Thursday, 27 September 2012

King Mumbere demands Shs2 from each Hima cement bag

As rainy days continue hitting hard on some monarchies, most of them have resorted to pushing for the restoration of their old revenue base through royalties from the natural resources surrounding their kingdoms.
Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom must have set the pace, following its demand for 20 per cent of revenues from its oil reserves in the northern Albertine graben.
Following suit is King Charles Wesley Mumbere of the Rwenzururu Kingdom, who last week renewed his demand in which his kingdom wants Shs2 from each bag of cement manufactured at Hima Cement Factory.
King Mumbere, who last visited the Kasese-based factory in 1982, reiterated his appeal when he paid a courtesy call to the plant last week.
“I have made several requests to the plant management about the Shs2 per bag that is dispatched from the factory as special royalties to the kingdom to help us move on but no response has come through. This factory lies under my kingdom so we must have a share of it,’ King Mumbere told the plant manager. He added that Rwenzururu kingdom was still lagging behind in development just like other kingdoms in the country, due to limited resources and that is why it thought of getting a share on royalties.
However, the Hima plant manager, Mr Peter Robson, said they do not have any official written communication on file from King Mumbere about the issue: “Hima as a factory has been paying huge amounts of money to government as royalties. I don’t think that it may be in position now to pay (other royalties) but I will present it to management for discussion.” He said the factory produces 2,500 tonnes of cement daily, each tonne containing 20 bags.