Friday, 7 December 2012

King Mumbere okays Kasese split

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The king’s decision comes at a time when there are several petitions for and against Kasese split before the district council, Speaker of Parliament and the Minister of Local Government. The Parliamentary Committee of Local government and Public Service is yet to release a report on a series of consultations held in Kasese on August 28.  


Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere Iremangoma has accepted the split of Kasese into three districts breaking a two-year silence on the issue.
Majority of the subjects have been waiting to hear the king’s opinion on the matter after the district council on October 26, 2010 resolved that Rwenzori and Bwera districts be carved out of the present Kasese District.
After consultations at various levels in the kingdom, former prime minister Loice Biira Bwambale recommended that a special study be undertaken across the district on issues that could determine the split.
An October 1, 2012 letter signed by King Mumbere and addressed to the Minister for Local Government, Mr Adolf Mwesige, stated that the king had consulted his subjects who agreed that the district be split.
“I recognise that it is the central government’s policy to split large districts. For the case of Kasese, I did intimate the need to hold further consultations to build my input,” the letter reads in part.
It adds: “I wish to make it clear that I have held discussions with my people, including religious leaders, on the matter and we have agreed that the district be split into three, in line with the district resolution as earlier communicated to you by the then LC5 chairperson.”
In the same letter, King Mumbere said the boundaries should run from the mountains to the lakes to avoid any administration unit based on ethnicity.
However, some subjects accuse the king of betraying the kingdom by allowing the split, saying the institution was still being strengthened.
The subjects also accuse the king of allowing that a constituency be created for the Basongora as part of affirmative action.
However, the kingdom spokesperson, Mr Patrick Nyamunungu, said the subjects were politicizing the matter.