Friday, 24 June 2016

District Boss Warn Parents Leaving On Mountains over Early Marriages



KABAROLE: The District Chairman Kabarole Mr.Rwabuhinga Richard has strongly warned the parents leaving on the slopes of Mount Rwenzori against the habit off marrying their daughters at a tender age to get dowry.

“It’s now your habit that you feel can’t be changed but such character of marring off your children limits home development” Rwabuhinga said.

He says marrying off the daughters before the age of 18 not only affects the victims but also undermines development in the area.

Mr.Rwabuhinga advises the parents to refrain from such bad cultural practices of giving out their daughters for marriage as early as 13 years but focus at adding value to them so as to become important people in future.

The chairman explains that a parent who educates his or her daughter to a diploma or degree level adds value on her and she fetches good money in terms of dowry because educated and wealth men compete for her.

Using an example of a bottle of soda bubbling due to high temperatures, Rwabuhinga compared parents marrying off their daughters at a tender age with some greedy person who rushes to drink soda suds thinking he is taking soda and yet he takes empty and the liquid remain in the bottle.

He was on Monday speaking as chief guest to parents and students at the official commissioning a two classroom block at St.Joseph Secondary school in Karangura Sub County. Karangura,Kabonero and Katebwa are leading sub counties in cases of early marriage and defilement.

The chairman told the parents that the construction of the school in the hard to reach sub county will be a solution to averting early marriage and school dropout since the children will no longer be trekking long distances.

Mr.Kahuzo Elkanah the LC3 Karangura appreciated the district chairman and former woman mp Kabarole Hon.Victoria Businge Rusoke for their regular follow up of the shs200m presidential pledge and Fort Portal diocese for offering them land whre the school seats.


395 families in Kasese attain skills in avoiding domestic violence.


KASESE: Over 395 family house hold in Kasese coming from different sub counties in the district have acquire family health skills aimed at fighting domestic violence which has been a most dangerous practice by men in Kasese district.
The training which consisted of nine main lesions among which, understanding gender roles, men, gender and health, happy and un happy relationships, pleasure in relationships, understanding violence against women, health timing and spacing of tenancy and family planning methods, communication about family planning, condom’s use, defining manhood and discussing changes among the nine points.
“We as family health international (fhi) a none governmental organization in Uganda have received several reports from married couples complaining of being beaten, men being influential in child drop outs, family planning matters and coming home while drunk which has resulted into infecting mothers with HIV/ AIDS” Ronald said.
The technical officer family health international Mr. Ronald Aliniatwe while officiating several graduation ceremonies held in nine sub counties in Kasese district among which citing Kisinga, Hima town council, Karusandara, Mukunyu and kitswamba sub county kyabarungira village where several reports of early marriages in the district is the talk of the day but through “EMANZI” program an initiative to improve lives of people in advancing partners and communities in the country most marriages will be transformed from bad to model homes.
“The main objective of this training is to increase men’s understanding of gender and how gender its self affects men and women in terms of health and health services for the community transformation” Ronald narrated.
Ronald added that the program that took two months training organized by family health international (FHI360) in collaboration with USIAID and JSI research and training institute, different groups have learnt several ideas that can make most Ugandans leave happily in their marriages’ basing on the fact that there has to be fully commanding responsibilities taken by men ignoring home duties which are fully attended to by women yet men can also do the same.
“Where is it written that a man can’t cook, wash children, carry water and sweep the compound? Is it a grantee that all duties are to be done by women while men are at trading Centre’s drinking alcohol” Ronald asked?

