Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The fight against banna wilt

By: Kasese online news team
Kasese district local Government through the district banana bacterial wilt control task force has intensified the banana bacterial wilt (BBW) control efforts in all the 24 banana growing sub counties in the district. The district task force split into four teams yesterday that covered two sub-counties from each constituency in Kasese. In Busongora North, the campaign was launched in Kyabarungira and Bwesumbu, in Busongora South, it was launched in Karusandara and Rukoki. In Bukonzo East, the campaign was launched in Munkunyu and Nyakiyumbu sub-counties, while in Bukonzo west, it was launched in Ihandiro and Kitholhu sub-counties. During the launches, the team raised the leaders’ awareness on the disease, launched the sub county BBW by-laws and carried out more BBW control demonstrations. The Kasese district chairperson Lt. Col. Mawa Muhindo while addressing LC1 chairpersons and sub-county councilors of Munkunyu and Nyakiyumbu at their respective headquarters urged them to intensify the fight against the disease. Col. Mawa Muhindo speaking…. The Kasese district Agricultural Officer Mrs. Theresa Munyanzikuyi says the disease spreads in so many ways. She noted that it is mostly transmitted by the farm tools used by the farmers like pangas, and hoes. Mrs. Theresa Munyanzikuyi with details…. She also encouraged farmers to flame the farm tools in fire or clean them with JIK after using them, cut, heap the infected plants. The assistant Resident district commissioner Mr. Aminadab Muhindo while at Bwesumbu sub-county said that it was every body’s responsibility to fight food insecurity in the district. He urged all residents to be vigilant, identify and report the infected banana plants to the authorities and the farmer. An infected banana plant can be recognized when its leaves wilt and turn greenish-yellow, develops premature ripening and staining of fruits and when the male bud dries.