Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Infrastructural development a key pillar in the district development

By Samuel

The new road quality

Kasese District leadership has embarked on infrastructural development especially in rural areas in order to improve people’s live hood. This is being implemented by the improvement of community access road networks under the CAAIP project, rural electrification, agricultural development, construction of schools and health Centre.

The new Munkunyu-Bwera Road

On 5th jan 2015, members of the district executive together with the district engineers made an inspection visit to three sub counties of Munkunyu, Nyakiyumbu and Bwera where some of the community access roads are being constructed. One of the roads that were visited among many was the Munkunyu-Bwera Hospital road that goes through Nyakiyumbu, Mundongo and Kyanzi. The project has been a very big success since it goes through a very rural area. It has really improved the live hood of the people in these three sub counties as you can  hear from the Hon. Sec. for works Mr. Mathew BwambaleClick here

Hon. Mathew and Eng. Rujumba

In the same way, electricity has been extended to these local communities along the same road from Bwera, through Mundongo, Nyakiyumbu and to Munkunyu. This electricity project was cofounded under the Kasese District Development Programme (KDPRP) funded by the Belgium government. This has been a very big blessing to the people of these three sub counties where it had never been a dream in their live. You can view a word from Hon Mathew and the Assistant District Engineer about these development.  click here

The electricity extensions being made in Nyakiyumbu-munkynyu Scounties