Ronald narrated that most programs in families are fully taken over by men such as family planning in homes, the man decides how many children to produce without minding how their future will be, marrying every season with men they don’t find it difficult since they have a higher say than women in homes, such puts most Ugandans to a concern on how to fight such through Emanzi program which can educate men on how to share responsibilities in homes as a way of fighting domestic violence.
Ronald explained the meaning of “EMANZI” which is a local word meaning a strong and brave man, being a local word teachers most men to look responsible, having happy families, guarding against violence in homes, give a woman time to understand what your plan may be if developmental and taking decisions together as a family on family planning programs.
Speaking to some of the graduate testifying to the public Mr. Munduwabo Asanasio who married at 16 years while in primary six (P.6) currently 27 with six children to Miss Biira Doreen then 13 currently 25 years said both used not to consider matters of family planning as a fact since bible scriptures say produce as many as you can without knowing that there will be need of taking them to school when time comes, currently all need school fees but due to the training attained the two have grounds to decide on how both can be in school without making excuses on who to blame since “Emanzi” program has educated them on how they can handle such issues.
Masereka Expendito father of 13 children also confessed to her wife in the presence of people for cheating on her saying it was ignorance but every date he would make to any woman she would produce twins, which happened four times making eight children outside marriage and the wife at home had produced twins as well which tarnished his reputation but through  the training the two can now decide together and the wife stands on safe side since cheating habits’ have been stopped and can plan with his wife on family planning issues and how to use a condom.
One of the guest Maate Robert hailed the management for remembering Kasese district and extending such services to the district which promotes unity in the families of most local people.
Maate tasked every graduate to own the program not taking it as if it belongs to family health initiative which will aid in many family programs.
He further said without NGO’S government would be doing nothing on matters related to educating family programs.

While interacting with Allan Kabunga urged families to use the opportunity since most of the projects that come in Uganda aim at children, mothers, disabled people but none NGO’s plan for families which are carrying many challenges of men coming home late, drank people among other confusing issues in homes

