Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Biogas introduced in Kasese

World Wide Fund, an international conservation NGO, has introduced biogas fuel in Kasese District to help reduce environmental degradation.
The NGO, in partnership with Centre For Research in Energy and Energy Conservation (CREEC), are implementing the biogas projects in institutions and homesteads to reduce the demand for firewood and charcoal.
Biogas is produced from decomposing organic human and animal waste and dead plants. The spokesperson of CREEC, Ms Rehema Namukose, said most schools in Kasese did not provide lunch to their students, thus creating less human waste for biogas fuel.
“Out of the 55 schools we visited, only three qualified for the project. Most schools do not provide lunch to students, therefore, the rate of going for long calls is limited,” Ms Namukose said at the launch of the project last week.
“We have spent Shs25 million on the biogas plant at Karambi Secondary School,” Ms Namukose said.
The development comes at a time when deforestation in the mountain slopes of Kasese has caused flooding in rainy seasons.