Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The fight against banna wilt

By: Kasese online news team
Kasese district local Government through the district banana bacterial wilt control task force has intensified the banana bacterial wilt (BBW) control efforts in all the 24 banana growing sub counties in the district. The district task force split into four teams yesterday that covered two sub-counties from each constituency in Kasese. In Busongora North, the campaign was launched in Kyabarungira and Bwesumbu, in Busongora South, it was launched in Karusandara and Rukoki. In Bukonzo East, the campaign was launched in Munkunyu and Nyakiyumbu sub-counties, while in Bukonzo west, it was launched in Ihandiro and Kitholhu sub-counties. During the launches, the team raised the leaders’ awareness on the disease, launched the sub county BBW by-laws and carried out more BBW control demonstrations. The Kasese district chairperson Lt. Col. Mawa Muhindo while addressing LC1 chairpersons and sub-county councilors of Munkunyu and Nyakiyumbu at their respective headquarters urged them to intensify the fight against the disease. Col. Mawa Muhindo speaking…. The Kasese district Agricultural Officer Mrs. Theresa Munyanzikuyi says the disease spreads in so many ways. She noted that it is mostly transmitted by the farm tools used by the farmers like pangas, and hoes. Mrs. Theresa Munyanzikuyi with details…. She also encouraged farmers to flame the farm tools in fire or clean them with JIK after using them, cut, heap the infected plants. The assistant Resident district commissioner Mr. Aminadab Muhindo while at Bwesumbu sub-county said that it was every body’s responsibility to fight food insecurity in the district. He urged all residents to be vigilant, identify and report the infected banana plants to the authorities and the farmer. An infected banana plant can be recognized when its leaves wilt and turn greenish-yellow, develops premature ripening and staining of fruits and when the male bud dries.

Mudder scam

By: Kasese online news team Police in Kasese is holding two people in connection with the killing of security guard at Ikongo Sacco bank Ibanda branch, in Bugoye sub-county Kasese district. Mr. Doviko Kasangaki was found tied and killed in a car parked next to the bank. The Bugoye sub-county chairman Aprunale Bwambale confirmed that one Sunday Bijweke and his father Byamukama have been arrested to help police in investigations. He said that a police dog was brought in the area to trace for suspected criminals and the dog led police investigating officers to the house of Mr. Sunday Bijweke of Ibanda one village. Thugs broke into the bank after killing the security guard and took away unspecified amount of money. Ikongo sacco officials have for security reasons not disclosed the amount of money that was in the safe by the time of the attack.

The number of children with disabilities joining school increases

By: Kasese online news team The number of children with disabilities joining school has increased drastically in Kasese district an official with Kasese district Union of Persons with disabilities has revealed. Phestus Mutebi reported on Tuesday 22/05/2012 afternoon that primary schools admitting children with disabilities have shown an increase in numbers. Rukoki model, Kinyamaseke, Mpondwe and Base Camp primary schools have been earmarked to attend to children with disabilities. Mutebi who heads operations Day project with KADUPEDI commended the support of stakeholders to ensure quality of children with learning difficulties. He said that with support from the Belgian Technical Corporation (BTC) through Kasese district local government a hostel for children with disabilities was under construction at Kinyamaseke primary school. He however noted that some children were still faced with the challenge of lack of scholastic materials and school fees among others.

Kasese RDC Transfered

By Kasese online news team The Resident district Commissioner Kasese Captain James Mwesigye has been transferred after four years of service in Kasese district. Captain Mwesigye is said to have been deployed on a special mission to Amuru district by the office of the president. Last week Mwesigye said that his transfer has been based on a special deployment by the president. Mr. Milton Odongo who has been RDC Amuru has also been transferred to Kasese indicating a cross transfer of the two presidential representatives. The New Kasese RDC has today reported in Kasese but it’s not yet clear when he would be handed the office officially.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Kilembe Mines Work's Body found

By: Kasese Online news team The body of a Kilembe Mines worker the late Simon Kachayi Munduwayi who drowned in the underground water on April 8th has been removed from the caves on Sunday 20/05/2012 afternoon. The Chairman of the Uganda Red Cross Kasese Branch Joseph Nzukwa told Kasese Guide Radio that the body was removed and a postmortem test held at Kilembe Mines hospital. On Sunday,evening the body was handed over to the family members for burial to be conducted Today Monday 21/05/2012 at his home area in Bunyandiku. Nzukwa said that from a nearby view, the body was still fresh after spending about one and a half months in the underground tunnels. According to the officials of Kilembe Mines, the process of retrieving the body from the undergrounds delayed due to frequent mechanical breakdowns in the pumping machinery. Reports indicate that Kilembe Mines Limited will meet the funeral costs and the daily welfare accorded to the family of the deceased since the time of the accident. Efforts to get a comment from the General Manager Kilembe Mines Limited Fred Kyakonye were futile because he was out of the district on official duties.

