Thursday, 5 September 2013

Displaced people in Kasese told to return home

 Story by: Makanika Edward

Despite UPDF assurance that there is need for alarm along the border
with the Democratic Republic of Congo, hundreds of people from the
hilly parts of Kitholhu sub-county have spent the second night out of
their homes.
The people fled their homes on Tuesday evening when the UPDF arrested
eleven deserters from the Congolese national army who crossed into the
Ugandan territory.
The UPDF spokesperson for Rwenzori region Lt. Ninsiima Rwemizuma told
Kasese Guide Radio last evening that the borderline is secure and that
the arrested soldiers had been transferred to a safe place as the army
waits to hear from their Congolese counterparts.
However, information reaching us indicates that many families are
still camped Kathembo Catholic Church, Kighuramu Catholic Church,
Kangwanji Catholic, Burangwa II Church of Uganda and Kiseberere church
of Uganda.
They fear that there might be remnants from the breakaway militia
group that is commanded by Col. Eric Bisamazi who was captured on
The kasese district chairman Lt. Col. Mawa Muhindo says that people
should go back to their homes because the security at the border is
well guaranteed.
Mawa says that people need to concentrate on the cultivation of crops
since the rains have started adding that those soldiers who crossed to
Uganda were also seeking a peaceful place to live in.