Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Poison suspected in Kaese Water

News by; E-Society

Throughout last night and today earl morning, a rumor had been circulating all around that water had been poisoned right from reservoir tank in base Camp, panic was every where and some people who heard about it before sleeping, had sleepless night. this caused the National Water and Sewerage Corporation to cut off water supply from Kasese Town and the surrounding areas.

Early this morning at about 6.00am,The manager NWSC Kasese area Mr. Stanley addressed the people over Guide radio and said they were going to make all tests with the water lab technician just with in 3 hours and would come up with a conclusive report. The emphasized that it was just propaganda, because "we have our guards at the water source and the padlocks are okey, not tempered with'', an immediate meeting was called for all leaders and stake holders in kasese to discuss the issue. 

At this moment, propaganda had then turned it into a trible issue where tribes had started pinpointing at each other.

At around 10am after thorough tests had been made, it was confirmed that water is safe, results were out and the manager national water and sewerage corporation-kasese tested on the water physically and people were cooled down.