Tuesday, 23 December 2014


By Samuel Mumbere
E-Society Kasese

Kasese District is one of the few blessed districts in Uganda that have impressed and promoted technological changes in local communities Uganda. Despite the use of computers in different organizations and government entities, ICT paved its way into Kasese District Local Government in 2009 with the establishment of the E-Society Resource Centre at the District Headquarters in Rukoki. The ICT Centre was made operational in 2010 under the Public Private Partnership where Organizations of; Rwenzori Information Centres Network (Ric-Net), Karambi Action for Life Improvement (KALI), Ride-Africa and Good Hope Foundation all operating in the Rwenzori Sub region under the Umbrella Organization called Rwenzori Consortium for Civic Competence (RWECO) came together to support government to promote ICTs in local communities. ICT activities were then greatly supported and maintained by Ric-Net for 3 years up to end of 2013.
This effort then continued to attract more partners to join the struggle where by another organizations called Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) came on board to support the Centre. CIPESA has supported ICT activities in Kasese District through the E-Society Resource Centre since November 2011 to date to support programs of ICT for Democracy and better electronic governance (egovernance)
The main purpose of the Centre establishment was to facilitate information access, sharing and dissemination to monitor service delivery for social accountability with a vision of achieving a poverty free society using ICTs.
For more information, you could logon to http://kasese.go.ug/?page_id=228
E-Society in normal operation

Since then, ICT has tremendously changed the lives of many in Kasese especially the operations in the District headquarters offices. Most of the District staff have been trained and supported in the use of computers and computerized systems for better office operations. This also influenced Kasese District Local Government to recruit an ICT Officer in 2013 who is now be in charge of all ICT activities and infrastructure at Kasese District Local Government.
DTPC members during the training

DTPC members during the training

At least over 800 youths have trained with computer skills at the Centre with computer skills and offered certificates of attendance from Kasese District Local Government in computer skills. Many of these and earned themselves jobs in various paces in and outside Kasese District. A case in a point is Bwambale Mitusera who has volunteered for E-Society for 2 years, and now is doing contract with UBOs and electro-commission, Biira Robbina who volunteered for one year and is now doing computer business, Okeya Steven and Balicwamu Aaron who have been trainees at E-Society for 1 and a half years
and are now a music and video producers and servicing as ICT volunteers at E-Society Resource Centre and many more youths.

The CAO Mr. William Kanyesigye

Computers in offices have been maintained and many secretaries in offices have supported. There are no more issues of virus attacks, computer break downs as the E-society has fully taken charge of the entire ICT infrastructure.
Great applauds to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Mr. William Kanyesigye who is ICT complain. He has supported and spearheaded the promotion of ICTs in the District. He ordered all civil servants to have emails and make all official communications to be online through emails and Skype.
The Deputy LCV Mr Tade Muhindo

He spear headed staff trainings in computers and district online systems. He was the first staff to use a smart phone (android) and since then, many staff members have acquired smart phones and used them for Skype, emails and face book.
The CAO scheduled a number of staff ICT trainings in the years of 2012 and 2013 under Ric-Net support and 3 trainings in 2012, 2013 and 2014 egovernance trainings under the support of CIPESA. In 2013, he conceived CIPESA to facilitate as special training on District online services on 2nd October 2014. He mobilized all Heads of departments and sectors (District Technical Planning Committee) to assemble for the training. The officers were trained on how to update the district website, elibrary and participate in the dgroup discussions and face book discussions. More departmental trainings have been scheduled for January, Feb and March 2015 under the supervision of CAO so as to put all workers on the ICT map.
Since then, all the district online services have been active and up to date.
These services can be viewed on

LCV Chair training
The District Chairperson together with his executive members have been so impressive and supportive towards the promotion of ICT’s as the District Chairperson Lt. Col (Rtd) Dula Mawa Muhindo enrolled for a computer training in 2013, the Vice Chairperson has used E-Society for most of his computer work all through and the rest of the executive and district counselors have come for ICT consultancy work at the ICT Centre.

A fully functional SMS system that is used to alert the community about the happenings is there though it’s still used for communicating to the political leaders and civil servants only due to the costs involved.
Defense minister presenting in the conference

During the previous district budget conference on 12/12/2014 and 13/12/2014, the District Chairperson ordered the ICT Officer to have all presentations projected on the projector in power point. All presenters including the Defense Minister Dr. Chrispus Kiyonga had their presentations projected and all information circulated on the District website, elibrary, District face book page and discussions made in the district online discussion group.

More came be talked about how much the establishment on the E-Society Resource Centre has contributed to the promotion of technological changes in Kasese District. Right now, Kasese community cannot do without ICTs, thanks to the government of Uganda, Civil society organizations like Ric-Net and CIPESA for these beautiful innovations.