Monday, 25 March 2013


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3 Congolese nationals jailed in kasese over illegal entry. 
The Grade II magistrate’s court sitting in Kasese on Friday sentenced three Congolese nationals to twelve months in prison over illegal entry in Uganda. Court presided over by Stephen Saabu Kabyanga heard that on March 20, 2013, the trio ntered Uganda without an entry permit or certificate contrary to section 53 of the Citizen and Immigration Act.

Court presided over by Stephen Saabu Kabyanga heard that on March 20, 2013, the trio entered Uganda without an entry permit or certificate contrary to section 53 of the Citizen and Immigration Act. Mr. Kasereka Munginateko, 49,a pastor hailing from Wicha,  Ms Kahindo Muruvungu, 45, and Ms Masika Kivuliwa, 43, all from Beni in North Kivu province were arrested while claiming to be preaching the word of God. They were jointly charged with illegal entry. They all pleaded guilty asking the trial magistrate to forgive them adding that they will never do it again.
While convicting them, Grade II magistrate Stephen Saabu Kabyanga said it is illegal to enter into another country without the legal travel documents and entry permit.
He sentenced them to twelve months in prison each or pay a fine of two hundred thousand shillings. The magistrate also said upon finishing the sentences, the trio will be deported back to the Democratic Republic of Congo in the escort of officers from the Uganda Police force.


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Story by; Thembo Kahungu Misairi

The state has reinstated a case of inciting violence against two District councilors in Kasese who were acquitted of the same count early this year.
The two councilors, Abdu Saad of Maliba sub-county and Elly Masereka Magwara of Kyabarungira both subscribing to the Forum for Democratic Change are being accused of fresh charges of inciting violence contrary to section 51 (i)a) of the penal code act.

So far Abdu Saad has been charged in Grade II magistrate court after being arrested this morning from his site where he is constructing a school in Maliba.
Saad was not allowed to take plea because Grade II magistrate Stephen Saabu Kabyanga did not have the jurisdiction to hear his case.
He remanded him to Mubuku prison until April 9th when he will be taking his plea before the chief magistrate’s court.
Meanwhile, police is still looking for Elly Magwara who is being jointly accused with Saad.
Prosecution in a charge sheet dated January 16th 2013 alleges that Abdu Saad and Elly Magwara while in the office of the leader of opposition in Kasese district without lawful excuse printed a letter addressed to the Resident District Commissioner that they were to mobilize people to attack the Basongora.

The state says that the contents of the letter intents to bring death or physical injury to the persons of the Basongora.
The facts of this new case are different from the dismissed one which on the contrary alleged that on July 5th 2012 while at Kistwamba sub-county headquarters held a meeting urging people to organize spears and attack the Basongora.

But this case was dismissed by the then chief magistrate Joshua Marouk on grounds that prosecution failed to adduce enough evidence to convict the councilors.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

RDC tells Kasese to forget split of district

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Story by; By Enid Ninsiima

The Kasese resident district commissioner (RDC), Mr Milton Odongo, has assured the people who are agitating for the split of the district into two to forget it for now.
“The government cannot make a mistake of creating districts now because it will be one of the political agendas we shall use during campaigns in 2016, ” Mr Odongo said last week during the budget conference of Kasese Municipality Central Division at Catholic Social Hall.
The President’s district representative said many projects are always extended to districts towards elections to help the ruling party in canvassing for support.
“What shall we use during campaigns if we give districts now? We must have targets and vision if we are to stay in power,” he added
The RDC’s comments come at a time when two NRM village chairpersons for Kihara Ward recently crossed to FDC on allegations that the government had failed to provide their people with land.
“We are tired of political propagandists who hide in the party to confuse the communities. Let them leave early so that we remain with our own,” the RDC said.
Divided opinion
The proposed split of Kasese District into Bwera and Rwenzori districts has brought mixed reactions.
The Basongora are agitating for their own district, claiming they are marginalised.
The Bakonzo, on the other hand, who subscribe to Rwenzururu Kingdom, have contested the demands of the minority Basongora who are clamoring for their own district.


Monday, 4 March 2013


The former Minister for special duties in the Office of Omusinga and envoy to state house, Erisania Cameroon Isingoma has been arrested over fraud.
The Deputy Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigations at the Kasese Central Police Station Edward Tibemanya confirmed the arrest adding that Isingoma was picked at around 3pm from Kasese town.
Tibemanya said that Isingoma was not allowed to make a statement from Kasese and by press time he was being transferred to the Criminal Investigations headquarters in Kibuli, Kampala.
Isingoma was sacked by Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Iremangoma in December last year following information that he embezzled over thirty million shillings from State House.
Isingoma is said to have received over fifty million shillings in cash from state house but delivered only twenty for the Omusinga’s treatment abroad.
The Omusinga then gave him a week’s ultimatum to have refunded the thirty million shillings he had embezzled but up to now no refund has been received.
The Kasese Resident District Commissioner Milton Odongo said he was happy Isingoma has been arrested because his acts were threatening the good relationship between the Obusinga and State House.
Odongo warned that people should not hide in the NRM like Isingoma with an aim of stealing funds given to them for different purposes.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Kasese District Sitting 2013

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Story by Kasese Guide Radio
Kasese district council sitting yesterday has mandated the District executive to go ahead with a thanks giving message to President Yoweri Museveni for the different appointments he has given to sons and daughters of Kasese.
The resolution was made following amendments to a motion moved by the district chairman Lt. Col. Mawa Muhindo seeking council to move a vote of thanks to the president for promoting Wilson Bwambale Mpadi from a rank of a colonel to a Brigadier in Uganda Peoples Defense Forces.
Brigadier Mpadi hailing from Kanyambara village in Munkunyu sub-county has been working as the president’s Chief Body guard at a rank of a colonel before being promoted as appointed as commander of the Fourth Division.
In the motion, the district chairman moved that the president deserves to be appreciated and a reception be organized for the gallant soldiers when he next comes back home.
However, the District councilor for Lake Katwe sub-county Muzamiru Bisanga proposed an amendment to have all sons and daughters of Kasese appointed to several offices in the vote of thanks giving to the president.
Among those highlight are the Resident District Commissioners, some commissioners in a number of ministries and the continuous appointment of Dr. Crispus Kiyonga in every cabinet reshuffle.
Council tasked the District executive to within a shortest time come up with a comprehensive list of those people appointed by the president and send the message to state house on behalf of the district.