Monday, 26 March 2012

Impart Practical Skills -Higher Education Minister

By John B. Thawite 25.03.2012
THE Minister of Education for Higher Education, Hon. Dr. John Chrysostom Muyingo, has challenged teachers to impart practical skills in their students to enable them become job creators rather than job seekers.

Hon Muyingo made the remarks Sunday while presiding over the Pearl Anniversary for Karambi Secondary School in Karambi sub-county, Kasese district.

He observed that most learned people lack the practical skills in business, farming and other fields which he said would help them earn a living after school.

He also encouraged parents to always engage their children in domestic activities especially gardening and business such that they can buy a leaf.

He also commended the work of Hon. Dr. Crispus Kiyonga describing him as “a visionary leader, a clean man, an intellectual, a committed leader and a mentor of so many leaders including Minister Muyingo himself.

As part of the function, Muyingo launched the construction of a multipurpose hall at the school, estimated to cost 170 million shillings.

At the same function, 50 million shillings in cash and pledges was realised to kick-start the construction of the hall.

The Defence Minister, Dr Crispus Kiyonga, commended the district chairperson, retired Lt. Col. Mawa Muhindo, for ably supervising government programs and civil servants.

Kiyonga hailed Mawa for instilling the culture of time-keeping at work noting that punctuality at work enhances service delivery.

Kiyonga also encouraged sub-county chiefs and LC 3 chairpersons to help the chairman in supervising Government programs for better service delivery of Government programs.

Kiyonga advised students to work hard so as to excel in their academics, warning them acts likely to expose them to the killer HIV/AIDS disease. ENDS

Friday, 23 March 2012

The proposed Road Map for Enhancing Coordination with Civil Society Organization in Kasese District

By. Mkamba Samuel
E-Society Kasese

The proposed Road Map for Enhancing Coordination with Civil Society Organization in Kasese District
The Leadership of Kasese District spearheaded by the CAO Mr. William Kanyesigeand the LCV Chairman Rt. Cl. Mawa Muhindo have laid a strategy on how to evaluate the fruits of Public Private Partnership. A public Private Partnership (PPP) is a functional relationship between the public and the private sector for the purpose of delivering a project or service that was traditionally provided by the public sector. This was introduced in Kasese District when a memorandum of understanding between the Civil Society and Local Government was signed in December 2006. The evaluation process followed after a paper written by the office of the CAO to the Civil Society Organizations operating in Kasese pointing out the different key issues and challenges faced in the bridge between Local Government and the different NGOs/CBOs and FBOs in enhancing service delivery in Kasese.
This was then discussed in the meeting which was opened by the Chairman LCV and Chaired by the CAO where different views by CSOs leaders were given to harmonize the working mechanisms of the CSOs with Government.
The LCV Chairman in his speech thanked the CSOs for the work they are doing in the District and pointed out the role of government as; to enhance proper service delivery which can only be realized with the help of CSOs. He also said Kasese is a rich District where there is plenty of resources though people are still living below the poverty line. He asked the CSOs to get focused on to strategic plans to attack these challenges.
The CAO in his speech he pointed out the aim of the meeting as to enhance a collaborative delivery towards inspiring service delivery, this is to be achieved through designating a medium or platform for communicating between government and the CSOs to avoid the pull and push issues. He also pointed out the expected output of the evaluation as; coming up with a harmonized regulation to deliver services without intervention.
A hot paper was then presented by the Community Development officer Mr. Kitanywa Sowedi. The paper pointed out a number of issues. You can download this paper from Kasese district website in the downloads section hppt://
An adhoc committee was then formed to deeply discuss and evaluate the PPP strategy. The discussion was then pushed to the24th April 2012 to give all NGOs time to internalize the concept paper.
A number of presentations were made by officers from different CSOs like SNV, RWECO, FURA, SURE, KADYFA and many others.
In their presentations, each one enlightened the different areas of operation and what they do. More can be seen from their profiles on the District Website

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Kasese District Executive Committee Changed

The Kasese District chairperson Lt. Col. Mawa Muhindo has today caused changes in his executive for effective and efficient service delivery of Government programs.
There had been plans by the district council to censure the district vice chairperson Hon. Naume Mbambu and the secretary for production Hon. Julia Masika for allegedly being incompetent.
Col. Mawa made the pronouncement today in his state of affairs during a council meeting at the district headquarters-Rukoki in Kasese Municipality.

However, the Chairman did not name the vice Chairperson but said he will ensure that he is always in office but added that under circumstances where he can’t manage he will be appointing one of his secretaries to take over.

