Monday, 26 August 2013

Defence Minister praises Hima Cement for coffe planting

By. MakanikaEdward
The Minister of Defence and MP (Bukonzo West)Dr.Ckiyonga has expressed
deep gratitude to Hima Cement factory for supporting his
programmes of planting 12 million seedlings of Coffee all over Kasese

Kiyonga revealed that Hima had already paid 2 billion shillings to
support the project and they had pledged to pay additional 2 billion
shillings to complete the project.

Dr.Kiyonga was speaking at St. peters church Hima where he helped
raise over 6 million shillings for roofing the Vicar's House. This was
additional to three million shillings that had been raised in an
earlier funds drive function at the same church.

Kiyonga thanked the people of Hima for supporting President Museveni
and the Movement politics since 1980 when he - Kiyonga stood for
elections in the area and won a parliamentary seat for the UPM.

Kiyonga used the occasion to explain to the people the Public Order
Management law that was recently passed in Parliament. Kiyonga
explained that the law was in the interest of the people and was meant
to protect the stability that the country had achieved. The law
according to Kiyonga was meant to ensure that those demonstrating for
good or bad reasons were protected but that they would also not
disturb other people who were not involved or interested in the

Kiyonga told the listeners that NRM has 259 MPS in Parliament while
FDC had only 35 seats.According to Kiyonga there is no way NRM MPS
could pass an ant people law.

Kiyonga at the same function appealed to the people to take children for
immunisation,improve homestead hygiene by constructing toilets. He
asked people to continue the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Thursday, 22 August 2013


By. Makanika Edward

Rwenzururu Kingdom has officially rejected the newly appointed Royal Guards commander for the Buhikira Royal palace Capt. Fabian Kule Mabunda.
The Kingdom spokesperson Patrick Nyamunungu says that the administration of the Obusinga has thought it important not to undermine the reasons put forward by the veterans for the rejection of Capt. Mabunda. The government provides security to all monarchies countrywide and sends a UPDF officer to command the royal security.
During  the weekend, the Chairman of the Rwenzururu Veterans Development Association Yolamu Mulima told a press conference that the former fighters have rejected Capt. Mabunda because he is not loyal to the Omusinga and the Obusinga as an institution.
Capt. Mabunda who has worked in the palace for nearly one month is accused of being part of a section of Bakonzo who publicly opposed the recognition of the Obusinga.
Yesterday, he was locked out of the palace gates as he reported for duty.
Nyamunungu has confirmed this adding that the minister of Security had instruction not to allow him in the palace. He said that the Rwenzururu Kingdom has asked the government to take
back Capt. Mabunda and second another UPDF officer to take his position.

Capt. Mabunda had been seconded to the Obusinga as replacement to Lt.
David Muhasa. 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Kasese war victims petition Museveni

 By Enid Ninsiima

Kasese- Families that incurred losses during the Allied Democratic Forces insurgency in Kasese District have petitioned President Museveni for compensation.
In a July 18 letter written to the President, more than 20 families said they had waited in vain for compensation.
“We would like to inform you that our longing and waiting for the second phase of compensation has fixed our minds in anxiety and despair,” the letter reads in part.
The claimants accuse the government of segregation during the first phase of payment which was done in 2009.
The chairperson to the group, Mr Abasa Bogere, said the compensation could have been delayed due to the difference and similarities between the lists of the claimants.

“We are not happy with the way government handled compensation process . We were many but it only selected the rich people who were paid a lot,” Mr George Mutabazi, one of the claimants, said.
The secretary of the claimants, Mr Hassan Hury Basisa, the accused government of neglecting them yet they are in dire need for compensation.
“We are trying to look for another legal alternative if we have failed to get what belongs to us in time, ”Mr Basisa said.
However, the Resident District Commissioner, Mr Milton Odongo, advised the claimants to be patient.
He said the government knows their problem, adding that it was a matter of time before their issue is solved.
“We have already paid some and others will be catered for. They need not hurry government is slow but sure,” Mr Odongo said.
ADF rebels attacked Kasese Town in March 2001, killed some people and looted property.


Doctor arrested for role in baby-switch incident

By Simon Masaba and Violet Nabatanzi

The Police have arrested Dr. Asinja Kapuru over his role in the alteration of medical documents leading to the swapping of a live male baby with a dead female one.
On 12 July 2006, the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioner’s Council heard that Kapuru was involved in switching Sauda Nabakiibi’s live male baby with a dead female one at Mulago Hospital.
On Monday, Kapuru appeared before the Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Directorate (CIID)) to respond to summons over his role in switching the babies.
Police detectives attached to CIID based in Kibuli, Kampala interrogated Kapuru for six hours and by press time, he was still being questioned by the Police.
A highly placed Police detective from CIID told New Vision that the Police were grilling Kapuru over the role he played during the time Sauda Nabakiibi lost her baby at Mulago Hospital in 2006.
Last week the council suspended Kapuru from practising medicine for two years in Uganda and the rest of the world.
According to council, Kapuru, reported that he delivered Nabakiibi of a baby boy by caesarean section, but it was in poor condition because of severe asphyxia (breathing complications at birth).
During the council’s investigations, he further stated that he filled in two reports, the first one indicating that the baby was male and the second one indicating that the baby was female.
Kapuru also explained to the council that he was convinced to change the record by a senior nursing officer, who insisted that the baby was a girl, arguing that all other records indicated that it was a girl, except his record which indicated that the baby was a boy.
He stated that he blindly believed the nurse that he could not have been keen in recognising that the baby was a girl and accepted to re-write the theatre notes.
He expressed regret for agreeing to alter the theatre record.