Thursday, 22 November 2012

Rwenzori gets monitoring units

News updated at E-Society Kasese

The Rwenzori information centres network (RIC-NET), a non-governmental organisation, has launched E-centres and websites to enable easy flow and sharing of information by the public.
The creation of the information websites is expected to improve service delivery, accountability and transparency in Rwenzori Sub-region.
RIC-NET in conjunction with Rwenzori consortium for civic competence, an NGO, established the centres in Kabarole, Kamwenge, Kasese and Bundibugyo districts.
The RIC-NET Executive Director, Mr John Silco Murugahara, told this newspaper last week that local government officials will be able to channel accountability reports to residents through the new technology.
“Issues of accountability and transparency will be managed well because now everything will be made public and easy to track. The services will be taken closer to the public and they will be able to monitor us,” Murugahara said.
“We set up the E-centre as a way of poverty eradication. We believe that if community members are looking for information, it will save them time and money and at the same time give them the rightful information,” he added.
The scheme, according to authorities, focuses on rural people and an SMS line through which the residents will be channeling queries has been created.
The Kamwengye deputy Resident District Commissioner, Ms Beatrice Akello, said district authorities have to strengthen the coordination and information flow in the district.
The Kabarole Chief Administrative officer, Mr Juma Nyende, said they now face the problem of poor attitude and ignorance of residents in ICT. The initiative had reportedly been introduced by the government in 2009.