In her words, Hon. Naume Mbambu the former vice chairperson said that issues raised in the petition were personal and not institutional as the challenges experienced seemed to be more of institutional than personal.

Hon. Julia Masika who was the secretary for production said that she wasn’t happy being dropped from the executive adding that they would have given her chance to defend herself before council.

In other related developments, the chairman said that they are ready to fight people who intend to divide the people of Kasese along ethnic lines. This comes after one of the councilors had recently presented before the parliamentary committee meeting that the Basongora and bakingwe tribes were being marginalized by the Kasese district administration.
Mawa said that the district is still enjoying unity in ethnic diversity and encouraged council to rally behind him in the fight against people who intend to divide the people of Kasese along ethnic lines.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Kasese Hosts Vice President

News by Kasese news team; E-Society Kasese
Vice president of Uganda Mr. Edward Sekandi has underscored the role played by church in the development of the country.
Mr. Sekandi said this today, while launching the construction of the three point eight billion shillings Cathedral of the Catholic Diocese of Kasese.
The Vice president highlighted the construction of hospitals, schools and other development programs run by Caritas as major contributions of the Catholic Church in the nation building.
He asked all the people of Kasese to support the clergy materially to construct the church which he said would be a great boast to development.
Mr. Sekandi who contributed seven million shillings towards the construction of the church performed the ground breaking function to launch the construction of the Cathedral.

In October 2010, President Yoweri Museveni launched the fundraising exercise for the construction of the cathedral with a donation of ninety million shillings.
The Bishop of the Diocese of Kasese Rt. Rev. Egidio Nkaijanabo said that so far over three hundred million shillings had been kick start the construction work whose tender has been awarded to Nail and Wood Industries limited, a locally based construction firm.

About fifty two million shillings were raised today thirty point two million cash.
Dr. Crispus Kiyonga, the minister of Defense asked the political leaders to extend a long term commitment to the building of the church and committed himself to a monthly two hundred thousand shillings for a year towards the project.
Dr. Kiyonga also challenged leaders to always be conscious of their anger whenever they make decisions adding that such can lead to several mistakes.
The Kasese District Chairman Lt.Col.Mawa Muhindo cherished a strong relationship between the church and the government in fighting poverty by supporting all the programs like Prosperity for all which target people from all walks of life.
The function was attended by the Arch Bishop of Mbarara Paul Bachenga, the bishop of Fort Portal Diocese Robert Muhirwa and the Member of Parliament for Kasese Municipality Mr. James Mbahimba, the acting Prime minister of the Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu Rt. Hon. Loice Biira Bwambale among other dignitaries.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Police discovers a decomposing body of unidentified person

A decomposing body of unidentified person has been temporary buried by police in Kasese after he was discovered dead in Kyabatukura village, Kitswamba sub-county, Kasese district.
The OC/CID Kasese central police Mr. Justus Tuwogyeire said that the man in his early thirties was discovered dead by some people in the area who were tilling the land.
He said that police was alerted about the incident by the prison warders of Ibuga prison.
Mr. Tuwogyeire said that police suspects the deceased may have been murdered and dumped there more than a month ago.
He added that police decided to burry the deceased temporarily yesterday as nobody had come up to claim the body.
In a related incident Police is holding a thirty three year old woman Marriam Nasali suspected to have participated in the murder of a twenty two year old mentally ill young man Julius Kibbabba in Kidodo cell, central division Kasese municipality.
According to police Nassali together with other people still on the run beat Kibbabba to unconscious after the deceased visited them but died later in his home after he was rescued.
By press time Ms Nasali was still in police cells a waiting to be charged of murder.

Police rescues two men from Mob Justice

Two men said to be thieves were on Tuesday rescued from an angry mob after they were reportedly caught cooking port got from a stolen pig in Kanyughunya village, Kisinga sub-county.
Their rescue came when one of the residents called police officers
from Kiburara police post that rushed to the seen and rescued the
The Officer In Charge of Kiburara Police post David Masereka
identified the suspects are Robinson Muhindo a resident of Kalehe
village in Bwera sub-county and another only known as Juma a son to
one Patrick of Kiburara village.
The Police Officer said Robinson Muhindo was seriously injured by the
angry mob and was rushed to Kagando hospital for treatment while the
other is detained at the police post.
Masereka said the suspects were picked from a bush in Kanyughunya
while they were busy cooking pork from a pig whose owner has not yet
been identified.
According to Masereka, following the discovery of exhibit that
includes materials like source pans and knives, the duo will be
charged with theft.

One of the residents of Kanyughunya who preferred anonymity narrates
that they were concerned with a fried pork flavor which they followed
slowly hence reaching the two men cooking.