Thursday, 26 September 2013

Three children killed in Kasese mudslides

Three children have been buried alive by a mudslide in a village in Kasese district.
The incident occurred last evening in Kabukero village Mahango sub-county in Kasese district.
The chairman LC 3 Stephen Muthekengwa says the tragic incident occurred at the home of one Mbaju Bisusi at about 7:30pm.

The bodies of the children have been removed after residents dug deep into the rubble for hours.
The children were trapped in the house during the evening down pour when the mudslide occurred.
This is the third time children are killed by mudslides in Mahango
sub-county as result of heavy down pour.
In 2012 four people were killed while in 2011 five children perished under similar circumstances.

Friday, 20 September 2013


By. E-Society 

Sub county NAADs coordinators have this week Tuesday 17.09.2013 received Yamaha motorcyles. A total number of 20 motorcycles were handed over to them by the Chairman LCV at the District headquarters in Rukoki.

The new motorcycles

The District NAADs coordinator expressing her joy

The handover ceremony was officiated by the District NAADs coordinator Ms. Annet Masika who said told the sub county NAADs coordinators have received the motorcycles from the Government of the Republic of Uganda for the purpose of helping the coordinators to easily run government agricultural projects. She cautioned them to only use them for the right purpose of facilitating the NAADs program.

Among sub-counties that received motor cycles were Rukoki, Kilembe, Lake Katwe e.t.c .

 In attendance was the Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Wilson Asaba who advised the officers that the motorcycles were given to them to run NAADS program only and were prohibited from being parked at pubs and any other happening places, they are not to be used for transport for non NAADs activities.

The area MP Hon. Mbahimba delivering his excitment

The ceremony was also officiated by the Chairman LCV  Lt. Col Mawa Muhindo who thanked government for the innovations and focusing on the needs of Ugandans. Again thanking president Museveni for his good work in supporting the NAADs program in Kasese District

He promised the people of Kasese that are working hand in hand with government about the construction of railway line, roads & airport.

The Disctrict LCV Mawa commissioning the motorcycles

The motorcycles were then commissioned and handed over to the NAADS coordinators by the District Chairperson.



Beligium Technical Corporation [BTC] has been a long term development partner of Kasese District through KDPRP which started in 2009. In difficult time, KDPRP allowed the District to implement extension activities and strategic infrastructure. These investments foster economic growth and translate into improved household income.

A bridge in kyalhumba after commissioning

Yesterday Thursday 19.09.2013, marked the final day for BTC operations in Kasese District. The official closure was marked by a number of activities which included the commissioning of different projects which have been completed.

The main function which was held at Mpondwe Market in Bwera was honored by the Belgium ambassador to Uganda, Hon. Dr. Crispus Kiyonga Minister of Defence, representatives from the Ministries of Local Government, Finance and all District Officials.

Defence Minister commissioning kyalhumba electricity

Among the projects that were commissioned were;
1.       MpOdwe and Hima markets,
2.       Rural electricifation in 5 sub-counties of Bugoye, Kyarumba, Karambi
3.       Kasese Municipality abattoir
4.       Bridges
5.       Muhokya mini irrigation scheme and many more which are still under completion.
Finally BTC support in Kasese comes to a closure.

Beligium Ambassodor commissioning Mpondwe market
Mpondwe market

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Rwenzururu Kingdom Commemorates Isaya Mukirania Anniversary

The Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu (Rwenzururu Kingdom) in western Uganda on Monday commemorated the 47th anniversary of the death of the monarch’s first King Isaya Mukirania Kibanzanga I.
Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Iremangoma
Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere Iremangoma
Isaya Mikirania, the father of current Omusinga Wesley Mumbere Iremangoma passed away on September 2, 1966.
Hundreds of Banyarwenzururu trekked to Bulemba and others to Buhikira Royal Palace in Kasese town where the commemoration ceremony was held.
Honorable Josephat School-Band, the Kingdom’s Deputy Minister for Culture and Deputy Minister for Cultural Sites and Natural Resources Hon. Reuben Mbauta led the team to Bulemba.
The function started with prayers led Rev. Can. Barnabas Kayinja who urged the Banyarwenzururu to put God at the centre of everything they do for the prosperity of the Kingdom.
Rwenzururu Kingdom Chief Prince Christopher Kibanzanga urged the Banyarwenzururu to emulate his father, whom he described as “a committed Christian, a role model to Bakonzo, a man of integrity, disciplinarian and honest with strong character.”

