Thursday, 13 December 2012

Army on alert as ADF operations are exposed

News By: E-SOciety Kasese

The UPDF says the rebels have created new camps and made more recruitments as they plan to attack the government.

Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) is on high alert following reports that the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) may strike western Uganda as the region concentrates on the talks between M23 rebels and the DR Congo government in Kampala.

The Chief of Defence Forces, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, on Tuesday held a day-long meeting with UPDF commanders from the 2nd division in Kasese.
The 2nd division intelligence officer, Maj. Fred Wemba, told the meeting attended by the Daily Monitor that they “highly suspect” ADF might “copycat” what different rebel groups are doing in the region. He said in August, the rebels formed new camps in Samboko, Mambale to elude their activities in the old camps of Mwalika, Eringeti and Kikingi.
The creation of the new camps, according to Maj. Wemba, was to disguise their activities following a resolution by the International Conference on the Great Lakes region to form an International neutral force to be deployed in Kivu to fight different rebel groups, including ADF.
The current headquarters of ADF are located in Makayoba, Eringeti sector, North Kivu. The force is estimated to be between 500 and 600 strong. Together with families, CMI says they are about 1,000.
The military intelligence also released the new command structure of 19 top ADF commanders, with Jamil Mukulu remaining on top and Filipo Bogore Muzamil, who was given amnesty in 2000, becoming the head of special operations.
Other commanders are; Hood Lukwago, the army commander, Kasadha Amis is the deputy army commander and Baluku Musa is the Chief Judge and Chief political commissar.
Kayira Muhammad is the Chief combat operations while Benjamin Kisokolanio is the head of internal intelligence.
Documents seen by the Daily Monitor also show nine photocopies of Mukulu’s passports he has used with different names and numbers to evade arrest.
In one of the passport numbers, PP AO415126; he registered as a Tanzanian in the names of Julius Elius Mashaira. The last email account Mr Mukukulu used, according to the intelligence documents was
Other commanders mentioned in the dossier are; Albert, the head military intelligence, Sharif Twaibu, Director Finace and Special Adviser.