Monday, 25 March 2013


News updated by; E-Society Kasese
Story by; Thembo Kahungu Misairi

The state has reinstated a case of inciting violence against two District councilors in Kasese who were acquitted of the same count early this year.
The two councilors, Abdu Saad of Maliba sub-county and Elly Masereka Magwara of Kyabarungira both subscribing to the Forum for Democratic Change are being accused of fresh charges of inciting violence contrary to section 51 (i)a) of the penal code act.

So far Abdu Saad has been charged in Grade II magistrate court after being arrested this morning from his site where he is constructing a school in Maliba.
Saad was not allowed to take plea because Grade II magistrate Stephen Saabu Kabyanga did not have the jurisdiction to hear his case.
He remanded him to Mubuku prison until April 9th when he will be taking his plea before the chief magistrate’s court.
Meanwhile, police is still looking for Elly Magwara who is being jointly accused with Saad.
Prosecution in a charge sheet dated January 16th 2013 alleges that Abdu Saad and Elly Magwara while in the office of the leader of opposition in Kasese district without lawful excuse printed a letter addressed to the Resident District Commissioner that they were to mobilize people to attack the Basongora.

The state says that the contents of the letter intents to bring death or physical injury to the persons of the Basongora.
The facts of this new case are different from the dismissed one which on the contrary alleged that on July 5th 2012 while at Kistwamba sub-county headquarters held a meeting urging people to organize spears and attack the Basongora.

But this case was dismissed by the then chief magistrate Joshua Marouk on grounds that prosecution failed to adduce enough evidence to convict the councilors.