“Isaiah was driven by internal and everlasting values such as love, care and trustworthiness and never opted for external values like properties and beautiful women.” he added.
Kibanzanga also suggested that also suggested that a church be built before the construction of the magnificent palace as a gesture of gratitude to God who has seen thethrough many problems in their history.
The Prime Minister Ivan Syauswa was represented by the Finance Minister Thembo Kitsumbire.
The function was blessed by the attendance of Nyabaghole Agnes Ithungu Asiimawe, Queen Mother Christine Mukirania, Prince William Sibibuka, Rubugha and Princess Fraha among other members of the royal family.


Displaced people in Kasese told to return home

 Story by: Makanika Edward

Despite UPDF assurance that there is need for alarm along the border
with the Democratic Republic of Congo, hundreds of people from the
hilly parts of Kitholhu sub-county have spent the second night out of
their homes.
The people fled their homes on Tuesday evening when the UPDF arrested
eleven deserters from the Congolese national army who crossed into the
Ugandan territory.
The UPDF spokesperson for Rwenzori region Lt. Ninsiima Rwemizuma told
Kasese Guide Radio last evening that the borderline is secure and that
the arrested soldiers had been transferred to a safe place as the army
waits to hear from their Congolese counterparts.
However, information reaching us indicates that many families are
still camped Kathembo Catholic Church, Kighuramu Catholic Church,
Kangwanji Catholic, Burangwa II Church of Uganda and Kiseberere church
of Uganda.
They fear that there might be remnants from the breakaway militia
group that is commanded by Col. Eric Bisamazi who was captured on
The kasese district chairman Lt. Col. Mawa Muhindo says that people
should go back to their homes because the security at the border is
well guaranteed.
Mawa says that people need to concentrate on the cultivation of crops
since the rains have started adding that those soldiers who crossed to
Uganda were also seeking a peaceful place to live in.

Gunfire Rocks Kitholhu, 11 Congolese Soldiers Held

On Tuesday night September 2, Kitholhu sub-county in Kasese district was turned into a battle field between the UPDF soldiers and the suspected renegade Congolese soldiers.
Kitholhu sub-county is along the Uganda DRC border and gunshots were heard all night long.
Hundreds of residents of Kitholhu sub-county fled their home and spent the night in bushes fearing a suspected rebel attack.
It all started when 11 suspected renegade Congolese soldiers crossed into Uganda at Kiraro Village in Kitholhu sub-county.
The UPDF patrol was well positioned on the ground and the next step was to request the suspected renegade Congolese soldiers to identify themselves.
Upon resisting the orders, the arrest order for illegally entering into Uganda was issued and the Congolese soldiers resisted arrest by firing live ammunitions at the UPDF soldiers.
The only option the UPDF was left with was to fire back at these renegade soldiers.
The UPDF soldiers managed to overpower the Congolese soldiers and disarmed them. They are currently detained at Kiraru barracks in Kasese.
In this battle, the UPDF recovered eight short machine guns, a pistol and two Rapid Propelled Grenades.
Lt. Ninsiima Rwemizuma, Rwenzori region UPDF spokesperson declined to reveal details about the shootout saying they were still verifying some facts.
Residents who fled their homes have now camped at Kathembo Catholic Church as calm is being restored.
Lt. Col. Mawa Muhindo, the Kasese LC V chairperson says he is working with the army to restore calm along the border since the threat of the Congolese soldiers has been contained