Thursday, 6 October 2011

Response from BTC on Electricity in Karambi sub county

Dear Mr Balikenga, Thank you for your email and concern for the
development of Karambi sub county.Your email is a genuine call for
accountability and update of communication. The sub county, the Kasese
District and BTC share the concern of the delay of the electrification
programme in all the sub counties.It has been discussed many times and
regular follow-up is made at the Rural Electrification Agency. Allow
me to give you a quick overview of past events:1. Karambi sub
county has done its home work – one first sub counties to mobilise its
local contribution. Therefore, the sub county and chairperson of
electricity task force should have our praise and full support.2.
Kilembe Investments made the draft design & bill of quantities in Oct
2010. REA reviewed and issued the final bill of quantities in May
2011.3. Karambi citizens contributed about 21 million Ush while
MTN contributed a large section of the line
in kind. 4. In Dec 2010, BTC contributed 116.5 million Ush for
Karambi. About 26 million is still remaining on the Karambi
electrification account and can be used another extension provided
further local contribution is raised. 5. The combined
contribution was transferred in May 2011 to the Rural Electrification
Agency (REA) account.6. Given the liquidity shortage of the
central government, REA had to ensure the availability of funds in the
first semester 2011. REA is main the executing and funding agency
(70% funds).7. On 4th August 2011, REA published the
advertisement for the works in the New Vision (see attachment). 8.
REA has many districts with some high on the political agenda.
Kasese is only one of those districts without being a particular
central political priority. This workload explains the delay together
with the long bureaucratic regulations of public procurement and the
earlier shortage of central government funding. Please, find in
enclosure a PDF file with general information about the
electrification programme.In the table below you find information
regarding the costs and co-funding (including Karambi). Name of
Project Cost Community
Contribution 30%REA
Contribution 70%Avail Community
ContributionKDPRP Com *Kyarumba 900,020,821
270,006,246630,014,575270,006,246 227,929,000 42,077,246
Karambi 523,038,402 156,911,521366,126,881156,911,521
116,560,000 40,351,521 Ibanda - Bugoye 510,205,007
153,061,502 357,143,505 153,061,502
83,061,502 70,000,000 Ibanda - Nyakalingijo 454,393,394
136,318,018318,075,376136,318,018 71,202,698 65,115,320
Total Cost 2,387,657,624
716,297,287.201,671,360,336.80716,297,287.20 498,753,200
217,544,087 *This community contribution sometimes includes
contributions made by firms (MTN, Bukonzo Joint, Tronder Power).
Without their valuable efforts the electrification funding would not
have been possible. We are contacting regularly REA to make sure
Kasese remains on the agenda. In theory the procurement
process should be finished by December 2011. The contractor needs to
mobilise the materials and finance, so hopefully the lines will be
constructed in quarter1 2012. We all regret those delays but from
the above information you can see that the sub county / Kilembe
Investment / private co-funding companies/ BTC have done what they
could do. Efforts are now focusing on REA and for other sub counties
on payment of connection fees and 6% local contribution from the
households that want electricity. What can you do as a citizen of
Karambi to speed up the electrification works?1. Talk to the sub
county leadership to get first hand update, Avoid speculations as this
undermines the credibility of the programme and therefore the
mobilisation of the local contribution. 2. Mobilise your
community and talk as a group to your area MP and other high ranking
political representatives. Request that they continue contacting
regularly the
executive director of REA and the Ministry of Energy to speed up the
procurement process.3. If resident along additional line,
provide your contribution and become a member of the electricity task
force to mobilise the community. 4. Support the way leave
campaign (sign documents that allow access of poles through the land)
that is a pre-condition before construction works will start. I hope
that the above information was adequate to address your concerns.
Yours sincerely,Steven HollevoetKasese District Poverty Reduction
Programme / BTC From: Timothy Balikenga []
Sent: Saturday, September 24, 2011 1:11 AM
To: Kasese E-society
Cc: stephen BTC KASESE
Subject: Electricity in Karambi sub county Dear Friends
It seems the element of truth is no long existing among some leaders
in kasese District . The community of karambi sub county was asked to
contribute funds in 2010 in order to have electricity transported to
the sub county. District leaders concerned promised the community that
within four months after community contribution electricity would be
available. Now its a year,nothing is seen.

secondly,the community was informed that BTC was to add on some funds
towards the project but we do not if BTC contributed or not?

Friends,if any one has information about the same, kindly help the
community of karambi sub county to know what is going on or if someone
can have a one to one talk with the BTC staff in kasese,present our