Friday, 9 October 2009

E-Governance Project in Western Uganda Kicks Off

Marc Lepage [mlepage(at)]
Uganda [UG]
Local government, NGOs, church and IT leaders from the Kasese district in Uganda have launched a project to help give civil society organisations more influence over government planning and development. IICD will help manage the ICT component of this major project funded by the EU.
 IICD facilitated a roundtable meeting to launch the Kasese District civil society project.

IICD facilitated a Roundtable meeting in July to kick-start the project, IICD's first in Western Uganda. Project participants met to identify what information they need and how they will share it. The group agreed that much of the information was already there, but it was often poorly documented and not made available.
The project aims to help both local government and civil organisations build skills to produce quality information on their activities. This will be accessible through the web, regular meetings and trained information officers.
Currently, there is very little information exchange between the two groups. NGOs, for example, have little access to government information to enable them to play a role in planning. Local governments need to build their capacity to produce useful information and make it available externally.
The project is run by the Rwenzori Consortium for Civic competence (RWECO). The project focuses on the sectors Health, Water and Education.

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