Thursday, 8 January 2015

Kasese District to improve road network in mountainous areas as a key development strategy

By Samuel

In the bid to reduce poverty in Kasese, the district leadership is embarking most on roads connecting mountainous areas. Most of the sub counties like Bwesumbu, Buhuhira, Mahango, Kyarumba, Karambi, Ihandiro, Nyakiyumbu and many more have had new roads opened and well-constructed  to connect various places in Kasese District.
Today, the RDC Kasese has yet commissioned another road that will connect Rukooki and Kilembe sub counties through the mountains.

This comes after central government sends funds to the district through the CAAIP project to construct roads in hard to reach areas. The road starts at Kigoro I Primary School through the steep mountains to Kilembe Hospital market (Katiri)
The RDC was accompanied by the District Chairperson, The Vice Chairperson, The Hon. Secretary for works, Hon. Councilors from Rukoki sub county, the District Engineer, the Assistant engineers in charge of roads, the sub county chief Rukoki sub county, the LCIII Chairperson Rukoki sub county and many more officials.

The District chairperson convened a community dialogue meeting which the leaders were joined by the community members of Kigoro. A number of issues were addressed and discussed in an interactive manner where the LCIII Chairperson Mr. Muhindo Yohana Kidwek thanks the leaders for having come and also talk to the people. He marked a number of government acheivements over the last three years some of which are; there are two millers under CDD program, all health centres do receive drugs adequately and are staffed, they received over 1 million coffee seedlings and have been planted in different parishes, they have civil servants, teachers and managed to have have 3 youths recruited in district service from the sub county, staff quarters were constructed in 2 schools, one health centre in Kigoro, it was constructed and has drugs to mention but a few. He thanked the district leader for having fulfilled their pledge of constructing this road. He requested the RDC and the District chairperson to tell people how to use the blessing to improve their livelihood and reduce poverty.

Both the RDC and the LCV Chairperson requested the people to stop marrying many women and make use of the road to transport their agricultural produce, access health services and Kilembe hospital and also told them to appreciate the little that government has done in Kasese compared to other districts.
The contractor also Eng. Waiswa Richard of AZU Properties Limited requested the people to be cooperative and not steal construction materials
The RDC the proceeded to the commissioning grounds to officially kick start the construction works

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Infrastructural development a key pillar in the district development

By Samuel

The new road quality

Kasese District leadership has embarked on infrastructural development especially in rural areas in order to improve people’s live hood. This is being implemented by the improvement of community access road networks under the CAAIP project, rural electrification, agricultural development, construction of schools and health Centre.

The new Munkunyu-Bwera Road

On 5th jan 2015, members of the district executive together with the district engineers made an inspection visit to three sub counties of Munkunyu, Nyakiyumbu and Bwera where some of the community access roads are being constructed. One of the roads that were visited among many was the Munkunyu-Bwera Hospital road that goes through Nyakiyumbu, Mundongo and Kyanzi. The project has been a very big success since it goes through a very rural area. It has really improved the live hood of the people in these three sub counties as you can  hear from the Hon. Sec. for works Mr. Mathew BwambaleClick here

Hon. Mathew and Eng. Rujumba

In the same way, electricity has been extended to these local communities along the same road from Bwera, through Mundongo, Nyakiyumbu and to Munkunyu. This electricity project was cofounded under the Kasese District Development Programme (KDPRP) funded by the Belgium government. This has been a very big blessing to the people of these three sub counties where it had never been a dream in their live. You can view a word from Hon Mathew and the Assistant District Engineer about these development.  click here

The electricity extensions being made in Nyakiyumbu-munkynyu Scounties

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Kasese Service delivery monitoring drive 2015

By Samuel
Yesterday Monday 5th Jan 2015, the District Chairperson Lt.Col (Rtd) Dula Mawa Muhindo started the year 2015 with a service delivery monitoring drive in local communities. This drive is being done by visiting different sub counties and holding community leadership meeting at sub county level. In a meeting that was organized by the LC III chairperson where the District Chairperson was the chief guest and was accompanied by the Sec. Administration, works and finance Hon. Mathew Bwambale together with the Ass. Dist. Engineer in charge of Roads Mr. Rujumba David
The meeting was held at Karambi S/C headquarters. It comprised of community leaders like LC I Chairpersons, Parish chiefs, District councilors, civil society organization leaders, business men, security officers, civil servants religious leaders and community elders from all over the sub county.
The LCIII chairperson Mr. Balitebya Martin welcomed the members present; he recognized what the District chairperson had done by officially visiting the leaders of Karambi Sub County. He thanked the LCV Chair for being a unique leader

Mr. Martin named projects being carried out as; teacher’s staff quarters in some schools, road constructions from Karambi to kyabayenzi, construction of 2 modern class room blocks at Mirami primary school and many other projects that are being done.
He recognized funds being released from central government and were being used for; Bikunya market VIP latrine, Karambi sub county new market, kisolholho new market, rehabilitation of Karambi health centre (above 7M) for electricity connection at Karambi health centre III, opening of community access roads like, Karambi TC-karukumiza road, bukinya-karambi road and a few more. There is also still few funds to extend the road to down mirami and put maram soil,
There are projected activities like electricity connection to headquarters building, construction of VIP latrine and rehabilitation of  Karambi market, there is a program of opening a cattle holding market in the sub county in order to cub market in congo. He called upon the political leaders to be disciplined as they do their politics since 2015 is a year of political struggles. He cautioned them not to talk to people what they can’t explain and not to over promise people
It was observed that most educated people are the ones who oppose most of the community service acts. They tend to be big headed and demoralizing to the community members.

The District Chairperson raised a number of issues among of which were; the issue of uncompleted roads works which were pending since 2013. We had moved along with the District Engineer in charge of roads who had to answer to the members why the roads were incomplete. He also promised that the roads which had worn out were to be worked on in the coming financial years.  LCIII was tasked to answer why some roads were being neglected and miss used by the locals especially by dumping wastes in them, he claimed that he had to have told the LCI chairmen to mobilize people to do community service and it wasn’t done.

All LCI chairpersons, religious leaders and cultural elders were tasked to sensitize their local people on issues of education, sanitation, discipline children and the youth, fight against domestic violence and clean roads so as to improve the livelihood of the people.
The chairman also told them that the government had done a lot for the sub county like opening community access roads, constructing schools, extending electricity and constructing a health Centre II. Therefore, it’s now the role of the people to utilize these resources to improve their livelihood.

The members present had enough time to interact with the chairman, they presented their concerns and challenges some of which were to upgrade Karambi Health Centre II to IV and also stop transferring and giving study leaves to health workers since those were the biggest challenges of the health Centre
Now the CLV chair then led the whole team for a projects inspection in the sub county. Among the projects that were inspected were; the uncompleted road, the misused road, the newly constructed bridge

The people of Karambi showed great appreciation towards the chairperson’s follow up visit and the good spirit of cooperation which he is showing especially uniting leaders who are of different political parties to one working team for service delivery and promised to work with him much better.