Monday, 20 June 2016

Mango farmer’s gain confidence after training following counted loses in Kasese,

By Moris Mumbere,


Kasese: Mango farmers specializing in NAADS mangoes are count losses following a threatening disease that has affected mangoes belonging to different farmers in the entire irrigation scheme and different sub counties in the district.  
The programs which come under operation wealth program as one of  president’s initiative specializing in different varieties which mainly are Mangoes, pineapples, bananas, maize and coffee but Mango farmers in Kasese district are counting loses due to an influx of fruit flies that have caused fruit damage.
According to research made indicate that most affected farmers are in the irrigated land of Mubuku Irrigation Scheme, Karusandara and Kitswamba sub-counties among areas that have been visited.
In an interview with one of the angry farmers Vincent Karyarugogo, a farmer in Mubuku Irrigation Scheme said he has missed two years in different seasons in his two acres of mangoes have continued rotting yet a lot of money has been spent in buying chemicals for spraying to the affected mangoes to fight the disease and observing sanitation of the farm.
“I used to collect three bags of mangoes everyday but currently I always visit the garden to pick rotten mangoes and spraying so that the disease don’t continue which was not the happening previously” Vincent said.
According to the production officer in the irrigation scheme and the Trainer in-charge of Mubuku Irrigation scheme Mr. James Womme all acres of mangos are affected but those registered are at least 60 farmers in the irrigated land alone with different acreage of land including the former minister of defense Dr. Crispus Kiyonga who has the biggest and largest mango farm were affected.
“The influx disease is not caused by poor maintenance but this disease has been difficult to fight since most of those who influenced us to plant mangoes like Kiyonga have also been affected yet money has been available to treat the disease” james said.
Different farmers attribute the strange disease on different manufactures who sell farmers pesticides which do not perform well on certain diseases which has kept farmers to develop hope in drugs which don’t react positively on certain disease.
Yusuf Balinda, another mango farmer in Kitswamba I village in Busongora North Constituency who said that he had grown the mangoes for over 10 years attributed the problem to fake insecticides.
He asked the Uganda National Bureau of Standards to regulate the trade of counterfeit insecticides.
Jonathan Bwarugaba, a councilor to Rukooki sub-county who also doubles as a farmer blamed the District Agricultural Officer who he said was not visiting the farmers to guide them on how to handle the influx before multiplying.
Maj.katusabe john the operation wealth creation coordinator Kasese municipality confirmed the incident saying same times the influx may be resistant to the pesticide used by same farmers.
“Same farmers use duplicated drugs and apply them on diseases which doesn’t deal with the effect which finally don’t react positive on the flies which enter the mangoes and the end result every farm in the neighbor wood get affected” Maj. katusabe said.
How hope developed into hearts of farmers and how to control the influx.
After a long alarm by farmers in the district the Kasese District Agricultural Officer in-charge of Horticulture, Johnson Mwesige Sabuni called the senior research officer Entomologist principle investigator mango fruit in the National Agricultural Research Laboratories Dr. Caroline Nankinga to talk to farmers since the mango is one of the most tropical fruits in the world much of its production being threatened by insects, pests and diseases.
Dr. Caroline Nankinga, the Senior Research Officer Entomologist and Principal Investigator Mango Fruit fly at the National Agricultural Research Laboratories Kawanda said that the Ministry of Agriculture plans to introduce the Biological Control Natural Enemy Parasitoid Fopius Arisanus pest that would destroy the eggs of the female fruit fly.
Dr. Nankinga told the press separately that the countries like Hawai Island and some African countries like Kenya, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Benin, Mauritius and Zambia have adopted area-wide integrated pest management programs and have succeeded in alleviating the fruit fly pest problems.
In a meeting with farmers at Mubuku irrigation farm head office Dr. Nankinga observed that most farmers treat what they don’t know which continue developing yet pesticides are being applied.
“Most of you farmers are fighting a male fruit fly leaving the female and the eggs lied on the mangoes which the male fertilizes and continue multiplying” Dr. Nankinga said.
Dr. Nankinga narrated that; several control options which when integrated and carried out diligently can control fruit flies under economically damaging levels.
Among those controls is Orchard sanitation which requires a farmer to remove fruits with dimples and oozing sap, this method is more effective although laborious than picking rotten fruits from the ground as the maggots may have left the fruits to pupate in the soil.
Dr. Nankinga further advised farmers to harvest the mango fruits when mature green, if the mango orchard is in the low fruit fly prevalence area or where control practices are practiced judiciously, some of these mature green fruits may have escaped fruit fly attack and you can get non infected fruits.   
Another method is to collect and destroy fallen and damaged ripe fruit by burying them at least 2ft deep to eliminate the possible breeding site, alternatively you can put the fruit in plastic bags and exposing them to the sun to suffocate at the young stage of the fruit flies. 
Kasese District Agricultural Officer in-charge of Horticulture, Johnson Mwesige Sabuni said that the population of fruit flies in the district has been high as farmers try to trap more using locally fabricated trap.
He said community awareness campaigns should therefore be enforced to sensitize farmers on the losses caused by the fruit fly, and the complex of other pests and diseases found on farmers’ fields so as to trigger action for control.
Plan from farmers
Most of the affected farmer among them being Godfrey Buzira hailing from Karusandara sub-county said he was planning to cut down his two acres of mango plantations after failing to get good harvests due to mango fruit flies with plans of trying other crops which can generate money.
About the fruit fly,
Fruit fly adults and larvae (maggots) cause fruit damage, Egg-laying females puncture the fruit surface and the eggs hatch within 2-4 days and larva live and tunnel through the fruit, larval feeding causes premature fruit drop and destroys the pulps of the fruit.
The fruit eventually rots making it unsuitable for human consumption, when the larva are ready to pupate they immerge from the fruit and drop to the ground then the pupae develop in the soil beneath the host, the pupae stage last for a bout ten days before immerging into adults and the cycle begins again, the whole life cycle will take between 28-35 days depending on the environmental conditions.

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Four dead bodies discovered in polythen bags.

By Moris Mumbere


Kasese: police has today morning discovered three dead bodies tied in polythen bags dumped near two different church points in Kasese.

