Thursday, 31 January 2013

NRM 27th anniversary in Kasese District

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Story by; Kasese Guide Radio
Ugandans have yesterday marked the twenty seventh liberation anniversary of the National Resistance Movement at a colorful national function held at Nyakasanga playground.
President Yoweri Museveni who was the chief guest said Uganda has slowly developed due to lack of enough industries that would create employment and foreign exchange through exportation of finished goods.
The president said that such delays have affected the privatization of Kilembe Mines limited for the revamping of copper mining and smelting in Kasese district.
Mr. Museveni told thousands of people at the ceremonies that Corporate Privatization Unit has misapplied procedures through confusion of whether what is needed for Kilembe Mines is a procurement process or only investment promotion.  
Mr. Museveni said that there is a group of Chinese investors who have been in the country several times in the past two years with an interest of taking over at Kilembe Mines so that they build a copper industry but have been tossed out several times.
Mr. Museveni also pointed out the delay in the equipping of the army and corruption as other factors that have contributed to a slow economic development of Uganda.
He said the whole country is now peaceful because since 2001 the army has been equipped to flash away the different rebel groups like the Lord’s Resistance Army and the Allied Democratic Forces.
He asked the people in the Rwenzori sub-region to forget about the ADF threat but rather concentrate on the cultivation of coffee and apples to enhance their household incomes and kick poverty worse and for all.
On corruption, the president said the sympathizers of the NRM government and the young police officers for breaking what he called “a racket of suspected thieves” in the different ministries in the country.  He said that corruption cannot be fought by activists and politicians shouting over the media without arresting any suspect.
Mr. Museveni also attacked the judiciary for indiscreetly giving out bail to every suspect of corruption because such deals the government a blow in fighting the vice.