Thursday, 28 November 2019


Kabugho Sharon
The District stakeholders held a site visit and meeting today 27th Nov 2019 at Kyempara health centre II to discuss the progress of the construction of Kyempara health centre III and Nyakimasa HC III which were supposed to be completed by 30th Nov 2019.After the site meeting at Kyempara HC, the  RDC also launched the construction of 2 class room blocks at Karambi primary school and Kamuruli primary school worthy 68,754,352= for each school.

During the pre - launch meeting with parents , the RDC called upon parents to engage in the monitoring of the construction of blocks and to refute lies by individuals who claim to have brought such projects for selfish reasons. 
The District Chairperson also called upon parents to keep their children in school and ensure maximum utilization of the buildings to be constructed.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Announcement of the District Budget Confrence FY 2020/21

Kasese District Local Government announces this year’s Planning and Budget Conference in preparation for financial Year 2020/21. The conference is intended to bring various various stakeholders to gather views on district budget priorities for FY 2020/21
The conference will be held at the District Multi-purpose hall under the theme: “Industrialization for job creation and shared prosperity” starting at 9.00am.

Keeping in mind that we are in the final year of the implementation of the second 5year  District Development Plan (DDP) 2015/16-19/20, The District will also be gathering ideas to formulate the third DDP 2020/21-2024/25. As citizens we are called upon to get involved in the participatory process in harmonizing the district needs in development and investment priorities

District Planning and Budgeting strategy 2019: 
1. Strengthened local government planning & budgeting structures for inclusive participation
2. Strengthened capacity of audit & over sight bodies such as DPAC & District council
3. Enhanced capacity of the LG to generate local revenue
4. Effective monitoring & valuation process

There will be a radio topical discussion to analyze the priorities on Thursday 07/11/2019 evening 7.00-9.00Pm at Kasese Guide Radio 100.5FM.
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