Tuesday, 17 January 2012


By John B. Thawite

AUTHORITIES in Kasese district have launched a crackdown on mairungi and marijuana smokers, netting 13 of them in Maliba subcounty at the weekend.

The surprise operation was jointly mounted by local leaders, police and the Uganda People’s defence Forces (UPDF) in Ibanda-Kyanya town board Bugoye sub-county.

Confirming the crackdown, the area district councilor for Bugoye subcounty, Matayo Bwambale, said it would be extend to the rest of the district.

He said the mairungi and marijuana sellers would be apprehended.

Kasese DPC, Moses Kafeero, said some of the mairungi drugs consumed in Kasese are imported from neighbouring districts.

But he said challenges in combating mairungi and marijuana included weak law and poor information from the public about people involved in their production, sell and consumption.

He said that drug abusers were among thugs who were connected night housebreaking and other criminal offences in the district.

The two herbal drugs are associated with mental instabilities that often driver users into ant-social acts like violence, rape or robberies.

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E-Society Resource Centre Kasese