Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Lightening kills one and injures another in Kasese

Thunder has struck Kalingwe village in Nsenyi Parish, Kisinga sub-county in Kasese district killing one person and injuring another.
The dead has been identified as Yonia Kahumulha in her late thirties and wife to Yolamu Kahumulha a resident of Kalingwe village.
The injured is Grace Masika of Kyamuhamira who was taking shelter the deceased’s home on return from her farm in Kiringa village.
An eye witness said the lightning struck at about 4.30 pm when a heavy down poor was recorded across Kisinga sub-county.
Moses Bruce one of the first people who rushed to the scene says Masika has been admitted at Kagando hospital where she was rushed in critical condition.
Yonia Kahumulha’s death is the second to be caused by lightening in Kasese district this month after a boy was killed last week in Mairo-Ikumi village in Munkunyu sub-county.
Rainfall in Kasese district is being received in bits and scanty areas this season which has created fears among farmers over what they yielding fate will be.