Wednesday, 13 November 2013

17 years now after ADF first attack in Kasese

By; E-Society

Today marks 17 years when the ADF rebels first attacked Kasese District. It was November 13 1996 when the rebels attacked from the boarder side with Congo, abducted many civilians. It was the same day when the P7 candidates of that year were sitting for their PLE exams which were entirely affected as pupils did the exams along side heavy gunshots.
The rebel group carried out their bad acts and operations up to the year 2000 When a team commanded by Major Kazini officially declared Kasese ADF free. During these times, many people, families and schools were frustrated by the rebel activities. Up to date, reports still show that this rebel group still operates in Congo forests in the DRC
we continue to pray for our brothers and sisters whose families have continued to nurse the wounds attained out of this rebel attack.