Monday, 15 July 2013

No more fumes at Hima factory

 News by E-Society
Story By Enid Ninsiima

Hima Cement Limited has installed a new bag filter at its Kasese plant, a development that will eliminate emissions.
The $3.2 million (about Shs8 billion) technology investment will bring the stack emissions in line with the Global Environmental Standards. This is the second attempt the cement manufacturer is moving to eliminate the emissions at its old production line.
The installation is also a response to a public outcry from residents who had protested against the fumes which they say had caused deaths to their animals and different sicknesses among the community.
This is a follow up to the 2010 Gas Conditioning Tower investment to eliminate stack emissions on its old production line. This comes after the electrostatic precipitator installed earlier failed to eliminate the emissions because of frequent power cuts.
“Hima Cement invested significant resources to conduct environmental impact assessment to ensure that the plant operations met all the required environmental standards for its manufacturing processes and operations,” Mr Peter Robson, the Hima Cement’s plant manager, said on Wednesday, adding: “Apart from the benefit of improved efficiencies, the installation also goes a long way in compliance to Global environmental standards.”
Mr Jackson Molo, the project manager, said the new technology is an industrial filtering system where they have used specially designed filter cloth bags with a capacity to hold high temperatures of up to 250 degrees centigrade.
The cement manufacture production capacity increased from 300,000 tonnes per year to 850,000 tonnes per year.