The two bodies were discovered near St. james church of Uganda in base camp ward Kasese central division and the other body of the third person was found dumped near the catholic fathers house along kijongo road within Kasese municipality and the other body found in kisanga sub county.

At scene of crime a bajaja boda-boda registration  number UED 149/S was dumped at the scene which is suspected to have dropped the bodies of the two which a among the three one is a female. 
“We as police we have not identified the deceased since none of them have identification to tell who they are” Odongo Samuel the DPC said.

Odongo the Kasese district police commander asked most people to walk with identifications since anything can happen, that’s why the government invested a lot in making identification cards so that people can be identified.

Addressing residents of base camp at the scene where the deceased were dumped the Odongo Samuel asked every to be vigilant because none of the killers were identified the same can happen thinking it’s the same people yet there are criminals targeting certain people in the district.

“I appeal to the public to deliver information to police in case anyone among you locals have identified same one so that justice can be prevailed to the deceased” Odongo said.
Odongo tasked everyone to assist in investigation since no suspect arrested to assist in investigation which could help to have justice prevailed to the deceased person.

later The assistant Rwenzori East region police commander Nyamusanga jane narrated that two people have been arrested suspected to have been behind the killings but the two seem to be traumatized since none of them speaks or can recognize them.
While interacting with the Kasese Boda-boda cyclist chairperson Ahemed Amin confirmed to daily monitor that the deceased and the Boda-boda discovered does not belong to Kasese municipality association group basing on the records he attain.

He however condemned the act and advising fellow cyclist to be vigilant as police finds details of the deceased and the owner of the motor cycle.


Boy of seven killed by Bomb



KASESE: Police in Kyalhumba sub-county in Bukonzo East in Kasese district is investigating circumstances under which a 7 year old boy died after detonating a grenade inside their house.
Speaking on phone yesterday evening, the sub-county chairperson, Ivan Mukyakazi Kabuthirwa confirmed the incident and identified the deceased as Benson Masereka, a son to Josephat Kijuguta a resident of Kaghema village.
According to Kabuthirwa, the deceased had gone to pick his avocado believed to have been kept under his father’s bed where a bomb killed him .
“I wander why kijuguta is still possessing government materials yet he no longer servers police” Ivan said.
He said that investigations to find out why Kijuguta still possessed government ammunition had been launched.
He said that Kijuguta had served as a Home Guard but declined to give details.
The area LCI chairperson, Selly Ngobi said that the incident happened at around 12:30pm as residents were returning back from their daily routines.
Ngobi said that he immediately informed police at Kyalhumba Police post who he said rushed to the scene.
He said that the deceased died on his way to Kagando Hospital after sustaining serious injuries caused by the explosion.
By press time, the body of Masereka had been taken to Kagando Hospital for a postmortem on police orders.
Kyalhumba like other areas in the Rwenzori region was attacked by the Allied Democratic Forces of 1996. 


First lady Will transform Education Sector-Observes PS



The Permanent Secretary in the ministry of Education and Sports, Dr.Rose Nasali has revealed that the education sector is heading to achieving big following the appointment of the first lady Janet Museveni as cabinet minister for education.
In his recent appointments for ministers, President Yoweri Museveni appointed the first lady Janet M7 as education minister.

The sector permanent Secretary Dr.Rose Nasali observes that the education and sports ministry is heading to big after the appointment o Janet Museveni who had transformed the lives of Karamojong when she was the minister in charge of the region’s affairs.
She was speaking to the District Chairman Kabarole Mr.Rwabuhinga Richard and Chief Administrative Officer Kabarole Mr.Muron Ocakara Nicholas in the chairman’s office Kitumba on Friday on her assessment tour of education projects in the district.

