Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Museveni tells Rwenzururu king to ensure ethnic unity

President Museveni has asked the administration of the Rwenzururu Kingdom to focus on resolving conflicts among the ethnic groups in the area so that they do not hinder development.
In a speech read on his behalf by the Vice President, Mr Edward Ssekandi, at the 46th coronation anniversary of the Rwenzuururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere Irema-Ngoma in Kasese on Friday, Mr Museveni said stability in the Rwenzori subregion is key to development.
The region is endowed with cotton, fruit and maize. The mining sector has copper, cabalt, salt, oil and gas, pozzolana, limestone, among others. Of late there have been ethnic conflicts pitting Bakonzo on one side and Basongora on the other in Kasese District. In the neighbouring Bundibugyo District, the conflict has been pitting Bakonzo on side and Bamba, Babwisi on the other.
Mr Museveni said the cultural institutions have done a lot in the development of the country and that conflict resolution is also one key area where they can excel. He said the restoration of the kingdoms in Uganda in 1993 was one of the great achievements of the NRM government because kingdoms are older than the history of Uganda and hence they inculcate a sense of belonging to many Ugandans.
The president also urged kingdoms to concentrate on reviving the lost traditional values for the better organisation of the society starting from the family unit. “The monarchs should restore the lost traditional values starting from the family unit because that used to be the beginning of conflict resolution in the Africa,” he said.
The Vice President also launched the fundraising drive for the construction of the Shs5 billion palace for the king at the Base Camp Hill in Kasese Municipality where the president pledged Shs80m and delivered Shs20m in cash. Mr Sekandi also contributed Shs5m in a drive that saw Shs120m realised.