Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Are people free to use the internet

By; Samuel Mumbere

Throughout Africa, there has been a question of Internet freedom especially the social media. A two day Forum on Internet freedom in East Africa is on going at Kampala Golf course Hotel. a number of delegates across Africa and outside Africa have gathered and a number of issues are being discussed on how there can be freedom of expression through the social media (Facebook, whatsup, blogs, twitter etc) and some issues have been pointed out.
1.Across African countries, there has been some suppression, threats and intimidation on some people while expressing their view over the internet especially issue pointing out government performance in different sectors.
2. I has been seen in some countries where internet, Facebook and other online systems have been disabled during elections.
3. Torture of journalists has also been seen as another problems, in short
4. Many social media users especially on Facebook and whatsup get exited and end up posting wrong Or Insulting Or bad information on the media.
Heads are being put together on how people can be empowered with freedom of using well the social media on how to positively share their views with out interference especially during such sensitive times of elections.
You can follow the discussions on https://twitter.com/hashtag/fifea