Monday, 7 May 2012

What it Takes to Pass Pro-Poor Council Resolutions:

Friday 4th May shall remain a land mark in the Kasese District Council sitting at which 66.6% of the nominations made by the district chairman were women. Lt.Col. Mawa Muhindo (Rtd) stood to present a motion to fill the District Executive Committee positions. The Chairman filled the District Executive Committee position with Hon. Tadeo Muhindo, Hon. Pelucy Kabagenyi and Mrs. Anna Muhindo as member of the District Service Commission. The house was full to capacity during the district council session held at Rukoki, members of the civil society were invited to attend but as usual they kept in the gallery watching how the honorable councilors presented and discussed motions to determine the future of Kasese district. It was joy and ululations when the Chairperson mentioned the name of Hon. Pelucy Kabagenyi, I observed almost all the women in the council stood up in recognition of the ‘unsung heroin’ being nominated as a member of the DEC. What does it take for RWECO to attend the district council session: witness whether the resolutions made were pro-poor and if they will drive the district to implement the citizens manifesto. Does the number of women matter or representation? I will zero on Hon. Pelucy Kabagenyi (PWDs), given her position in society and the long stand she has on speaking for the people with disabilities, gave hope that indeed sections of the citizen’s manifesto were catered for during the council deliberations. I also witnessed two other motions that were moved in the house. One on land and landlessness in Kitsamba sub county, and the threat posed by Kilembe Mines Limited to the people of Kasese. While responding to the landlessness debate in Kasese, the District Resident Commissioner Capt. James Mwesige reminded the honorable councilors to sensitize the community about the value of land, the RDC scoffed at the people who were resettled in Bigando but over 80% had sold off the land. It was thus resolved that a working be constituted to look at land cases in Kasese, the threats posed Kilembe Mines and report to the next council. I was partly concerned with the RDC’s revelation that over 80% citizens who were resettled in Bigando had sold off their land? what does it take for the leaders to be mindful while debating on such matters. Kasese district is predominantly an agricultural hub without proper guidance of the council, land conflicts has a long history of in the district: ‘we have lost lives and property, I beg this house to take immediate action on the absent landlords evicting the citizens in Kitsambwa Sub county’ Hon. Asimwe Mbakania moved. As concerned citizens it’s a pity that the poor or the underprivileged are loosing land. One of the top ten concerns in the Rwenzori region is falling fortunes of Agriculture- but where is the problem. It lies within the institutions that are supposed to mobilize the people and guide them to make proper use of the available resources. The Kasese district Council should rather make a bye-law to stop all those people who were resettled from selling any piece of land in those gazetted areas. My next concern was the participation of women during the council deliberations. For the four motions that I witnessed being moved, all the movers were ‘men’ where were the ‘women’, stumping, seconding the motions or murmuring! Save for one Hon. Naume who stood on the floor of Council to deliberate on several motions . I was perplexed by the positions that women took in the council hall. What exactly happened? The deliberations were in English and what does the law say.. I am not sure, but an honorable councilor may deliberate in a language he/she feels would express him/her self better. That did not happen in Kasese district council session of 4th May, 2012. I believe if the speaker had guided the house on the use of the Queen’s language many more women would have participated in the discussions. Look the Secretary for Finance Hon. Matayo Bwambale laid on table the budget estimates for the F/Y 2012/13 of about UGX 36.6BN, but it took him courage to withstand the Queen Therefore, the call for a national language as demanded by the CM is gaining momentum in the Rwenzori region and the rest of the regions in Uganda. I believe, the Citizen’s manifesto has a message that should be taken by the honorable councilors and the Members of Parliament as Uganda prepares to celebrate 50 years of independence. As citizens lets fully participate in the planning of our resources at all levels right from Local Council one through to LCV to Parliament. Watch this space!!!!!