Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Railway metal stears arrested

By; Samuel Mumbere

Police at Railway Police post has in detention two men for allegedly stealing chicken and scrap in Railway Ward.
Speaking to the OC railway police post this afternoon, Aggrey Kapere confirmed the information and identified the suspects as, one Zebedde Mumbere and Mohammad Muhindo, residents of Kikonzo cell in Railway Ward in Kasese Municipality.
Kapere said that the suspects were arrested after a tip off, and later discovered allegedly with three stolen chicken and metals belonging to a yet to be identified person.
He called on the vigilance of the landlord before renting their houses, lest, the security of the area was to be compromised.
He called on the local leaders to intensify their surveillance on the operations of the youth before the situation turns more worse.
Kapere, observed that the fact that cases of theft were on the increase, was a clear indication of reluctance on the part of the local leadership, parents and the community.