Friday, 23 March 2012

The proposed Road Map for Enhancing Coordination with Civil Society Organization in Kasese District

By. Mkamba Samuel
E-Society Kasese

The proposed Road Map for Enhancing Coordination with Civil Society Organization in Kasese District
The Leadership of Kasese District spearheaded by the CAO Mr. William Kanyesigeand the LCV Chairman Rt. Cl. Mawa Muhindo have laid a strategy on how to evaluate the fruits of Public Private Partnership. A public Private Partnership (PPP) is a functional relationship between the public and the private sector for the purpose of delivering a project or service that was traditionally provided by the public sector. This was introduced in Kasese District when a memorandum of understanding between the Civil Society and Local Government was signed in December 2006. The evaluation process followed after a paper written by the office of the CAO to the Civil Society Organizations operating in Kasese pointing out the different key issues and challenges faced in the bridge between Local Government and the different NGOs/CBOs and FBOs in enhancing service delivery in Kasese.
This was then discussed in the meeting which was opened by the Chairman LCV and Chaired by the CAO where different views by CSOs leaders were given to harmonize the working mechanisms of the CSOs with Government.
The LCV Chairman in his speech thanked the CSOs for the work they are doing in the District and pointed out the role of government as; to enhance proper service delivery which can only be realized with the help of CSOs. He also said Kasese is a rich District where there is plenty of resources though people are still living below the poverty line. He asked the CSOs to get focused on to strategic plans to attack these challenges.
The CAO in his speech he pointed out the aim of the meeting as to enhance a collaborative delivery towards inspiring service delivery, this is to be achieved through designating a medium or platform for communicating between government and the CSOs to avoid the pull and push issues. He also pointed out the expected output of the evaluation as; coming up with a harmonized regulation to deliver services without intervention.
A hot paper was then presented by the Community Development officer Mr. Kitanywa Sowedi. The paper pointed out a number of issues. You can download this paper from Kasese district website in the downloads section hppt://
An adhoc committee was then formed to deeply discuss and evaluate the PPP strategy. The discussion was then pushed to the24th April 2012 to give all NGOs time to internalize the concept paper.
A number of presentations were made by officers from different CSOs like SNV, RWECO, FURA, SURE, KADYFA and many others.
In their presentations, each one enlightened the different areas of operation and what they do. More can be seen from their profiles on the District Website