Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The impact of information on poverty alleviation in Uganda

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Kilembe mines to produce 12 megawatts

E-Society Kasese
Tibet Hima, the consortium that took over Kilembe Mines Limited, has announced that it will upgrade electricity generation capacity on River Mubuku from the 5MW to 12MW.
Tinka Kwatampora, one of the consultants for Tibet Hima, said power supply would be boosted to support the processing of minerals.
“We are still in the exploration process. After that, we shall do the renovation of the assets, which Tibet inherited from the government.
And the dam is also going to be upgraded because the state it is in now is not good and it cannot generate enough electricity for the mines and copper processing,” Kwatampora told The Observer last week.
He said the hydro power dam, which was constructed to produce 5MW of power has been producing less than 2MW.
“We visited the dam and the water is enough to generate 12MW. So, our first priority is going to be to work on the dam because we want power and after that we shall also renovate other assets like buildings,” said Kwatampora.
He said other parts of the district would be explored for copper.
“We are looking at areas of Kyalumba, Kitholu, Bukangra and Rukooki and we expect all those places to have copper. But it is after the exploration process that we shall be sure,” Kwatampora said.
He explained that the May floods of last year had negative effects on the copper mines and that the company is expected to invest heavily in the renovation of some of the infrastructures that were destroyed. 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Drought hits some parts of Kasese District

By; Thembo Kahungu 

At least 400 households in Kinyabakazi village, Muhokya sub-county in Kasese district have petitioned the district leadership to intervene as the area is at the brink of hunger.
The situation is as a result of the prolonged drought that has hit different parts of Kasese leading to drying up of the crops in gardens.
This morning, a three man delegation handed the petition to the district Chairman Lt. Col Mawa Muhindo asking for immediate intervention in terms of food relief.
Team leader Christopher Bwambale says that more than a half of the affected families do not know the source of their meals in the next three days.
Bwambale says that currently, most families depend on only one meal whereby they prefer supper as they retire for sleep.
He says that all the crops they cultivated in October last year were hit by too much drought which has extended into 2014.

Kinyabakazi village in the recent years was known as a basket for beans, cassava, groundnuts and maize but the whole area is currently bare without green vegetation and trees.
The district chairman says that several reports have reached his office from other areas of Lyamibuza in Muhokya sub-county, Kabirizi in Lake Katwe sub-county and Katholhu in Nyakiyumbu sub-county.

Lt. Col. Mawa says that the district leadership cannot manage to intervene materially but would inform the office of the prime minister for relief support.
He has instructed the Assistant Chief Administrative Officer in charge of production Wilson Asaba to lead a team of technical staff to assess the situation.
This afternoon, the district team has set off for Lyamibuza to carry out the assessment before a report is sent to the OPM.

Man to spend 45 years in jail for murdering mother, sister-in-law

By Thembo Kahungu Misairi

The High Court sitting in Kasese District has convicted a 30-year-old man for murder and sentenced him to 45 years in jail. Court presided over by Justice Akiiki Kiiza found Thomas Busara guilty of killing his mother, Faith Biira and his sister-in-law Rosette Masika.
Prosecution told the court that on April 27, 2012, while at Kaghando village in Maliba Sub-county, Busara used a panga and an axe to kill his mother and his brother’s wife after picking a domestic quarrel with them.
Prosecution told the court that after killing the two, the accused remained at the scene saying he has “finished all his enemies.” He was later arrested by police.

Full proof
In his ruling, the judge said prosecution through the four witnesses in the trial had proved beyond reasonable doubt that Busara committed the crime. “It is the work of the prosecution to prove to court that the accused committed the crime. In this case, I find that the prosecution has proved beyond reasonable doubt that the suspect murdered these people. I therefore find him guilty and convict him accordingly,” Justice Kiiza ruled.
The Kasese Resident State Attorney, Mr Noah Kumya, urged the court to sentence the convict to death as a deterrent saying that such cases were on the increase in the district. But defence lawyer Solomon Orono of the Uganda Christian Lawyers fraternity prayed for a lenient sentence because the accused was a first offender.
The convict confessed that he killed the two women out of ignorance and prayed for mercy from court. However, Justice Kiiza ruled that murder is a serious offence because it takes away the victim’s life. “Murder is a serious offence. Murderers show no mercy to the victims. I sentence you to 45 years on count one and 35 years on count two. You will serve both sentences concurrently,” said Justice Akiiki.


Mudslides destroy homes in Kasese

By Enid Ninsiima

Mudslides have hit Kasese District, hardly a year after lives were lost and property destroyed when floods swept the area.
The Saturday incident, which occurred in Ibanda Parish, Bugoye Sub-county, swept away homes and left many crops and animals dead.
The sub-county chairperson, Mr Apurinali Bwambale, said the disaster was preceded by a heavy down pour accompanied by hailstones that lasted for one-and-a half hours. “We saw a lot of water accompanied by mud flowing down stream to people’s homes and gardens. We have lost a number of homesteads, acres of plantations and animals in,” Mr Bwambale said.
The most affected villages are Ruboni, Nyakabuwa, Nyakalengijo and Kihalha in Busongora North County.

The sub-county authorities said the livelihood of the people in the parish has been severely destroyed as a result of the breakage of Kilembe Mines Canal that generates power.
Mr Allan Buliro, a resident who was affected by the disaster, said he was in the house when the rain started.
“I heard a big sound of water entering my house. I was soaked in water since I had nowhere to go. All my property was carried away by water,” Mr Buliro, who struggled to control tears flowing from his eyes, said.
Ms Selina Ngope, another resident, said water submerged her house leaving her and her three children stranded.

“I have five children but I was with three when the disaster occurred. We could not keep in the house since water was too much. I started carrying one by one outside. As I carried them outside, water was also taking them until I carried for help and people came to my rescue,” Ms Ngope said.
The district assistant Chief administrative Officer, MrWilson Asaba Mwigha, said affected families need urgent help. “Our preliminary findings indicate that 13 households have been affected but eight of them have been completely destroyed,” Mr Asaba, who is also the district disaster committee chairperson, said.