Dr.Nasali says she is optimistic that with the appointment of the first lady, the education sector is facing transformation because whatever challenges of lack of teachers, poor payments and infrastructure among others the minister experiences, she will have to discuss about it with her husband to ensure the problems are overcome.
Dr.Nasali commended the district leadership for the good performance at P.L.E and advised the leaders to encourage parents to contribute tirelessly towards the education of their children. This after the CAO told her that the leaders in Kabarole mobilise the parents to contribute to some projects.
Mr.Rwabuhinga remained the PS about the pledges of constructing Buhinga stadium as an income earner and tourism boost and construction of a memorial secondary school for Late Nobel Mayombo that are overdue.
In her response, Dr.Nasali the ministry received their requests and were captured in the data base but priorities were given to the demands that were submitted earlier in 2010/11 due to the little funds but added they will be considered.


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

65 Assistant police superintendent attain refresher training.

By moris mumbere,
Kasese: police force has taken 65 assistant police superintendant for refresher course following different post election political violence incidents that happened in Rwenzori region.
“As police we had early said we will train police following the violence that happened in Rwenzori so that if deployed at police posts can be able to handle issues in a skilled way not as locals” kamya said
 The refresher course will take one month and will be held in kasese municipality, kihara village with aims of equipping police with new skills learn how to arrest as police officers, give them police numbers since most of them were on pay role but not registered with police numbers.
While addressing the trainers at the training ground in kihara the superintendent of police training commissioner Dr. kamya john urged trainers not to look at the training as punishment but as a promotion in the police unit.
“Some of you may think you’re going to be harrashed but I want to assure you with police the more you get training just known you’re being promoted” kamya said.
Dr. kamya said most of the trained police officers were S P C’s without police numbers but currently they will be given numbers as a way of promotion.
He advised them to maintain discipline and avoid wasting time on trading centre’s looking for alcohol which he said if found one will be disqualified.
The Rwenzori east commissioner Obura Deo said the train will include skills on how to arrest criminals, community policing, police work and detaining people in the police cells.
“The reason why they trained in kasese not being taken to other training schools is because other police officers are still occupying the area for the six month training and lacked space to accommodate them” obura said in an interview.
Among those trained 12 are ladies, 53 are males and more seven will be brought for training.

160 baptized in SDA faith

By Moris Mumbere

Kasese: over one hundred sixty people have been baptized in the faith of the seventh day advertist faith after accepting the holy message that was preached to them for a period of three weeks which in different area within Kasese district.
The city evangelism which started in May.15th and ended June 6, 2016 was held in three sites of the district that’s Nyakasanga, Kasese roundabout and kidodo site under the theme “hope in the hopeless world” reading from the bible verse of Luke 2:10-11.
The city evangelism consisted of family life programs, health talks, and gospel preaching sermons which pulled crowed of people to real believe and change their faith to the truth that they had from the true gospel.
One of the guest speaker’s pr. Robert Bwambale said the sermons were more encouraging developmental and spiritually encouraging which real words of putting hope to the hopeless which gave attention to non believe to surrender and accept God as their person savior.
“Am not ready to here that those who accepted God and were baptized reversed and went back to their ways which they believed in before” Mutwanga said,
The Rwenzori field bishop Pr. Mutwanga Ezekiel asked all those baptize not to set back since the trend of backwardness has ended after accepting God and getting baptized in the name of the father the son and the whole spirit.


Rwenzururu kingdom task police to explain why royal guards are hunted.

Rwenzururu kingdom task police to explain why royal guards are hunted.

