Thursday, 22 December 2016


By. Samuel Mumbere

As Kasese District continues to be the center for tourism in Uganda with a number of natural resources like Queen Elizabeth National park, lakes Edward, George and many other small cater and non-crater lakes, Kazinga channel, Katwe and Kasenyi Slat lakes, Mount Rwenzori national park with a very beautiful snow caped and world’s highest mountain, fresh water numerous rivers flowing from the hills to the lakes.

These national parks host the most world’s variety animal and bird species and many other beautiful natural creations.
The district also is a center of minerals like lime stone, copper and future discoveries indicate the presence of gold, oil and gas in some areas. This has triggered the establishment of industries and factories like Hima Cement factory, Kilembe mines, Kasese Cobalt company Limited and many more.
The district hosts 4 hydroelectric power dams in areas of Ibanda, Bugoye, Mubuku and Nsenyi where more three are being constructed and are near completion in areas of Kitswamba, Kilembe and Karambi.

The District supports a lot of cross border trade where it hosts one of the big and most busy boarder town Bwera-Mpondwe towns which support vibrant trade.
Due to the above, very many tourists have found Kasese District their final destination to have a feel of these good things.

In 2004 the District was blessed by one Ms. Ghyslaine Keiser who is a citizen of Switerzland and happened to visit Kasese District and in particular Kasenyi landing site in Lake Katwe Sub County. By good chance, she comes across a group of children who were killing a spiting cobra where she requested her tour guide to stop as she got amazed with these young children. When she discussed with them, he realized that they were not in school and she felt so sorry. When she says, she kept on thinking on how she would help these children and the community at large.
She then formed and organization called Association Keiser initiative for Uganda (AKIU) where she mobilized some funds to help this community.(2005)
Keiser with her Ex. Director

She came back and set up a home in Kasenyi which has since  then become her home in Uganda. And started implementing a  number of projects in the Sub County since 2006. Among the good projects she has supported are; 

1. She constructed a boy’s dormitory that accommodates at least 100 students and a girls’ latrine at Hamukungu landing site. She installed this school with a high power solar system.(2012)
Boys Dormitory in Hamukuku SS

2. She renovated a health center II, (2010) with staff quarters (2014) at Kasenyi landing site. She sponsored most of the equipment being used at the health facility.

3. She established and constructed Kasenyi Kindergarten which is helping most of the pupils in the area.(2007)
4. She established and constructed a solar power water system that pumps water from the lake, treats it and supplies to the community in the area. (2008)
Water Purifier in Kasenyi

5. She constructed nine community toilets at Kasenyi landing site (2012/13/15)

6. She fully renovated the buildings, a 5 stance toilet and installed a high power solar system at Katunguru primary school, Katunguru landing site. (2015)

Buildings rrenovated in Katunguru PS

7. She renovated buildings and installed a high power solar at Busunga primary school. (2014)
8. She built latrine for Kasenyi primary school (2015), latrine for Kasenyi teacher (2016)
9. She has also constructed a health center II, at Busuga, fully equipped it and installed a high power solar system. The health facility is ready and already has some staff and drugs from government and is already taken up as a government community facility.(2016)

Busunga HCII

10. She built house for old people in Kasenyi, give bed and mattress (2016).

11. AKIU support many children from kindergarten to university and vocational school and she support other small projects.
The Kindergaten in Kasenyi

All these projects have given jobs to some capably community members and also provided market for some products and materials from the community.
The association promises to add more projects in these communities especially if what is already in place is well utilized. They propose to procure Ambulances and construct a community multi-Purpose hall at the Sub county headquarters.

All gratitude from the community are given to Ms. Keiser for the good works and support.
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Ghyslaine Keiser