Sunday, 8 May 2016

Political leaders in three districts join Rwenzururu king on peace strangle in the region.



KASESE: The Rwenzururu king has started a move of peace through engaging political leaders in Rwenzori at all levels especially those that won in the recent elections as mediators in solving the conflicts in the region.

As a first step, Mumbere convened a regional meeting of political and cultural leaders from the districts of Bundibugyo, Ntoroko and Kasese at Rwenzori Base Camp Inn, Bugoye sub-county, Kasese district on Friday.

According to Mumbere the move is part of implementing the Royal Peace Communiqué that committed him and the Bamba cultural leader, Lt. Col. Martin Kamya to prevail over their subjects and stop them from being involved into criminal acts by enemies of peace in the region.
“ I called you for this meeting so that we can be united and mobilize as working force for the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu so that in our various elected areas we can influence peace in the three districts of Uganda” Omusinga Mumbere said.

Omusinga added that the meeting is historical in his life being the first time to engage political leaders who have been elected in the region to start mobilizing others for peace as a committement for a better turn up.

“Calling upon different leaders in Rwenzori it means I have different subjects in those areas whom I feel can if I talk too can ass the message of peace and we gain our image” Omusinga added.

He extended condolence to all those who lost relatives in the region saying all what happened what purely politics noon of the kingdom official was involved but waddering how it came to affect the institutions.

Omusinga added that what has soilt the image of the institution is Miss information by most enemies of the kingdom which he thinks if political leaders talk right things about the kingdom more developmental things will be achieved in the region in steady of seeing one side of people being arrested leaving others free yet all Ugandans have to be treated equally.

Among those political leaders who were present starting with chairperson fives in three district that Ntoroko Mr. Kyamanywa Timoth Baluku hailed the king for ephasing dialogue means to settle conflicts in the region calling upon other kings to do the same.

Timothy encouraged other political leaders if they are to meet peace in the region to avoid segregation, politicians to accept defeat, treating every one equally so that every one can benefit from the little that government has provided. 

Timothy asked Members of parliament to start lobbing for bigger things not chicken which he said can add value to the residents in the districts that they serve.

Timothy advised political leaders to create a possible way of financial support to the kingdom and asked Mumbere to come to Ntoroko and talk to his subjects about peace

The kasese district elected chairperson five Sibendire bigogo hailed the leadership of the Ntoroko district for the heart of bring people together which has not happened in two district of rwenzori

Katusabe Godfrey the elected Member of Parliament for Bukonzo west asked every political leader to be a custodian of peace in the region.

In the meeting the political leaders present that’s councilors, chairperson three members of parliament and chairperson fives asked agreed on meeting every year to see if what discussed is being implemented in the region.

All the Kasese four members of parliament plus the women Member of Parliament ntoroko were present, district chairperson fives of Bundibugyo, ntoroko, and Kasese, local councilors, and chairperson threes and the kingdom officials  the DPC Kasese, and the RPC OBURA DEO among others.