Thursday, 7 March 2013

RDC tells Kasese to forget split of district

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Story by; By Enid Ninsiima

The Kasese resident district commissioner (RDC), Mr Milton Odongo, has assured the people who are agitating for the split of the district into two to forget it for now.
“The government cannot make a mistake of creating districts now because it will be one of the political agendas we shall use during campaigns in 2016, ” Mr Odongo said last week during the budget conference of Kasese Municipality Central Division at Catholic Social Hall.
The President’s district representative said many projects are always extended to districts towards elections to help the ruling party in canvassing for support.
“What shall we use during campaigns if we give districts now? We must have targets and vision if we are to stay in power,” he added
The RDC’s comments come at a time when two NRM village chairpersons for Kihara Ward recently crossed to FDC on allegations that the government had failed to provide their people with land.
“We are tired of political propagandists who hide in the party to confuse the communities. Let them leave early so that we remain with our own,” the RDC said.
Divided opinion
The proposed split of Kasese District into Bwera and Rwenzori districts has brought mixed reactions.
The Basongora are agitating for their own district, claiming they are marginalised.
The Bakonzo, on the other hand, who subscribe to Rwenzururu Kingdom, have contested the demands of the minority Basongora who are clamoring for their own district.