Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Shs 300m earmarked for ICT in Rwenzori

Shs 300m earmarked for ICT in Rwenzori

BRAVO, RWECO you are establishing more ESRCs in the rest of the Rwenzori region after Kasese district ("Shs 300m earmarked for ICT in Rwenzori"- The Observer).

We in Kasese are very proud to have piloted the E-Society initiative by RWECO.

Thanks also to Mr Muhwezi for his article.

However I wish to comment the impression that could be created by some parts of Mr Muhwezi's article, namely:

"...district information officer, John Thawite, is expected to coordinate the
district information... "

and "...has an office at the e-society centre,"

Our partners need to be clear on the following:

The facility is part of Kasese District Local Government; it is not a time-bound project.

The information officer co-ordinates the information for the website and the E-Library (NOT expected) which resources are technically managed by ICT staff attached to the facility by RWECO/RICNET

The Information Officer doesn't just have an office there; it is integral to the Information Office. The facility is hosted in the Education Department block because there was little space in the District Information Office room at the time of installing the equipment at the district headquarters in December 2009.
If we do not look at donor-supported as our own, we risk failing to sustain them; we may end up looking at such facilities as property of the donors.

Wishing you all a wealthy and healthy 2012