Tuesday, 9 April 2013


News by: E-Society
Story By: Thembo Kahungu Misairi in Kasese April 8.

The Kasese district chairman has announced a cash prize of shillings 200000 to whoever will lead to the recovery of an illegal fire arm part of those reportedly being used by thugs to kill people and shooting wild animals.

The reward comes at a time when Lt. Col. Mawa Muhindo has taken a temporary break from office work to lead the operation against thugs who have been shooting people, killing wild animals and stealing livestock and sale the meat on the open market.

Some of the suspects arrested in the ongoing operation against the thugs with illegal fire arms.

The operation that involves the UPDF officers and police’s crime
intelligence team has been intensified in the sub-counties near the
border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Lt. Col. Mawa says a few guns have been recovered in the operation but fears that more should be hidden in several places in the district, the reason he announced a cash prize for whoever volunteers information leading to a gun.
He says that most of the arrested suspects have been cooperative by leading to where some of the guns that have caused insecurity in the
area are hidden.  He however could not reveal the number of guns recovered so far saying the suspects would zero only on those and conceal others. “The operation is yielding results because key suspects are being arrested and leading the security personnel to where some guns are. I cannot reveal how many guns we have in our hands now but the operation
continues, many will come out in a few days from now”. Said Lt. Col.
Mawa. Lt. Col. Mawa claims he has handed over 20 suspects in both theft, murder and possessing illegal fire arms to police as the operation to dig out for more especially in Karambi and Nyakiyumbu sub-counties goes on. However, we could not verify the number of suspects arrested with the police because the Officer in charge of Mpondwe-Customs police post
Mr. Kawonawo decline to comment, saying the operation is still in its infancy.

In separate meetings by the district chairman with butchers and local council leaders, it was resolved that all live stock being transferred from a sub-county to another should have a movement permit signed by the Chairman LC One and the LC 3 chairperson.
The local leaders and the butchers condemned the Highway police of being negligent to their work by allowing stolen goats and cattle a free way to the market. All meat sold on the stalls outside the licensed butcheries has also been banned effective Friday April 12, 2013 after it was revealed that most of it is stolen outside the district.

There are two illegal abattoirs discovered in Karambi sub-county and at the Mpondwe border post where stolen animals are allegedly skinned from. Over 20 motorcycles and house hold property worth millions have been recovered by the security operatives in the Mpondwe-Lubiriha town council.


News by: E-Society 
Story By: Thembo Kahungu Misairi in Kasese April 8

The youth wing in the Rwenzururu Kingdom want the Prime Minister Mr.Henry Kandabu to resign with immediate effects on grounds that he has been incompetent. In a letter signed by the youth known as Esyomango Syo’businga dated  April 7th and addressed to the Prime minister, they accuse Mr. Kandabu of failing to convene cabinet meetings to discuss the matters of the Kingdom.

The letter signed by about two hundred seventy youths led by the Chairman of Esyomango Mr. Mitusera Kule Sebayanda is copied to the Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Iremangoma, kingdom attorney general,
minister for youths and scouts, speaker to the House of Representatives and minister for Royal security.
The Esyomango claim that the Prime Minister has failed to mobilize for the wide visibility of the Kingdom, lacks income generation plans and not addressing problems like payment of rent for the administrative offices.

They also accuse him of failing to claim clear ownership of Engeya radio which was reportedly donated to the Kingdom by the central government.
There are reports that the main offices of the Kingdom in Kasese town have been temporarily closed for failure to clear outstanding rent bills.
However, Mr. Kandabu was not available for the comment because he could not pick his phone calls by press time.
But the Kingdom spokesperson Mr. Patrick Nyamunungu says a cabinet meeting was called this evening to discuss the letter and resolved to meet with their executive as soon as possible.
Mr. Nyamunungu says that by the constitution of the Kingdom, it is only the Omusinga who is supposed to fire or force a resignation of the prime minister.
He asked the “Syomangu” to remain calm as cabinet ministers look forward to meeting them.

Friday, 5 April 2013


News by: E-Society
Story by: Thembo Kahungu Misairi in Kasese April 5

Different security agencies are carrying out through operations in areas around the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo to get rid of criminals who have been shooting dead civilians at night.
Within one year eleven people have been gunned down in their homes at night by unknown thugs and the latest being Baferi Kisembo a resident of Karukumiza village in Karambi sub-county, Kasese district.
Most of those killed are businessmen especially those dealing in coffee.The UPDF 2nd Division Public Relations Officer Lt. Ninsiima Rwemizuma says that different operations are ongoing by the army, the police’s crime intelligence unit and the Rapid Response Unit to arrest the key suspects and recover guns.

Currently, an unspecified number of suspects are being held by police after being hooked during the operations that started on Monday. Lt. Ninsiima reveals that the suspects under detention are led by one Swalleh a prominent taxi driver and former worker of the Uganda Revenue Authority.

In the operations joined by the Kasese District Dhairman Lt. Col. Mawa Muhindo, an AK47 gun and about sixty rounds of ammunition were recovered from Nyakiyumbu sub-county on Thursday.
Lt. Ninsiima says the security operatives are being led to the key suspects by an individual who has volunteered to give information about the suspected serial killers in the area.

A woman in whose house a gun was recovered yesterday has also been arrested but Lt. Ninsiima declined to identify her because it would jeopardize efforts to arrest her husband who is on the run.
He said that when all the key suspects are arrested, a police file will be made to arrange for their appearance in the courts of law. The Kasese district chairman Lt. Col. Mawa Muhindo says the rampant illegal guns are a result of the Allied Democratic Forces rebellion that ended in the early 2000s and the several negative forces in Eastern DRC.