of the Mai Mai militia that fights in eastern DR Congo. “We have corresponded with the commanders the other side (DRC) and they say the Mai Mai rebels attacked the two towns over night”. said Capt.Peter Mugisa.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Kayihura transfers Kasese police commander

The Inspector General of Police, Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura, has transferred Kasese District police commander and some of his juniors for alleged incompetence and failure to handle the ongoing tribal conflict between the Bakonzo and Basongora. “My problem is with my commanders who have failed to look after their policemen. I have taken all of them to Kabalya for training, including their DPC George Abaho. This must change from now,” Lt. Gen. Kayihura said in Kasese on Monday. He made the remarks at Kilembe Hospital while visiting two policemen who sustained injuries when Muhokya police station was attacked last Friday by an armed gang. One policeman and three of the attackers were killed in the ensuing battle. “I am not happy at all with the guard system at this police station. I thank Alfred Lhusenge (a policeman at the station) for his courage to kill three attackers,” Lt. Gen. Kayihura said. “I thank God for this incident because it has helped me identify the weakness and the loopholes within our system,” Lt. Gen. Kayihura added. He expressed concern that since the incident, none of the police administrators from both district and regional levels had visited the injured policemen at the hospital. Kayihura shocked “I am shocked but I am sorry, I would have reached here earlier. I thought that my people on the ground had done the needful,” Lt . Gen. Kayihura said. He ordered the transfer of the injured policemen to Mulago Hospital for better treatment. He also promised to cater for them and gave them Shs500, 000 each for maintenance.

Kasese residents want RDCs out

Residents accuse the RDCs of siding with the Basongora Kingdom Look out for public reactions in the daily monitor on the link Residents of Kasese District are collecting signatures to ask President Museveni to fire area Resident District Commissioners over alleged incompetence. In the July 17 letter written by the leader of opposition in the district council, Mr Elly Magwalha Masereka, and signed by 60 residents, they accuse the Resident District Commissioner, Lt. Milton Odongo, and his deputy, Mr Aminadabu Muhindo, of failing to restore peace in the area. The RDCs are two months old in the district. “Mr President, the two officers mentioned above [RDCs] have failed to bring to order one Rutakirwa Ivan Bwebale (The Basongora king) who was at the centre of disrupting the Rwenzururu Independence Day, this was characterised by inciting the Basongora to rebel against Rwenzururu Kingdom” the letter reads in part. It adds: “Both the Basongora and RDC were treacherous to the Rwenzururu Kingdom on the following reasons; ordering the schools not to sing the Rwenzururu anthem, never to see the Rwenzururu flag risen in the primary schools in 20 out of 29 sub-counties and the plan to over throw the Rwenzururu Kingdom.” The Basongora also blame the RDC for allegedly failing to defend them when they were attacked by the Rwenzururu youth who carried away the royal flag and drum from Muhokya. But Mr Odongo said: “We have all the evidence to charge him (Mr Elly Magwalha) for inciting violence in the district, he had a rally where he asked the people to buy spears and machetes they used to attack our police station.” Share This Story The RDC added that the opposition politician is attempting to divert the minds of people investigating his actions. On the issue of the Basongora Kingdom, Mr Odongo said he could not distablise the cultural group because they were acting within the law to establish own group. editorial@ug.nationmedia.com

Muhokya police post attacks might be affiliated to political interests

Kasese Guide Radio-Omusondolya News 1st. August.2012 7:00Pm
Updated at E-Society Kasese

The Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Iremangoma has said that the Friday’s attack on a police station at Muhokya in Kasese might have been perpetuated by politicians in Kasese who have selfish motives. The Omusinga made the remarks on Sunday while meeting a delegation of members from Bunyangabo South chiefdom in Busongora north constituency who had paid a visit to the Omusinga at Buhikira royal palace in Kasese town. His majesty observed that Mr. Kyakunukire and the group cannot afford to facilitate the group that attacked the police post adding that politicians with selfish motives could have been behind the move. His majesty said that his Kingdom is ready to go for Dialogue such that harmony, peace and peaceful co-existence of all residents in the region is restored. The delegation in their report said that they have suffered because they were misplaced and evicted from their land in Rwantale-Kayanja in Kyabatukura, the land in Ngoko, land in Kivengenya in Kabukero, Sayuni land in Kitswamba, Kendahi land in Kitswamba and Hima respectively and the land under question between Church of Uganda and some residents in Maliba sub-county. His Majesty said that the people of Kasese have a lot of challenges related to ownership of land and pledged that he will continue to remind the president such that such challenges are addressed. He expressed the need for all the landless people in Kasese to be settled such that they do not seem to be foreigners in their own land of birth. The meeting was also attended by the Minister in charge Royal transportation Hon. Kitsumbire Thembo who represented the Prime minister among other royal officials.

Suspected attackers on Muhokya police post are under arrest

By: Thembo Kahungu Misairi(Kasese resident)
Updated at E-Society Kasese

I am now back from Kasese Central Police Station. Just read the text below and see the photo of the assailant. Sorry for my friends hailing from Maliba because they take the Majority. Security authorities in Kasese on Saturday morning arrested a man suspected to have participated in the attack on
Muhokya police post, killing a police man and injuring two others. According to the Regional Police Commander western Mr. Wilson Kwanya, the suspect identified as Mr. Joackim Muthethu, 30, was arrested in Acholi Quarters in Nyamwamba Division, Kasese Municipality. The attackers armed with spears, machetes and pangas raided Muhokya police post between 5-6 am on Friday. A police man called Semakula Mugabi was stubbed to death and the Officer in Charge of Muhokya police post Corporal Levy Sunday was serious wounded. He and another police officer and a civilian are undergoing medication at Kilembe Hospital. The police in retaliation also killed three of the attackers. They have been identified as Ibrahim Baluku of hailing from Bundibugyo district but staying in Acholi Quarters in Kasese town, Daneri Masereka from Maliba sub-county and Zakayo a resident of Misika cell in Kasese town. According to police, Muthethu a resident of Buhunga village in Maliba sub-county was picked following an alert by women whom he had approached for medication. He has a bullet wound on his fore head which he claims he sustained on the mission in Muhokya. Mr. Kwanya told journalists at the Kasese Central Police Station that, Muthethu the only member of the 15 man team that attacked Muhokya will lead police to the rest of the group.

The Inspector General of police visits Kasese

By: Kasese E-Society The Inspector General of police has announced an overhaul in the police force deployed in Kasese District in an effort to strengthen community policing programme in the district. Lt. General Kale Kayihura said this on Monday 31/07/2012 while addressing a press conference at the Kasese police station in Kasese town. He noted that Kasese being a conflict prone area needs a very strong police force that can curtail such a scenario. He revealed that investigations about Friday’s attack on a police station at Muhokya in Kasese indicate that the attackers belonged to the Rwenzururu Veterans under the leadership of Ragio Hangi Kyakunukire who is also on the run. He warned politicians against using tensions in the district to popularize the community. He reported that both the Basongora elders and the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu have appreciated the dialogue approach in resolving the current tension among the two tribes. Kayihura however noted that there were genuine concerns about the minority and regional imbalances in Kasese district. He added that whereas there are conflicts with ethnic inclinations but Kasese district was also faced with a rift between Busongora and Bwera areas in relation to resource and leadership balance. He challenged those to engage in the proposed dialogue to willing handle these issues so as to achieve lasting peace in Kasese district.

Omusinga speaks

By: Kasese E-Society
The Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Iremangoma of Rwenzururu kingdom has directed the office of the prime minister to oversee the process of facts-finding and constructive dialogue in an effort to restore harmony, peace and tranquility. A press statement signed by the kingdom minister of information David Bradford Nguru, the Omusinga said that the kingdom officials have held various meetings with key central government officials on matters pertaining to the security and peaceful co-existence with various ethnic groups in the Rwenzori region. He said that a peace building committee would be set up in Kasese District to deal with the issues at hand and find a common ground to address them. The king added that a similar committee had been set up in Bundibugyo district where another conflict broke out between the Bakonzo and Bamba in the district. He challenged all the people of Kasese to show maturity in the way they relate adding that people in the district have lived in harmony for a long time