Wednesday, 30 March 2016




As the country prepares for the next round of polio immunization this weekend, the Kasese Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Justine Muhindo, has thanked the residents in the district for their cooperation in the previous exercise held earlier this year.

The next polio immunisation is scheduled to take place from this Friday, March 28th ending with mop-up activities on Monday, 4ht April, 2016.

The Deputy RDC, Justice Muhindo, however, noted that there are still elements with tendencies to sabotage the national programme.

Muhindo warned that such elements risk coming into conflict with the law of the land should they attempt to sabotage the national programme because that amounts to destroying the future of the children.

Justine Muhindo was this morning closing a polio immunization preparatory meeting held at the Kasese District Health Department Board Room at the district headquarters.

The preparatory meeting was chaired by an Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (ACAO), Mr. Johnson Mutungwanda.

Mr. Mutungwanda urged all the residents and leaders at all levels to help in mobilsing the community for the polio immunization.

The Acting District Health Officer, Dr Yusuf Baseka, called to team work.

The National Immunisation Days Supervisor from the Ministry of health, Mr. Fred Mulabya, said the forthcoming polio immunization will be door-to-door.

Mr. Mulabya said the immunisation will involve dropping the polio vaccine into the mouths of children aged 0-59 months.

Mulabya said the purpose of repeated polio immunisation in Uganda is because the country is still under threat of polio infections from some neighbouring countries.  

He said the repeated polio immunization is aimed at ensuring that the country kicks out polio by 2018.

He further said unlike the previous exercise, which involved sixty distorts, the forthcoming round will cover all the 112 districts of the country.

The meeting was also attended by the District Internal Security Organisation (DISO) boss, Nicholas Mugabi, the O.C Ibuga Prison, Ivan Sseremba, an Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alison Arinda among others.