Monday, 28 December 2009

Bidandi Ssali raps inter party coalition.

The Executive Chairperson for People's Progressive Party (PPP) Jaberi
Bidandi Ssali has rapped the recent formed Inter Party Coalition by
opposition political parties in the country as wastage of time.

Bidandi also a presidential hopeful said the coalition was not a
demand for members of the parties but only a thought and a dream by
selfish politicians who heads different parties.

He was addressing party members and launching of the party office in
Kasese district on December 19.

He said he could not join the coalition because most of its members
are failures that have lost the ground and that others are those
parties that exist by names in Kampala only but without members.

While in Kasese Bidandi held meetings in the FDC strong hold
constituencies of Bukonzo East and Busongora North.

He said the coalition will never agree 100 and even in other issues
but only on agenda which is becoming song of the day adding that at
the end of the members end up in exile and being imprisoned.

"People have always have coalitions but the end result is death for
the members so it was good to confront death when you already know,"
Bidandi said.

He cited the history of Kabaka Yekka (KY) and Uganda people's congress
that made a coalition to remove Ben Kiwanuka and the end result was
for Obote to abolish kingdoms to punish the Kabaka, the coalition that
toppled Amini which also failed after Obote re captured power and
forced Museveni to go to bush.

He said his party is well prepared to see Museveni waving at Masaka
residents after 2011 general elections as he heads to his country home
Rwakitura to look after his cows.

Bidandi challenged the public to produce evidence where he was cited
in any corruption scandal and promised a big reward.

He said the movement government has committed a lot of crimes than
that of Amini and Obote two governments.

"During Amini and Obote's regimes people died and blood was shed but
there was no theft, land grabbing and their families to take over
control of state unlike the NRM where the presidents family is in
charge of the country," he charged.

He lashed at NRM government and president Museveni of creating safe
houses and illegal detentions that was a major cause to fight the past

Bidandi condemned the manner in which WBS T.V presenter Serumaga was
arrested recently.

"You people i cried, i got stigmatized on witnessing the TV journalist
being forced into the car boot but had no option," Bidandi said.

By Asiimwe Wilson in Kasese 21/12/2009.