Monday, 26 August 2013

Defence Minister praises Hima Cement for coffe planting

By. MakanikaEdward
The Minister of Defence and MP (Bukonzo West)Dr.Ckiyonga has expressed
deep gratitude to Hima Cement factory for supporting his
programmes of planting 12 million seedlings of Coffee all over Kasese

Kiyonga revealed that Hima had already paid 2 billion shillings to
support the project and they had pledged to pay additional 2 billion
shillings to complete the project.

Dr.Kiyonga was speaking at St. peters church Hima where he helped
raise over 6 million shillings for roofing the Vicar's House. This was
additional to three million shillings that had been raised in an
earlier funds drive function at the same church.

Kiyonga thanked the people of Hima for supporting President Museveni
and the Movement politics since 1980 when he - Kiyonga stood for
elections in the area and won a parliamentary seat for the UPM.

Kiyonga used the occasion to explain to the people the Public Order
Management law that was recently passed in Parliament. Kiyonga
explained that the law was in the interest of the people and was meant
to protect the stability that the country had achieved. The law
according to Kiyonga was meant to ensure that those demonstrating for
good or bad reasons were protected but that they would also not
disturb other people who were not involved or interested in the

Kiyonga told the listeners that NRM has 259 MPS in Parliament while
FDC had only 35 seats.According to Kiyonga there is no way NRM MPS
could pass an ant people law.

Kiyonga at the same function appealed to the people to take children for
immunisation,improve homestead hygiene by constructing toilets. He
asked people to continue the fight against HIV/AIDS.