By Moris Mumbere,


Kasese: The Rwenzururu kingdom has tasked police to give explanation as to why royal guards are being hunted and arrested in every corner they reach and be framed to be attackers of government institution even when they are in their own homes or on their homes.
“Why are these young innocent boys being hunted yet the government institution took time to train them to serve the kingdom as traditional guards, do mean to say the current police officers have not recongised that the kingdom exists with its official?” Bwambale Clarence the kindom spokes person asked.
In a press release issued today at the kingdom prime minister’s office where officials had gathered trying to refute allegations that was published in the New vision alleging a killed royal guard in Biganda to have attacked the barracks yet police found the innocent boy Julius Manda of 17 years at his home when he had come to check on his parents in the area.
Bwambale added that the kingdom has made several dialogues with various task holders and government representatives to have peace in rwenzori region which everybody lives to impress but the resurgence of the killings scares every person in the region.
“ We can’t continue talking about peace when police is hunting for royal guards killing them on stress and on trading centre’s and other people for their personal interests which puts locals at risk of doubting each other in the communities they live in yet there police would maintain peace in the region.” Bwambale said.
Bwambale narrated that the killing in the region started as if it was election violence without notice that police was targeting traditional royal guards which has left over  seven royal guards killed in a scuffle of self defense.
While talking to the father of the recent deceased Julius Manda  Mr. Irumba lawrance tasked government to explain whether those on duty cant visit parents in their homes with working uniform.
“ I thought same one would be safe if he come home with the uniform that clearly indentifies who he is rather than same people who just appear without any identification” irumba said.
The killed royal guards so far are, four of the men killed in the Kasenyi shooting were Nason Bwambale, 37, who is survived by two widows and five children, Jocknus Musalira, 27, survived by one widow and 3 children and James Wayakwa, 34, father of 3 children survived by one widow, also killed was 40-year-old Saleri kake, who survived by one widow and 9 children, Uziah Mumbere Nyamingi, 56 years and survived by 3 wives and 21 children, died in a night attack on a joint patrol of UPDF and Police in Kikonzo Ward, Hima Town Council on the night of March 9, Yofesi Mogoye a royal guard who survived with 13 children and three wives, and Muhabira Joseph 28years who survived with three children and one wife.

Others among those who were killed are Geoffrey Kasimba a police man who was killed at kidodo police post he survived by one wife and six children, Muhindo Donat he survived by one wife and one child, Kule Muzamiru a thirteen year old boy who was shot three times by soldiers at the tally Centre on 19th during the delay to declare the winners in the recent parliamentary and presidential candidates and four flying scode police officers who were killed as they attacked the Rwenzururu kingdom palace.
Bwambale advised those who hart royal guards to know that they are part of the kingdom which is recognized by government.
Speaking to the Rwenzori East regional police commander Obura Deo narrated that they are not hunting for royal guards but on May 29th there was anonymous latter dropped in Bigado and local picked the anonymous latter and distributed it to all authorities and called for a community sensitization meeting program.
Obura added that on June 1st after the meeting police advised local to be vigilant and not to take the latter for granted and as locals authorities saw royal guards in bigado alerted the police and as police we did patrol and moved to the palace where they surrounded a certain house where the local said they had a meeting.
“ As police reached the house asked everyone who was in the room to move out one by one but out of five one royal guard come straight and stubbed a police officer in the neck where police reacted in self defense and shot to him but as they checked his Identification he was attached to the kingdom,” obura said  
He added that those who accepted to come out peaceful was arrested and other went on hinding which developed suspission among security personally.
Obura threaten to deal with all those who are still following the line of scaring local to face security actions and warned those planning to stop because security is ready to operate in any area where threats are.
However the Kasese district chairperson five Sibendire Bigogo warned journalist who publishes turnishing issues without reaching the scene of crime which continues to tarnish the image of the kingdom and kasese.
“ I personally reached the scene of crime and met locals and had from local that the boy had visited the palace to check on friends but the hatred that the chairperson of bigado had with all royal guards rushed to police immediately reporting and without investigating police came and shot the boy, the same incident like that of Buhuhira where the Giso pointed at royal guards and police did the shooting” sibendire said.
The chairperson added that In Kasese journalists are corrupted instead of writing what they saw at the scene they write false which they fill will put them on map.
“In media people publish stories with objective, accuracy but if you ask whether there’s a police barracks as published by New vision reporter Wilson Asiimwe he would be imprisoned for deformation.
He asked police to find means of investigating situations otherwise royal guards have homes which they have to visit and can also attend to home duties like farming.
More information on royal guards the IGP Provided shoes, and belts to wear as royal guards and detective machines to assist them on kingdom official duties.