Monday, 15 July 2013

Steps taken to solve conflicts a round the rwenzori region

News by E-Society
Story by Kabyanga Godfrey "The Mayor Kasese Municipal Council"
Members RDB, Col Mawa and myself have been engaged in some form of dialogue meetings with some community leaders in Kasese and Bundibugyo following the 30/06/2013 incidents. We basically wanted to familiarise ourselves with causes of the current confrontation. We have found out that land,roumors,mistrust,politics,disrespect , scewed distribution of services and faiure to implement the recommandation in the kajura report are some of the issues at the centre of confusion and have led to hatred. We have met some leaders of the Bamba and Bakonzo. We havent met the Banyabindi and Basongora yet but we believe they will tell the same story. Yesterday we met some elders in kasese and presented to them our findings and appealed to them to take over and be in the lead. They promised to do further consultations before an agreeable action plan can be rolled out on tuesday. But i heard promised this board that i would give you information yesterday. The reason why I am giving you this brief now. By tuesday, therefore, we shall have come out with a position to communicate to the public. But all is not lost and this time we are determined to persue it to the end.