Sunday, 29 May 2016

Former chairperson and his deputy dodge swearing and handover ceremony.



KASESE: Two former bosses of the Kasese district that’s the chairperson five and his deputy who were expected at the official swearing and handover ceremony of the elected chairperson five for Kasese district dodged the swearing without clear reasons presented.
The defeated chairperson Col. Mawa Muhindo who was the official person to handover was called several times giving reasons that he is attending military issues in kampala and his unable to turn up for the swearing.
 “The former chairperson five who be handing over is busy with military duties in kampala so he left me with all responsibilities to hand over to the elected chairperson” William kanyesinge said at the function.
His deputy Muhindo Tadeo who was present on the official swearing ceremony of the Kasese municipality mayor went missing on the official day when he was supposed to be present since he was elected to present people of Nyamwamba division to the district but didn’t also give a clear reason why he has not present.
The two seems not to be pleased of the time that the local gave them to rule them for the five years of office.

William who took over responsibility gave a brand new Double carbine keys, the portrait of the president of Uganda, constitution, stamp of the office among others,
 William said the district officials are all ready to cooperate with the new chairperson for service delivery for the development of the district.
The elected chairperson sibendire Bigogo hailed every for the support and promised to deliver to every one without discrimination which most of the leaders have done to the people who voted them.
“ I was elected by different people who among them spoke different languages and come from different regions, if I bent on one side them I would have not balanced the love people showed me” sibendire said.

Sibendire said this while delivering his first speech to his supporters who had turned up on his swearing ceremony at multipurpose hall kisaganzi Kasese.
Sibendire who proved his regional balance of leadership started appointing his cabinet in council from different regions so that every constituency can have a representative in that cabinet not as it was in the previous five years of other political leaders.
Among other people who sworn in are, Elly Magwara who was elected as the deputy chairman kasese district who is the elected councilor for kyabarungira Sub County in Busongoro North constituency
Bwerere Godfry a councilor of Kyondo sub-county was elected as the district speaker beating Mayora Johnson a councilor of Isango sub-county.
Muhindo Catherine was elected as the deputy speaker beating Kabagenyi pelucy.
The elections were witnessed by in and out going councilors of the district.
From this point of view, the FDC happens to have been the majority outweighing the NRM
Sibendire bigogo is remembered as the defense lawyer for the suspected July 5th attack people